Monday, July 11, 2016

Shopping@ Althea for Korean beauty products

Althea is my favorite Korean beauty shopping site for all my skincare & beauty needs. I love the great service, amazing deals and giveaways. Sharing is caring so here's my reward code ATAMY20-8487-KGOZH-BJYS for a special discount. More information You’re going to love Althea!

Here's my pink box from Althea, online shopping is easy and convenient, it is ship direct from Korea. It arrived in less than 10 days. To know what I have shopped, can check scroll down to view.You can find many brands at the website, the website is user friendly and easy to browse. I have bought a few times from Althea and I am happy they delivery to me on time and loving the pink parcel too. The pink parcel is good to use, can use to keep things I love and also use as gift box to present loved ones.

Sku Qty Subtotal
Angry Bird Edition
01-1.Angry Bird My Brow Tint Gel_Brown
EHEAB003 1 RM28.00
Selfie Perfect concealer
21 Light Beige
WCHSP005 1 RM20.00
CP-1 Oriental Herbal Cleansing Set
03. Set(Shampoo+Treatment)
PIOOH003 1 RM52.00
Raspberry Hair Vinegar PIORV001 1 RM31.00
Witch's Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick
01. Selfie Red&Gloss
WCHSD001 1 RM25.00
[Hot Deal] Nightingale Non Wash Perfume Treatment
IPNPH002 1 RM6.00
[Hot Deal] Nightingale Non Wash Perfume Treatment
IPNPH004 1 RM6.0
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Watsons Launches New Mobile App and Reveals All New Concept Store with State of the Art Facility

Business partners, media and Watsons blogger’s community were also introduced to the all new Watsons Malaysia Mobile App which is available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

I love to shop at Watsons and glad to let you know that recentlyWatsons Launches New Mobile App and Reveals All New Concept Store with State of the Art Facility to Enhance Customer’s Shopping Experience.

Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer took innovation to greater heights with the introduction of an all new concept store with state of the art facility in Sunway Pyramid store. Watsons Malaysia also introduced the interactive Mobile App and Online store to enhance shopping experience where customers will be the central focus in all functions of the business.

speech by Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer in her speech to business partners, members of the media and Watsons bloggers community

Innovation is greatly associated with Watsons and completing the business cycle offering for its customers, the new concept store, Online store and Mobile App is in line with the company’s promise of putting a smile on every customer’s face.

Watsons Malaysia first took innovation to the forefront when the Watsons VIP Card was introduced in 2009 which was aimed to reward shoppers when shopping at Watsons stores. The Watsons VIP Card instantly became the must have loyalty card by any shopper with its distinctive feature and rewards offering. A milestone achievement was achieved when the Watsons VIP Card introduced the Touch ‘n Go feature, which made the loyalty card more relevant for consumers to shop and travel conveniently at the same time.

Caryn added, “Watsons VIP members are the best customers and we always ensure promotions and campaigns are tailored to suit to meet the needs of our VIP members. We offer smart partnership with more than 100 food and beverage outlets and lifestyle brands made accessible throughout the country.”

To date, Watsons VIP members reaches the 3.8 million mark and growing. And to keep up abreast with technology and the social media trends amongst the customers, Watsons Malaysia is not resting on its laurels but continue to provide a variety of platform to reach to its VIP members.

“This year, we are taking a big step in technology advancement to establish our relationship with our VIP members and customers. We unveiled an enhance website that features innovative service including home delivery and Click & Collect where shoppers can pick their desired products from their finger tip, and collect these products at their preferred Watsons store. This service allows customers to shop at their convenience and save time,” explained Caryn further.

Business partners, media and Watsons blogger’s community were also introduced to the all new Watsons Malaysia Mobile App which is available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Caryn added, “The smart phone has become an integral part of our daily lives and everyone feels the need to always be connected. We want to continue to provide our shoppers a seamless, convenient shopping experience and a loyalty card on mobile with the Mobile App.”

The Mobile App is equipped with groundbreaking functions and benefits such as Mobile-Membership which allows members to link their VIP card to their phone, Scan & Buy function and pay with Watsons VIP points using the Mobile App.

