Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Everyone has got busy lifestyle, being mom of two boys I am always on the go. We need to take care of our hair too, ladies hair is more uneasy to manage to men. Ladies with free hair faces brittle, unhealthy locks and itchy scalp issues due to various factors. However, such problems are also faced by hijabis. Unhealthy hair is more evident after a workout session or outdoor activities as sweating can cause scalp itchiness and emanate an unpleasant smell.

However, free hair ladies and hijiabis alike should not fret! Being the world’s largest halal personal care brand, SAFI understands the despairs of hijabis and have formulated a new and improved range of hijab haircare – SAFI SHAYLA range. The upgraded range does not only consist of reformulated shampoo variants, but SAFI SHAYLA is now introducing 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist, Hair Serum and Hair Oil that can complete your haircare routine revealing amazing and healthy hair.

The SAFI SHAYLA range comes with an improved shampoo formulation for healthy hair and scalp which contains 1001 benefits of Habbatus Sauda and the goodness of Micro Bamboo Charcoal. Habbatus Sauda is an ancient wonder seed known to have many benefits for users. SAFI incorporated this particular ingredient as it helps in relieving scalp irritation and itchiness by preventing bacterial production. Additionally, Habbatus Sauda helps in maintaining healthy hair as it prevents hair fall and keeps hair moisturised.

Micro Bamboo Charcoal aids in detoxing scalp and hair by purifying and pulling out toxins from the scalp, ultimately reducing oiliness and giving hair a nice sheen to it. By removing oil and dirt, the Micro Bamboo Charcoal also adds hair volume and controls hair odour, which is ideal for all hijabis as odour control helps in boosting self-confidence

SAFI SHAYLA is relaunching its improved shampoo range with not only a new formulation that contains Habbatus Sauda and Micro Bamboo Charcoal but also with a revamped premium packaging in various sizes coupled with a long lasting scent that lasts up to 48 hours.

SAFI SHAYLA understands hijab wearers’ woes and being an expert that you can rely on, SAFI SHAYLA wants them to feel more confident and pursue all their passions be it music or jetskiing. They can achieve this by not only using the revolutionised shampoos but also the expanded haircare range that complements the shampoo which are the 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist, Hair Serum and Hair Oil.

The 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist is fast drying and can be sprayed directly onto the hair or hijab, without leaving any unwanted stains on the hijab. The SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist is ideal for the girl on-the-go as it leaves a refreshing fragrance that lasts up to 24 hours while replenishing moisture, restores shine, improves smoothness and gives hair a bouncy and lightweight feel.

Combined with SAFI SHAYLA Shampoo, SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum formulation will leave hair feeling soft and lightweight, boosting luster back into the hair for healthier and shinier mane. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum comes in 2 variants – Smooth Manageable and Black Shine.

Lastly, SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil leaves hair soft and smooth with a healthy shine and leaving great smelling hair that lasts long.

Each of the varying products in the range are created and formulated by SAFI SHAYLA to complement each other. By using each of the products in the range, SAFI SHAYLA ensures that hijabis can achieve their dream silky healthy hair with poise.

The SAFI SHAYLA range comes in the following sizes and price with an affordable price:

1. Shampoo – 160G (RM8.35) / 320G (RM13.65) (8 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo – Also contains Nano Lipid Enhancer that protects hair by removing oil and effectively cleans the scalp for long lasting fresh and bouncy hair.

b) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo – Also contains Miracle Smooth Technology that coats, straightens, softens and reduces frizzy hair hence smoothening hair while making it manageable.

c) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Also contains Micro ZPT Complex which effectively removes 99.9% fungal that causes dandruff from the first wash.

d) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo – Also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Wheat Protein that strengthens hair structure consequently reducing hair loss.

e) SAFI SHAYLA Black Shine Shampoo – Also contains Sheen Lock which is a luster locking agent effective in making black hair shiny, healthy, soft and easy to manage.

f) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo – Also contains Argan Oil and Menthol that nourishes, eliminates scalp odour and relieves itchiness while giving a cool and refreshing sensation to the scalp.

g) SAF SHAYLA Oil Control Shampoo – Also contains Citrus and Menthol which aids in oil control by deep cleansing pores while eliminating excess oil and impurities from the scalp, providing a cooling feeling.

h) SAFI SHAYLA Damage Hair Control Shampoo – Also contains Amino Complex that helps in treating damaged hair by protecting hair cuticles, thus softening and moisturizing hair effectively.

2. Shampoo pouch – 480G (RM14.65) (5 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo
b) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
c) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo
d) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
e) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

3. Shampoo pump – 520G (RM19.90) (5 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo
b) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
c) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo
d) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
e) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

4. SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist – 100ML (RM17.90)
SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist comes in 2 variants – Smooth Manageable and Black Shine. Both the mist contains Organic Habbatus Sauda, a natural based conditioner and Pro-Vit B5 that provides hair with nutrients, anti-bacterial and sun protection, moisturizes, restores shine and prevents hair damage while improving hair volume.

5. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum – 50ML (RM17.90)

The hair serum is formulated with:

a) Organic Habbatus Sauda Oil – provides UV light protection and nutrients to hair and contains anti-bacterial properties
b) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that helps in hair hydration, thus softening hair and reducing hair breakage which increases hair elasticity and restores hair shine
c) Pure Olive Oil – Rejuvenates dry, dull and frizzy hair
d) Vitamin E Oil – Maintains strong healthy hair as this antioxidant neutralizes free radicals from the hair

6. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil – 100ML (RM11.90)

The hair oil is formulated with Organic Habbatus Sauda and Pure Olive Oil. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil comes in 3 variants:

a) SAFI SHAYLA Anti- Dryness – Also contains Vitamin E, A & C that improves scalp condition and provides sun protection.
b) SAFI SHAYLA Hairfall Control – Also contains argan oil that helps in improving hair shine and reducing breakage
c) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff – Also contains anti-dandruff agent and menthol which are effective in reducing dandruff, itch and oily scalp, while leaving a cooling a refreshing sensation. For results, gently massage the hair oil onto scalp until hair ends, leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse and lather with SAFI SHAYLA shampoo range.

The SAFI SHAYLA haircare range complements each other which eventually boosts hair end-results for both hijabis and non-hijabis. SAFI SHAYLA is suitable for all type of girls, from drummers, to skaters, to Zumba instructors and jet skiers as the range reduces oily and itchy scalp while leaving a fragrant scent that is ideal for active hijabis.

These products are affordably priced and halal certified. SAFI SHAYLA is available nationwide, including major supermarkets, hypermarkets and online site.

For more info on SAFI please log on to SAFI Facebook page, www.facebook.com/SAFIMY, Instagram at SAFI@safimalaysia and SAFI Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/safimalaysia
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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cook In Style This Ramadan With Pentoli & 11street

It's month of May, it's Mother's day too in this month and also festive season soon. As the festive season is approaching, 11street Malaysia has partnered up with Pentoli, a premium cookware brand that is inspired by Italian designs both classic and contemporary to bring in high quality cookware to 11street’s platform. This partnership signifies the ongoing efforts to enhance the product variety on 11street to cater to the wants and needs of the consumers.

Through this partnership with Pentoli, 11street will take a much closer step in becoming a more holistic online shopping platform as well as enhancing the consumers shopping experience.

Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising at 11street said during the media event: “I believe that people has always sourced for items with good quality, and hence our partnership with Pentoli will allow customers to buy top-notch and safe cookware from 11street platform. Both brands will work closely to provide products and services that will benefit our shoppers, while we work hand-in-hand to prosper together.”

Pentoli’s factory is one of the factories outside Japan to receive the SG (CH-IH) certification and it is qualified to produce Induction-compatible stainless-steel cookware. That means every single raw materials and production of Pentoli cookware is controlled, ensuring the brand reliability and consistency.

With the unique and innovative Pentoli’s Smart-Forming Technology, a variable wall of thickness is formed while optimising body weight and heat distribution of the cookware. This ensures faster cooking time and lesser energy consumption. As a result, foods are cooked in a much less hazardous to health method. With this, consumers will have one less worry on their mind and can focus on things that matters most; creating precious memories with their loved ones during festive season.

Presenting at the same event, Khoo Chee Kong, Managing Director of Pentoli said: “At Pentoli, we believe in constantly innovating our products in order to provide our customers with an exceptional cooking experience. We are very grateful to be able to work with 11street, it will definitely help us reach a wider audience in Malaysia and we have the utmost confidence that both brands will benefit from the partnership.”

In conjunction with the partnership, Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia will be the official Chef Consultant for Pentoli’s Ramadan and Hari Raya campaign. Dato’ Fazley Yaakob performed a cooking demo featuring two of his favourite Ramadan dishes, which are ‘Smoked Meat with Fiery Chilli and Green Starfruit’ and ‘Caramelised Bananas with Gula Melaka Butterscotch Sauce’ in conjunction with the upcoming festive period.

Pentoli Multi-ply Stainless Steel 8L Pressure Cooker
Equipped with Interlock System Mechanism, Pressure Indicator Safety Valve and Extra Safety Valve features, Pentoli promises users a safe cooking experience. Other than that, steam is trapped in an airtight pot which subsequently raises the pressure and boiling point, thus speeding up the cooking process.

Pentoli Multi-ply Stainless Steel 38cm Flat Bottom Wok with Cover
Besides lightweight feature, it comes with Quality Bakelite Handle with excellent insulation and heat-resistance. The Intelligent Air Valve gives user total cooking control by retaining and releasing steam.

In conjunction with 11street Ramadan campaign, which will be taking place from today till 15th June 2018, Pentoli will be offering its cookware promotion at up to 78% discounts on 11street. To top it up, a Pentoli 28cm frying pan will be given out free for customers who make purchase of the key Pentoli Hero cookware. For an added convenience, customer will be able to opt for an installment plan for up to 36 months during the period.

