Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How old suitable to take collagen?


The Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen is suitable for age 25 above which starting to lose huge amount of collagen from body daily. 

Having skin problems such pimples, acne scar, dark circle, freckles & wrinkle. 
Smoking or drinking a lot of alcohols.
Face computer or mobile phones daily for long hours.
Stress from working and stay up late at night.
Having headache or migraine constantly and can't sleep well.

Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen,SOD as the key towards new era, King of Antioxidants, Nobel Prize awards winner since 1998. First in Malaysia to have this unique formulation SOD Collagen.
Super fast result, as fast as 7 days. 
Highly effective & absorptions into body. 
Convenient packaging, tear and drink immediately. 
Natural Elderberry flavour. 

Directions of use: 
Consume 1 sachet directly or mix together with your favourite blend. 

I tried it and I like the flavour and it's also nice to drink directly or drink it chilled. You can place it in the fridge too. 
Once a day morning before breakfast and night before sleep. 

Don't just read here, if you are thinking to purchase visit
www.fairyfantasyhq.com and during check out key in code: sherrygo
*product is suitable for me and may not be suitable for you. You  may consult your doctor before taking this.  
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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Survey: McD, KFC and Shopee among the top brands that will get ‘invited’ for CNY Open House

The pandemic stricken Chinese New Year celebrations were muted as many families were not able to completely reunite. As a result, the wish to be together resonated louder than ever amid the people. Many brands wanted to echo these sentiments, and as such their CNY ads showed us of how it is to celebrate together, while reminding us of the good times when the entire family was together. These memories and brand stories went viral and were widely shared on social media news walls, individual stories, and of course through traditional media channels like TV commercials.

“With consumers spending more time online but with limited attention spans, brands that focus on capturing the ‘mind space’ of the consumer will be the ones that grow faster,” said Julie Ng, Researcher & Co-Founder of Vase.ai.

All the more, these commercials were instrumental in promoting the CNY celebrative spirit. It looked as if the brands themselves, were inviting us to their own CNY open houses.

Asia School of Business and market research company Vase.ai were curious to see whether people would think of offering a counter-invitation: Should brands became persons, would they be invited to join our CNY open house celebrations?

In opening this question, Vase.ai conducted a large-scale study among 462 ethnic-Chinese Malaysians. The study presented a choice of 29 brands that heavily advertised during the last month in conjunction with CNY to this representative sample.

The questions posed to the pool were:

“If these brands were persons, which brands would be invited to your CNY open house? And which ones would not be?”

Asking people to view brands as a person is a very common practice, the company notes. Consumers often attribute human features to brands on a daily basis. Many people project selected personality characteristics on the brands they are familiar with and favour. As an example, the car brand Volvo projects a responsible, trustworthy, reliable, and a family-man personality.

The Twelve Invited brands:

This study uncovered that on average, a brand receives a CNY open house invitation from 27% Chinese Malaysian consumers. Some brands are more welcomed than others.

3 Most Invited Brands – McDonalds, KFC and Shopee

Three brands – McDonalds, KFC and Shopee – made the most wanted guest at CNY open houses. As the nation’s favourite cousins, they won over a 50% popularity vote.

Followed by 9 Invited Brands 

The nine brands that follow in getting invitations from 30% or more from the people, but not by a majority are “good family friends”: Foodpanda, Lazada, Grab, Maybank, Watson, Tesco, Eu Yan Sang, Nescafe, and Yakult.

The Nine Un-invited brands

Six of the 29 brands included in the study were grouped in those that would not receive invitations. For one of the brands that were categorised as a non-invite, there was an obvious reason: it is a strong-branded medicine. Generally, it is considered inauspicious to welcome medication to a CNY open house as it may introduce bad luck.

A fourth group consists of three brands with a certain “double-bind.” The relationship is a mix of positivity and negativity. For instance people are uncertain if they should invite brands of an insurance company, an airlines, and an energy company. In a relational sense, “it’s complicated” as the number of CNY open house invitations is as large as the number of non-invites.

“No happy new year for brands that are ignored. A brand caught in the silent and uneventful zone of indifference may have a hard time to survive a roller-coaster year like 2021.” Said Willem Smit, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Asia School of Business and International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan.

The Eight Brands in the “Danger Zone of Indifference”

This study grouped a fifth group of brands – those that people don’t really care about. Eight brands were classified as those that do not have a significant connection with the people, and are not even important enough to be disliked.

Being placed in the “Zone of indifference” category would be a nightmare scenario for the marketer, as there is no existing cloud to start a conversation and sharpen the brands’ positioning.

It means it’s all the way back to the drawing board: thinking of the ideal target audience and crafting a better value proposition. Being in the category also means they are way below most people’s radar and results in an even worse start for them this year. There is no consolation for brands in the Zone of Indifference as it means hard work – if not the end is near, and they might well be unlikely to be part of the CNY celebrations in 2022.