In conjunction with the Mobile App launch, new members get to enjoy rewards up to RM1, 000 when signing up as new Watsons VIP member while existing VIP members will also stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10, 000 by shopping via the Mobile App. Shoppers on Mobile App also stand a chance to win a pair of flight ticket to Busan, Korea worth RM6, 036 courtesy from AirAsia X and 10 lucky VIP members can win RM500 reload worth of Touch ‘n Go.

Caryn, Jessica Ng, Chief Customer Officer, Watsons Malaysia and Daniel Looi, Director of Operations, Watsons Malaysia afterwards welcomed all guests to a tour at the all new concept store at Sunway Pyramid store. The store new outlook is showcased prominently with an extensive pharmacy counter and all round make up counter equipped with well trained professionals including beauty advisors, health advisors and make-up artists.

Keeping up with the social media trend, a live update social media wall is also featured at the Sunway Pyramid store which was officially revealed by Watsons blogger’s community.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pensonic & TVB 《佳节》新闻发布会连同佳节之端午节Pensonic义卖日

马 来西亚有很多不同贯籍的华人,造就了不同华人文化。而随着大家繁忙的工做, 很多文化都被下一代忽略。为了下一代更了解华人佳節,遍视利联合TVB及Astro籌備拍攝《佳節》節目系列包括《佳節之端午節》、《佳節之中秋節》、 《佳節之冬至》,以旅遊及飲食方式記錄探討馬來西亞華人如何慶祝各種佳節。



用 竹叶裹蒸的粽子,令人垂涎的丰富多样馅料,更是突显了大马粽子的特色。除了大马,您无法在其他地方品尝到粽子的美味混杂,展现了不同乡音群体的独特粽子面 貌,如:潮州粽、福建肉馅粽、客家咸粽、粤语绿豆粽,甚至是融合在地特色、充满创意的娘惹粽子,绝对是您不容错过的盛宴。


《佳 節》節目系列第一炮《佳節之端午節》共兩集,各30分鐘,由遍视利与Astro华丽台及TVB艺人黎諾懿和陳敏之以遍视利Longevity系列炊具携手 打造一个充满传统与惊喜的节目,引领观众赴一趟美食之旅,前往拥有最丰富历史文化遗产的两个城市 -- 槟城和马六甲,一起搜索充分反映我国多元文化的最美味正宗粽子。遍视利Longevity系列炊具,就宛如繁杂厨房炊具中的清新空气。这系列的炊具有紫砂 炊具为你保存营养和美味佳肴,以及其安全健康的陶瓷炊具,可帮助消费者为家人准备健康、美味且易于烹煮的食物。拥有一组遍视利Longevity系列炊 具,是一项长期的健康投资,从这些炊具所准备的食物中吸取自煮食品的丰富营养,享受健康。这令人期待的节目《佳節》,将会于5月29日和6月5日,每逢星 期日晚上8时播出。《佳節之中秋節》将会于9月初、《佳節之冬至》将会于12月初播出.

1. Astro 华丽台 311频道
2. Astro 华丽台 HD 310频道
3. TVB 翡翠台 326频道

除 了让大家瞭解更多馬來西亞華人的端午節文化, 遍视利也不忘慈善, 按排了香港TVB藝人黎諾懿和陳敏之出席“佳节之端午節Pensonic义卖日”,慈善爱心粽将在Paradigm Mall, Concourse Square义卖, 一包两粒售价为马币50。义卖粽子由槟城著名凤姨粽子专卖店赞助 。 筹款将捐给南洋报业基金慈善星儿筑梦园,帮助有需要的星儿。藝人也会在现场与遍视利面子书赢家制做慈善爱心粽拍卖。 购卖者将有机会与香港藝人黎諾懿和陳敏之合照。 被选为遍视利面子书赢家是通过参加遍视利面子书“佳节之端午節Pensonic义卖日”母亲节留言竞赛。

我们将依据选出最有创意的母亲节留言之五位获奖者。每位获奖者有机会携带一位同伴前往2016年5月14日(星期六)在 吉隆坡 Paradigm Mall,Level CC,Concourse Square所举行的与TVB艺人“佳节之端午节遍视利义卖日”活动。每位获奖者和同伴将组成一队,现场测试他们的裹粽子技巧,并再选出赢家。做出最好粽 子的队伍有机会获 得由名厨和TVB艺人传送的粽子制作贴士。较后,这些“遍视利慈善爱心粽”将被义卖。