Full report can be found on https://vase.ai/resources/brands-should-stay-out-of-the-danger-zone-of-indifference/

About Vase.ai

Vase.ai is a market research technology firm specialising in online consumer research to help consumer brands make decisions that drive higher ROI. With an emphasis on speed and accuracy, our flagship software product, allows you to seek consumer opinions from over 400,000 Malaysians and gain results in under 2 hours. Whether you're a novice or an expert researcher, Vase can help you make better, faster and more informed data-driven decisions.

About Asia School of Business

Asia School of Business (ASB) was established in 2015 by Bank Negara Malaysia in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management to be a premier global business school, a knowledge and learning hub infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asia and the emerging economies.

ASB’s executive education programs and degree programs have been globally-acclaimed for leading the way in management education. Through its award-winning Action Learning based curriculum, in partnership with the corporate community and students from across the world, ASB is committed to developing transformative and principled leaders who will contribute towards advancing the emerging world.


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Sunday, February 21, 2021

COSMODERM PERFECT BALANCED RANGE With Powerful Duo Prebiotic & Calamine

Do you know that having a healthy and beautiful skin has been a dream for every girls and women? Having no worries uploading their selfies without using any filter in social media just to make sure that they will look good in the eyes of netizens. 


Cosmoderm, a brand that is specializing in “Skin-Health Concern” skincare and body care products for 20 years is designed to provide customised solutions to common skin problems such as acne and oily prone skin, dry skin, pigmentation, sensitive etc... 

As a brand that caters to Target Consumers who believe Beauty Starts With A Good And Healthy Skin, Cosmoderm has launched a new range called COSMODERM SKIN LAB PERFECT BALANCED, a range that is focusing on having a healthy and soothing skin with powerful duo ingredients Prebiotic and Calamine. 

Promoting #SKINDEPENDENCE where it stands for “Break Free From Unhealthy Skin”, Cosmoderm has developed the right skincare range with Prebiotic that is proven benefits for the skin. 

What is Prebiotic? We have heard about Probiotic which is a good bacterium that can be found in human’s body and skin to ensure that human’s body and skin stay healthy. Like human being, these good bacterias (Probiotic) needs food to get healthy microbes back into balance. This food is called Prebiotic that: Balances skin’s microbiome to avoid skin redness while Improving skin’s surface protection and Ensuring the skin’s barrier is kept intact and healthy. Prebiotic can also improve in skin’s radiance and comfort due to restructuring, nourishing and soothing effect. 

The other ingredient that can be found in the new Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is Calamine. Calamine Lotion is a mild astringent and antiseptic that helps: To relief the symptoms of skin redness, mild sunburn, skin itchiness and minor skin conditions and It is on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) List of Essential Medicines for being an effective and safe medication for health. 

The Calamine formulation used in Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is a higher grade of Calamine used in the cosmetic industry. The higher grade of calamine makes your skin soft, smooth, and healthier. Together, these powerful duo ingredients work in synergy to give a “Healthier Beautiful Skin” to the consumers. Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is creating a healthy soothing skin that is FREE from skin redness, skin irritation, reduces skin oiliness and soothes sunburn with four products which are Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Moisturiser and SunScreen. 

 How to use Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced Products: 


Step 1: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser 100ml (RM29.90) 

The foaming cleanser helps to deep cleanses and purifies skin while soothes skin redness. It also enhances skin absorption of other nourishing ingredient so that the next product is easily applied onto the skin. 

Direction To Use: Squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto palm. Lather and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly with water.

 Extra Points: The best part of this cleanser is that it produces a lot of foam, yet it does not dry up the skin. Also, on the packaging has no. 1 to show the skincare routine. This will help to educate new skincare users the correct steps to use Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Range. 

Step 2: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion 120ml (RM45.90) 

Formulated with Prebiotic and 20,000ppm of Calamine, this toning lotion helps to calm and soothes redness whilst awaken skin’s absorption ability. The higher the Parts Per Million (ppm) in the product, the more effective the product is. On top of that, this toning lotion increases skin’s moisture. 

Direction To Use: Shake well before use so that the calamine is mixing well with the toning water. Pour toning lotion onto palm and pat gently onto face and neck. P/s Do Not Use Cotton Pad or else it will absorb the goodness of Calamine. 

Extra Points: 95% agreed that Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion is effective in improving skin redness after application* 

*This product has been tested by 300 members of Home Tester Club 

Step 3: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream 50ml (RM65.00) 

With Calamine and 30,000ppm of Prebiotic, this Soothing WOW cream helps to restore skin’s moisture as well as lightens blemishes on skin. With the Water-In Oil-In Water (WOW) Technology, the moisture is absorbed and locked onto the skin which it helps the skin to stay hydrated. 

Direction To Use: 

Pump an adequate amount of Soothing WOW Cream onto palm and massage gently onto face and neck. Extra Points: Consumers might want to spend a little bit more time on pampering the skin with this WOW Cream to ensure the texture will be absorbed fully into the skin. 

Step 4: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced SunMilk SPF25PA++ 50ml (RM65.00) 

Formulated with Prebiotic and Calamine, this sunscreen protects the skin against UVA and UVB that can cause damage to the skin. Besides that, it improves skin’s surface protection against environmental stress and helps for sunburn relief and dry skin. 

 Direction To Use: Pump an adequate amount of SunMilk SPF25PA++ onto palm and massage gently onto face and neck. 

Extra Points: This sunscreen is suitable for all type of skin including sensitive skin. 

For best results, use all four products together to enjoy the effectiveness of:

Balance pH level

Combats Free Radical

Redness Calming



UV Protection

All four products from Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balance are dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin care type including sensitive skin and FREE from:

  • Paraben
  • Fragrance
  • Artificial Colorant

Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced range is NOW available in pharmacies nationwide. 

For further information and latest promotions, please visit them at:

Facebook: Cosmoderm

Instagram: Cosmoderm

Website: www.cosmoderm.com.my

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

CNY Wellness Set for this CNY

Happy Chinese Niu Year to dear friends and family that celebrate the Chinese New Year. It's Chinese New Year Chor 5, here I am sharing with you about CNY Wellness Set. With Internet access,it's convenient for us to shop online, just stay at home and stay safe. 

This CNY Wellness set consists of Flexo (Collagen drinks), Perozin, Vitamin C 1000mg, Prime Facemask and Royale Hand Sanitizer.

Get to know more of the products at www.citrex.com.my

I am glad there is Perozin when I need it. Perozin made from ingredients of natural origins, Perozin is a pain reliever cream for muscle and join. Don't just read here, you can also purchase the Perozine for loved ones that needs it. For more details of the product can visit www.perozin.com.my

I like using the Royale rouge anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, it smells nice too and its non sticky.

If you have interest to shop for the CNY Wellness Set, you can check out the website for the affordable packages.

@citrexofficial @perzoinmalaysia @royalepharma

#CNY2021 #CNYWellnessSet  

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Monday, February 15, 2021

Daylong™ the specialized solar protection product range developed by Galderma – a global leader in dermatology

Megan Tan (Celebrity Host) with Daylong sunscreen products

Galderma, the Swiss-based global dermatology company, pioneering in dermatological solutions in the country launch Daylong™ sun protection the ultimate in daily skin protection with unrivalled scientific and dermartological expertise.

With its launch in Malaysia, Malaysians will finally be able to experience Daylong™ sun protection range of products. If you have an active lifestyle in the sun, check out this fully protected with medically proven Daylong™ sun protection. 

There is no doubt that a little sunlight is good for you! The sun's rays provide warmth and light that enhance your general feeling of well being and stimulate blood circulation. Some UV radiation is essential to the body as it stimulates the production of vitamin D. However there are certain risks involved which might burn, hurt, and damage, and long-term exposure can lead to skin conditions including premature skin aging and cancer. 

Daylong™ is a range of high-quality products offering reliable sun protection for diverse skin types and conditions for the whole family. 
 Daylong sun protection product display 

The products offering consists of Daylong™ SPF Gel fluid (30ml), Daylong™ SFT 50+ Gel (50ml), Daylong™ SPF 30 Spray (150ml), Daylong™ Kids SPF 30 Cream (50ml), Daylong™ Kids SPF 50+ Lotion (150ml) & Daylong™ After Sun Repair (100ml). This range of sun protection has advance filters and innovative formulations which provide effective protection with nurturing ingredients for long-lasting skin care. 
 Mr. Jean-Sebastien Ricard (General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma) 