遍视利是一家致力 于为消费者的生活增添价值之一家公司,所以我们推出了完美迎合消费者快节奏生活方式的各种产品和烹调方法。遍视利的优质Longevity系列炊具,主要 是帮助消费者无忧无虑的准备营养丰富的食物,享受生活。因此,我们已经和艺人林佩琦合作,倡导健康的生活方式,以帮助我们的消费者开启让他们更棒和充满活 力的一种生活方式。


第 二本食谱则将随产品附送,而第一本食谱提供则数量有限,送完即止。因此,请今天就到你临近的遍视利经销商,购买属于你的Longevity系列炊具!只需 把你已扫描的保用卡副本及你的资料传给我们,就能在槟城遍视利或八打灵再也客户服务中心获取这本书。请浏览遍视利的面子书专页,了解更多如何让你的获得这 本书的详情。


关 于遍视利 遍视利集团拥有51年的历史,1965年先以Keat Radio and Electrical Co.之名在槟城浮罗山背起家。随着业务的增长,1982年推出寓意“槟城之声” (Sound of Penang) 的遍视利(Pensonic)品牌。作为在大马槟城开创的本土品牌,遍视利乃领导大马家电产品的先锋,曾获得多项卓越设计和品牌推广的荣誉。遍视利拥有制 造工厂、仓库、展示厅和客户服务中心,并在全国拥有10家分公司及逾900名遍布全马的经销商,以及出口产品至全球逾30个遍布在东盟、东亚、西亚和中东 的国家。

欢迎您浏览 Pensonic Malaysia Facebook page, 或致电 PENSONIC careline: 1-800-881-770获取更多信息。
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 Reasons Mothers Should Want Their Own Space in the Home

It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you have a house full of children. As difficult as it may seem, it can play a vital role in helping you keep your wits. Everyone could benefit from having a nice quite place to recuperate from the day. As a mother, it can be one of those things that could impact how your day unfolds. Here are five reasons why you should want your own little piece of the house to call your sanctuary.


Everyone loves to have some kind of privacy at one point or another. Regardless of why you want to be alone, having your own room can give you that sense of isolation. A private room can be filled with the things that make you happy without worrying about what anyone else will think.

Keeping Valuables Safe

There may be many beautiful pieces of art such as porcelain sculptures that you don't necessarily want out in the open. If you have young children, you may already know the damage a hurricane of kids can cause. Your own space give you a place to set these up for you to enjoy while reducing the risks involved.

Blood Pressure

Stress will impact your blood pressure. Without a viable method to reduce your stress, you're more at risk for a myriad of heart problems. Having your own area where you can unwind without people needing you will help dissolve some of the anxiety of everyday life.

Mental Health

Your blood pressure isn't the only thing that can be affected by high levels of stress. Your mental health can slowly degrade over time, which can impact everything from parenting skills to career decisions. A place for solidarity can help reclaim your thoughts and center yourself.

Problem Solving Enhancements

Many psychologists believe that solitude can help you work through serious problems more effectively. Whether it's a difficult decision at work or something more serious at home, being alone gives you the ability to center your mind without outside influences. You can achieve a deeper thought process and discover yourself and your voice.

You shouldn't feel guilty for wanting some alone time throughout the day. Many experts attest to how caring for yourself in such a manner could be instrumental in various aspects of life. When you're ready for some peace, contact contractors to add a room on to the home and stake your claim. It may be more important to your sanity than you may realize.
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shopping flowers for mommy

Next month is Mother's Day,
May is the special month for mommy,
How about Mother's Day Flower for mommy?

No time to go shopping? No worry as we can check online for Bloom2u.
Internet access is good as we can easy shop for loved ones.

Mommy and wife both are important.
Surprise both of them with online florist Malaysia.

Some people prefer to go Subang Jaya Florist.
Mommy takes time to care for us.
There are mommy that working and mommy that stay at home.
Both are busy mommy that never stop.

Being mommy of 2 boys, I know my time is mostly for my kids.
With Internet access, I wanna hit my dear to check, and follow updates on

Time fly as my sons are growing up,
Eldest is 10 years old,
Youngest is going to be 5 years old this June.

My mommy is in her 60s now and my daddy is in his 70s now.
I love them both. Let's make this special day Mother's day meaningful.
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Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

Sakura White

Sakura White
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Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
Lai Mien Sifu and Me


Happening Hot!

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