“For 30 years, Galderma has always been highly committed in bringing the best innovations in medical dermatological solutions to meet the needs of consumers in more than 80 countries worldwide. With Daylong™ sun protection, consumers can look forward to optimal quality and exceptional protection for a healthy looking skin,” said Jean-Sebastien Ricard, General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma.
 Dr. Felix Yap Boon Bin (Skin Dermatologist, Sime Darby Medical Centre)
 Skin Analysis Results using the UV Skin Analysis Machine
Cik Puteri Zatil Aqmar (Volunteer) and Ms. Kenix Wong (Product Manager of Galderma Malaysia) putting on Daylong Sun Protection during the skin analysis session
 Roger Chew (Key Account Manager of Galderma Malaysia), Nael Itani (Self- Medication & Digital Manager South East Asia of Galderma)Tey Hong Leng  (Digital Manager of Guardian Malaysia), Linda Cheng (Senior Category Manager - Merchandising of Guardian Malaysia), Jean-Sebastien Ricard (General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma) , Margaret Lau (Merchandising Director of Guardian Malaysia)Jesszlyn Tan (Assistant Manager – Merchandising of Guardian Malaysia), Joanne Leee  (Area Manager - Operation of Guardian Malaysia) and Tony Goh (Area Manager – Operation of Guardian Malaysia
 Mr. Jean-Sebastien Ricard (General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma) with Daylong sun protection products 
 L to R: Wong Wai Fun (Business Unit Head of Prescription and Aesthetic & Correction Business of Galderma), Dr. Felix Yap Boon Bin (Skin Dermatologist Sime Darby Medical Centre), Kenix Wong (Product Manager of Galderma Malaysia), Megan Tan (Celebrity Host), Jean-Sebastien Ricard (General Manager of South East Asia of Galderma) and Nael Itani (Self- Medication & Digital Manager South East Asia of Galderma)
L to R: Mr. Nael Itani (Self- Medication & Digital Manager South East Asia of Galderma) 
and Aliza Sara (Lifestyle Blogger) during the Lucky Draw Prize Presentation

Daylong™ sun protection are easy to apply with a unique light unscented, fast absorbing, non-sticky, and very water-resistant formula that leaves no white spots. It is medically proven to protect skin cell DNA and help reduce the affects of sun-induced skin aging. 

The range of sun protection provides optimal quality and exceptional protection to prevent sun damage and maintain fair, unblemished, healthy looking skin. 

The protective effects of Daylong™ sun protection's advanced filters and innovative formulas go beyond regulatory requirements. 

The Daylong Sun Protection Advantage
Cosmetic evaluations
- Proven high degree of skin tolerance
- Good absorbance
-Superb in-use skin feeling

Scientific evaluations
- Proven prevention of cell damage including protection against UV based radicals
- Proven protection of cellular DNA
- Successful reduction of cell aging processes caused by sunlight
- Confirmed effective protection against cell and tissue damage caused by IR radation

Daylong™ complete range products are now available at all major phamarcies, such as Guardian. 
Products retail from RM90.80 to RM109.30.

About Galderma
For over 30 years, all our resources have been channelled in a single direction: to provide innovative medical dermatological solutions that meet the needs of patients and physicians with a particular focus on acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other steroid-responsive dermatoses, onychomycosis (fungal nail infections), pigmentary disorders, skin cancer and medical aesthetic and corrective solutions for skin senescence. The skin conditions we treat can have strong psychological and social implications in the everyday lives of our patients. By treating these conditions, we help people preserve, restore and maintain healthy skin and improve their quality of life. 
Today, Galderma is a global dermatology company, with headquarter based in Switzerland, committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals around the world. The company has 33 wholly-owned affiliates and a worldwide network of distributors, approximately 5 000 employees and an extensive product portfolio available in 80 countries. With approximately 19% of revenues invested each year to discover and develop new dermatology solutions and products and access innovative technologies, this company is one of the world’s leading investors in dermatology R&D. Five state-of-the-art R&D centres and five manufacturing sites are dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions which meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Tube Vita - C 1000mg (Read to Drink Juice): orange/lemon with Himalayan salt flavor

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, we don't want to forget to care for ourselves too. The Tube Vita - C 1,000mg ( Ready to Drink Juice), it comes in a sachet the Tube Vitamin C is a great combination of Fruit Juice and Vitamin C. 

Sharing is caring, I have tried them and it's The Tube Vita - C 1,000mg ( Orange / Lemon with Himalayan Salt Flavor). Easy travel size that you can just take it to work or drink it while travel.

All you need is just one sachet a day! So you can choose today can take orange and tomorrow take lemon with Himalayan Salt flavor. 

I have also upload a video on my tiktok, you may follow me on tiktok: sherrygo2

They have develop this product to resolve consumer issues such as difficulties in swallow pills, powder or capsules. This product provides consumers with a new drinking experience of vitamin C as it can drink directly without having extra water and it is delicious due to it contains real fruit juice. - 

Furthermore, you can drink Vita - C with chill or put it in freezer to enjoy a Vitamin C Ice cream !

What is more about this Product? 

The Tube Vita - C 1,000mg ( Orange / Lemon with Himalayan Salt Flavor), it comes in a sachet the Tube Vitamin C is a great combination of Fruit Juice and Vitamin C.

1) THE TUBE VITA-C is packing in an individual sachet, therefore it can reduce the chance of product oxydation. 

2) Easy to Carry to any occasion

3) it provides consumer different drinking experiences as it can drink with Chill or frozen (Ice Cream ) 

4) No More Hassel in swallow pills and eating powder. 

5) Enjoy a more hygiene product 

6) This product is HALAL certified 

Size: 60g / sachet x 12 sachets/box 

Retail Selling price Rm 30.00/ box ( Shopee Buy 2 for Rm 50) 

Certification: Halal, Mesti, Buatan Malaysia 

Shelf Life: 12 Month 

Selling Platform: Shopee & Lazada

* product suitable for above 12 years old to consume.

* product suitable for me, but may not suitable for you.


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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Healthy CNY Gift Ideas for this Happy Niu Year

Just stay at home this Chinese New Year, if you have loved ones that you would like to send them Chinese New Year gifts. This are good ideas and healthy delicious too. Fruits namely Korea Kyoho Grapes, mandarine orange, Korea strawberry, African blueberry , white seedless grape, black seedless grape.Check out my video for the beautiful packed fruits and also basket of mandarine orange, click on the link to view the video. 

Sharing the yummy healthy delicious fruits with loved ones and also treat yourself.
Don't just see here, you can shop them at DD Mart, the market which providing a variety of staple food, homemade, fresh produce,frozen seafood, vegetarian food and steambaot ingredient for all your daily casual meals at home in the most convenient way. 
It's nice gift for loved ones and friends for special occasions and celebrations. 
There are 4 outlets:
📌Bandar Puteri, Puchong : https://waze.com/ul/hw2830q7z4
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ddmart.my
- Coverage area: USJ, Subang Jaya, and Puchong only
Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/ddmart_my
- Same day delivery when order before 2pm.
- Delivery charges (Klang Valley) RM7 per order
- Free Delivery when purchase RM100 and above
- Coverage area only at Klang Valley

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Reward self with coffee, Teh Tarik, Chocolate Marshmallow

Checking on my calendar and need to reschedule, time to take a short break have my coffee time. With daily active lifestyle, it's important to reward myself. Sharing with you the IT'S by Aik Cheong, packaged in convenient hand-held cups for ease of transport. They comes in refreshing new flavors, just nice to cater to different times of the day. Life is definitely more exciting if you know how to mix and match.  At any moment, IT'S with me can boost my productivity and confidence. Do you want to reward self too? 

IT'S by Aik Cheong a new line of drinks by Aik Cheong


Don't just read here, you can get this range of IT'S by Aik Cheong tasty range to try.

Long Black Extra Shot

Flat White Extra Shot

Cappuccino Choco Topping

Teh Tarik Gula Melaka

Chocolate Marshmallow

Matcha Latte Nata De Coco

Also check out the Granola MixBerries Cup and Gronola Mix fruits and nuts

Grab your IT'S Cups now!
IT'S Cups selling store, 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, myNEWS, Petronas, Caltex, Shell, AeonBig, Aeon, Giant, The Store. The promo code available https://m.me/itsbyacc

IT’s by ACC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsbyacc 

IT’s by ACC Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/its_by_acc/ 

IT’s by ACC Website: http://www.aikcheong.com.my/Templates/zenabasic/product.php 

Aik Cheong FB : https://www.facebook.com/aikcheongcoffee 

Aik Cheong IG : https://www.instagram.com/aikcheong_official/



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Sunday, January 10, 2021

CNY 2021 Cookies


Chinese New Year is around the corner! Ming Ang Confectionery this CNY 2021 Collection has launched with the gift sets. Surprise your loved ones with these gift sets.
明安特產專賣店Ming Ang Confectionery SDN.BHD
Bliss Pack set cost ONLY RM88.00, includes 4 New Year cookies
1 x Nyonya Kuih Kapet 320g
1 x Nyonya Pineapple Gold 380g
1 x Spicy Shrimp Rolls 260g .

Coming Home - Blessing set costs ONLY RM113, includes 6 New Year cookies
1 x Almond Cookies 120g
1 x Sesame Sweet Potato Cookies 110g
1 x Prawn Chili Popiah Roll 120g
1 x Sea Salt Caramel 120g
1 x Cheese Pineapple Ball 120g
1 x Green Peas Cookies 130g
The Coming Home- Blessing set. It comes with a free greeting card, you can leave the message on the gift card.
The Ming Ang products has no pork and no lard.
Don't just read here, hurry order now. Available in-store and online now! 
明安独家推出2款超值「回家过年礼盒 」!瞬间提升新年气氛,带着就好喜气的礼盒啊!
福临门 RM88,内附4款新年礼饼:
1 x 娘惹蛋扁 320g
1 x 娘惹凤梨金 380g
1 x 三谷粮食 320g
1 x 虾米卷 260g
「回家过年礼盒 」! ✨合家平安礼盒仅售RM113,内附6款新年礼饼:
1 x 杏仁酥 120g
1 x 紫薯黑芝麻二重奏 110g
1x 虾米卷 120g
1x 海盐焦糖 120g
1x 芝士黄梨球 120g
1x 青豆饼 130g
另外回家过年礼盒 也附送 #回家过年 贺年卡。有话想对收礼人说,记得下单时备注,由明安为您代笔!
数十载技法 代代相传的好滋味
赶紧到 https://mingang.my/product-category/chinese-new-year/ 下单即可。
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Friday, December 18, 2020

Easy cooking frozen shrimp range

 Earlier I mentioned of Tesco online shopping on my this blog. If you have read it, you'll know it too click on the link to read. 

If you have interest to know about what I have bought, check out the below groceries list.

Groceries list as following:
Tesco Breaded Butterfly Shrimp Coconut
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Agedama
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Hot & Spicy
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Torpedo
Tesco Shrimp Rangoon
Tesco Springroll Shrimp Torpedo
Tesco Genmaica
Tesco Japanese Green Tea( Hojicha, Genmaicha and Sencha)
Potato Chips Tesco Ridge Cut Tom Yum flavored and potato chips Tesco Tomato Flavour.
Also Tesco coconut water.
Tesco Japanese Green Tea range and coconut water is good pairing with fried shrimps and even potato chips. The price is affordable and indeed Tesco product berbaloi dan berquality.
Yummy shrimps range that's #easytocook. My favourite breaded butterfly shrimp coconut and #japanesegreentea Genmaicha. #potatochips for #snektime
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tesco scales online offerings to help Malaysians safely get their essentials


Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has scaled its offerings on its official store on Shopee by 200 items, bringing its total product assortment to over 3,000. This is on the back of stay-home efforts encouraged by the Government, where most Malaysians are observing the Conditional Movement Control Order.

“No one tries harder for customers than we do, here in Tesco. We have seen the demand for groceries and other household items increased ever since the start of this pandemic and with the situation persisting, this is the ‘new normal’ now,” said Tesco Product Director, Kenneth Chuah. “By increasing the assortment on our store on Shopee, our customers can now shop for daily essentials and more, safely from home with confidence and ease during these uncertain times,” he continued.

“We are also especially pleased to partner with Shopee as not only this brings more convenience to our customers, but it also enables us to offer shoppers in Sabah and Sarawak the best of Tesco, where we are not yet physically present,” added Chuah.

The top 200 items that were added to Tesco’s official store on Shopee was determined through the consumer data and purchase trends from its network of 62 physical stores nationwide. These items include grocery food and drinks; baby toys and diapers; personal and healthcare products; home storage; small furniture and many more.

Most notably, Tesco has also strengthened its electronic offerings by including several varieties of the Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, with discounted prices beginning at around RM2,899 and RM4,149 respectively. Knowing that smartphones are the lifeline of many, Tesco is also stocking its official Shopee store with varieties of Samsung offerings such as the Samsung Galaxy A31, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy Fold and many more at affordable prices.

Apart from its wide assortment, Tesco will also be offering in-store discounts of up to 50 per cent on Shopee during the e-commerce platform’s 12.12 Birthday Sale which is ongoing until 12 December 2020. Malaysians will be able to enjoy bigger savings on well-loved and value-for-money Tesco Own Brand items which also include the best-selling baby essentials range, Fred & Flo and other essentials while enjoying store-wide free shipping. For smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, users can top up their ShopeePay accounts so they do not miss Tesco’s limited time deals or products in fast sellouts.

To find out more about Tesco’s deals, visit https://shopee.com.my/tesco.fbs

About Tesco Malaysia

Tesco Malaysia was established in May 2002 through its first store in Puchong, Selangor. Today, it employs over 8,600 employees across one Head Office, two distribution centres and 62 stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia. In 2013, Tesco paved the way in online grocery shopping through the launch of Tesco Online which started in Klang Valley before expanding to Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Ipoh. In July 2020, Tesco signed into the country’s largest commercial solar power purchase agreement which entails the installation of solar PV panels in 15 of its stores.

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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Customize your own Unlimited plan @Yoodo


It's CMCO, some of my friends are telling me that they have interest to change their mobile service provider at their area. Talking about mobile service provider, have you heard of Yoodo? 

Yoodo is Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives users full control to customise their mobile plan in terms of data, voice minutes and SMS to suit their needs, with zero hidden charges or commitments.

When checking on moblie service provider sure we also check on what product they are offering. Yoodo offers exciting product offerings, features and add-ons that empowers users to live their desired lifestyles in gaming, travel, entertainment and more. 


More recently, Yoodo introduced an unlimited data plan, that allows users to #BuatUnlimitedSendiri and customize their own Unlimited plan. 

Subscribers to this plan can customize data speed, hotspot quota, voice minutes and SMS.

As part of the package, Unlimited subscribers will also receive free voice minutes and free hotspot quota. 

Yoodo offers two recommended options: 

Unlimited Atas, offering 6Mbps data speed for RM43 a month,

Unlimited Bajet, which provides 3Mbps data speed for only RM35 per month.

With Yoodo Unlimited, users can personalize every aspect of their plan with greater flexibility.


What's happening on YOODO 2.0?

This year, Yoodo 2.0 was unveiled: the next evolution of Yoodo as a brand and service as it continues to lead the digital telco space.

Renew Anytime 

With Renew Anytime, Yoodo users can switch their mobile plans anytime they want.

This convenient product feature removes the need for users to wait for their current monthly cycle to end before switching to their new, preferred plan. 

Power Pass

 The Power Pass is an add-on data packet that gives you high-speed data in short bursts.

Users can get 100GB of data for only RM2, giving maximum connectivity for ultra-affordable prices


Yoodo Rewards 

Yeah Yoodo wanting to reward users for their loyal support, Yoodo Rewards was introduced to give back to the users for every purchase.

Users are rewarded with one free Add-On for every 10 Add-Ons they purchase.



Yoodo also introduced 8 brand new Data Add-Ons this year across gaming, entertainment and e-commerce, bringing the total number of Add-Ons to 18. Add-Ons are additional data packets that do not deduct from users’ data plan.  


Yoodo introduced Add-Ons for Call of Duty Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, giving gamers 20GB of dedicated gaming data for RM 5.

The new Add-Ons join other popular mobile games Add-Ons, like PUBG MOBILE and Arena of Valor.


Recognizing the need for entertainment, particularly during the beginning of the pandemic, Yoodo introduced Add-Ons for Tik Tok, Viu, Dim Sum, Astro Go, and Joox.


Yoodo also brought in an Add-On for Boost to give users maximum convenience for all their online shopping needs.


Recently, Yoodo introduced an unlimited data plan, that allows users to #BuatUnlimitedSendiri and customize their own Unlimited plan.

Subscribers to this plan can customize data speed, hotspot quota, voice minutes and SMS.

As part of the package, Unlimited subscribers will also receive free voice minutes and free hotspot quota. 

Yoodo offers two recommended options: Unlimited Atas, offering 6Mbps data speed for RM43 a month,

And Unlimited Bajet, which provides 3Mbps data speed for only RM35 per month.

With Yoodo Unlimited, users can personalize every aspect of their plan with greater flexibility.



Yoodo has very quickly established itself as the nation’s most supportive telco in the esports arena.

This began in 2018, when it became the first Official Digital Telco for PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC).

PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC)

· Yoodo was the Official Digital Telco for Malaysia’s very first PMNC in 2018.

· The champions of PMNC 2018 received a cash prize along with free Yoodo mobile plans for a year. 

· Yoodo continued its support for PMNC in 2019, once again as the Official Digital Telco for the tournament.

· The champions of PMNC 2019 received a cash prize along with free Yoodo mobile plans for a year.

· In 2020, Yoodo levelled up to become the Official Partner for PMNC 2020, which drew in over 1.5 million viewers across the tournament period.

· The winners of the tournament walked away with RM30,000 in cash.

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC)

· Yoodo took their commitment in the gaming community a step higher with the first ever PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) in 2019.

· PMCC 2019 saw close to 6,000 students competing for a shot at the cash pool prize of RM 60,000.

· The champions of the tournament received a one-year mobile plan from Yoodo and a direct invite to the Grand Finals of PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 2020.

· Yoodo brought back PMCC for the 2020 season this year, offering college students across Malaysia a chance at the prize pool of RM 60,00.

· The winning team will also receive wildcard entry into PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC 2021), Yoodo credits, and exclusive Yoodo merchandize.

· Yoodo also launched PMCC 2020 in tandem with the new Caster Search – a special way for aspiring commentators to get in the casting game and commentate on the tournament to a wide range of audience.

Yoodo Kejohanan Esukan Kampus Semester 3 (KEK3)

· Yoodo further extended its presence in the esports scene by teaming up with MyGameOn for the Kejohanan Esukan Kampus Semester 3 (KEK3) in 2020.

· Yoodo KEK3 featured the highly popular games, Call of Duty: Mobile as well as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

· Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the tournament was fully hosted online.

Yoodo Stay At Home Cup 2020

· Also in 2020, Yoodo launched its own community-based esports series – Yoodo Stay At Home Cup.

· The series, which was fully held online, featured four games: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Honor of Kings.

· It received over 3,700 registrations from local gamers and the series on its own drew over 100,000 viewers across three months.

Yoodo FV Major Cup 2020

· Yoodo also stepped into the fighting game arena with the Yoodo FV Major Cup 2020 – a competition dedicated to Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

· The competition is ongoing with the Grand Finals to happen in September 2020; subject to change based on the COVID-19 situation.

· The winners of each game will be awarded with tickets to compete in the international level EVO Vegas 2021.


Yoodo Gank 


· Yoodo established Yoodo Gank in 2019 after the team’s epic performance in PMNC 2018.

· Yoodo Gank has since gone on to become Malaysia’s most popular PUBG Mobile esports team.

· They have gone on to participate in multiple tournaments locally and internationally.

· Recently, the team became the first Malaysian team to win the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2020. The achievement landed the team a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records.

 Yoodo FV

· In 2019, Yoodo partnered with esports organisers and team management organisation, Flash Vision, to create a roster of esports fighting game competitors for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7.

Geek Fam MLBB

· The latest addition to Yoodo’s growing roster of esports teams is within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - the highly popular Geek Fam MLBB.

· Geek Fam MLBB has proved to be incredibly successful in MPL, having won Season 3 and competed in the finals for Season 5.


In 2020, Yoodo sought to bring unique experiences to users through a variety of entertainment approaches. 


· When the MCO was enforced during the early days of the pandemic, Yoodo introduced #StayAtHomeParty to keep users entertained

· The 4-week event featured Malaysian artists from different entertainment segments in live gigs and streaming sessions in smaller sub-events.

· The sub-events included:

o #RamadanDiRumah Bersama Warner & Yoodo – featuring Aizat Amdan, Bunga, and Kucaimars

o GameOnTuesday – livestreams of fighting games Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 with Yoodo FV members, aLeouf and Arenz, and also Yoodo Gank

o Yoodo Presents: #RockAtHome LIVE – live indie performances by Malaysian artists, including Roshan Jamrock, Ashtin, Skies and more

o Yoodo Influencers Live – a new activity each time for Malaysians to take part in, such as cooking session with celebrity chef Abang Brian

o Lepak Gaming with Yoodo Esports – a weekly live gaming show featuring news and latest happenings in gaming and esports


Yoodo also tapped into the K-Pop craze and introduced new initiatives to help K-poppers get closer to their favorite idols.


· A weekly news and entertainment segment hosted by Hani Fadzil, bringing the week’s latest news and announcements from the K-Pop world.

Concert Ticket Giveaways

· Yoodo gave K-Pop fans the chance to watch their favorite groups up virtually with ticket giveaways for popular bands – MonstaX and G-Idle.

BTS Special Screening 


· Yoodo treated BTS fans to a special screening of the recent BTS documentary, giving away tickets to 178 fans, as well as special delivery of fan kits consisting of BTS-themed fan made stickers and badges.

Sharing is caring, if you like to know more information of Yoodo, do visit their website/Facebook/Instagram.

















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Friday, November 27, 2020

Shop for a Cause, Shop for H.O.P.E


The Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone, including animals, to varying degrees. According to non-profit organisation Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E), there has been a 30% increase in animal abandonment at the animal shelter during the Movement Control Order. This is possibly due to the growing financial burden that pet owners are facing.

Understandably, with the current economic climate, donations to the H.O.P.E animal shelter located in Pekan Nenas, Johor have reduced greatly. Daily, H.O.P.E feeds an average of 1.2 tonnes (1,200 kg) of pet food to over 3,000 dogs and 200 cats that it is currently sheltering. This works out to more than RM140,000 needed to ensure these furry friends are fed on a monthly basis; and this is on top of the RM20,000 incurred for medical expenses and miscellaneous.

With the goal of improving the lives of pets through nutrition, shelter and education, pet care product brands WHISKAS® and PEDIGREE® are collaborating with H.O.P.E. animal shelter to raise funds via the “Shop for H.O.P.E.” campaign on Shopee happening from now till 6 December 2020.

Through this campaign, Shopee users and pet lovers can make donations of RM10, RM20 or even RM50 to the animal shelter. Additionally, for every purchase made through the Whiskas and Pedigree Official Store on Shopee, 10% will be converted to products which will later be presented to H.O.P.E.

Mars Petcare Southeast Asia Pet Nutrition D-Commerce Director Phua Fui Ching said, “Ever so often, we come across a news article or video on social media on animals being abandoned and it is heart-wrenching. At Mars Petcare, we believe that pets make the world a better place and therefore, collaborating with H.O.P.E as well as Shopee is one of the many initiatives to achieve our goal in creating a better world for pets where they are healthy, happy and welcomed. Through this partnership, we hope to raise at least RM10,000 worth of pet food to be donated to H.O.P.E to help ease their burden.”

In a bid to garner more proceeds for the animal shelter, WHISKAS® and PEDIGREE® will also be offering in-store vouchers of RM7 off with a minimum spend of RM70 and RM10 off with a minimum spend of RM100 to encourage pet lovers to purchase more from the store.

To find out more or show support for the Shop for H.O.P.E. campaign, visit https://shopee.com.my/m/hope.whiskaspedigree

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Mercura Krabi Deevana

Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

tokidoki travel series

tokidoki travel series
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Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party
Laser Tag eCurve

Dove pampering moment

Dove pampering moment
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Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
Lai Mien Sifu and Me

MY Parenting Website


Champagne served

Champagne served
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