For more details, please visit http://www.11street.my/store/pentoli
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Nestosan Botanical Beverage Mix Apple with Bird's Nest

 Busy parenting and sometimes I didn't take care well of myself. Yeah having constipation and it's not a good feeling at all. If you have constipation before you will know how it feels. 

Not long ago Nestosan has an event with bloggers.
We need to take care of our big intestine. 
It aid better immune system and overall detox. 
How often do you detox?  
Sharing with you this is organic beverage!

Who needs Nestosan? 
Recommended for people who are having bad breath, eat fried food, skip breakfast, sits in toilet very long time, after excreting you still feel its unfinished.
(I have these above)

Sharing by Co-Founder Nestosan, Ms Stephanie, she has experienced with constipation and skin problem. Knowing people having similar problem like her, she is here to assist. 

Now we know the secret of her beauty of being young and beautiful.

Co-Founder Nestosan, Ms Stephanie
 Nestosan, it has a box has 15 sachets of 12g.
Ingredients: Green apple, bird's nest, Psyllium Husk, Oat Fiber, Isomalto-oligosaccharides, Ab-Kefir (probiotics) .
The drink taste like apple and it's safe for consume just add in a 100ml water and stir well to drink. 
This is suitable for people with lactose-intolerant, vegetarian, and suitable people that allergy to seafood. 

Do take not do not add in hot water as it will destroy the collagen.

You can check out the video above, start taking it daily.
Drink plenty of water.

Easy and convenient as it is in sachet you can bring to work or travel. Having a sachet in the morning or night. I tried it and prefer to have it in the night, I like the taste of it. After taking this I don't have any more constipation and my friends told me that my skin looks nice too.

If you like to shop for this Nestosan do visit http://nestosan.com/

*Result may vary for individual.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Guardian Launches derma365 Sensitive Skin Solution for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Guardian, the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia will introduce the new derma365 Sensitive Skin Solution which will be available exclusively at Guardian.

With changing weather patterns and environmental pollution on the rise, more people are reporting sensitive skin. The 2012 International Journal Of Cosmetic Science states that 90% of Asian women have sensitive skin, and experts believe that up to 50% of the global population have some form of sensitive skin. In light of these facts, the time is right for a more affordable sensitive skin solution.

Enter the new derma365 sensitive skin solution that is developed by Baxter Laboratories and made in Australia. The solution comprises of a Gentle Cleanser and a Gentle Lotion that together cleanses and moisturizers without stripping even delicate skin, making it suitable for those with dry or sensitive skin. It combines natural ingredients such as soothing colloidal oats with cutting edge, scientifically proven moisturizes such as trimethylglycine for a solution that is both gentle and effective, that can soothe, moisturize and protect the skin’s barrier. 

(From Left to Right) Antoinette Lasjunies, Head of Personal Care, Own Brand, Health & Beauty, Dairy Farm Group, Michelle Yeap, Product Manager, Group Health & Private Label, Guardian Malaysia, Shirley New, Senior Marketing Manager Guardian Malaysia, Mr. Alfonso Roderos, Own Brand Director, The Dairy Farm Company with the derma365 Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Lotion.

derma365 relies on the combined power of nature and science with Sensium 2, our multi- benefit complex that helps to soothe and protect sensitive and dry skin. derma365 Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Lotion for all skin types combine organic Colloidal Oatmeal and Trimethylglycine that helps to promote skin’s protection barrier and protects from harsh external environment. 

Trimethylglycine helps to control water balance in skin and helps to protect from dehydration for soft and smooth skin. Colloidal Oatmeal has been used for centuries as a soothing agent to prevent from dehydration. Its high concentration of starches and hydrocolloid β-D-glucan form an occlusive water-binding barrier that holds moisture in the skin. It also acts as a buffer system, helping to restore the normal pH of the skin.

For best results, users are advised to take lukewarm baths or showers using derma365 Gentle Cleanser, followed by the application of derma365 Gentle Lotion to the still-damp skin to moisturise skin.
Michelle Yeap, Product Manager, Group Health & Private Label, Guardian Malaysia and Antoinette Lasjunies, Head of Personal Care, Own Brand, Health & Beauty, Dairy Farm Group with all the media repersentatives at the derma365 launch.

Media representatives comparing derma365  Gentle Cleanser's neutral 6.0 pH value with other local cleansers.

Mr. Alfonso Roderos, Own Brand Director, The Dairy Farm Company said: “With more people experiencing skin sensitivity, we wanted to create affordable products that can both soothe and protect the skin from harsh external environments. derma365 wants to empower people to enjoy healthier skin by offering differentiated and innovative products formulated by Baxter laboratories.”

Ms Antoinette Lasjunies, Head of Personal Care, Own Brand, Health & Beauty, Dairy Farm Group explained that the combination of nature and science in the derma365 line offers a gentler cleansing and moisturizing option compared to the harsh soap and water cleansing followed by heavy, potentially pore-clogging moisturisers. “All derma365
products are formulated to be gentle to the skin and the formulation are free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT, parabens, lanolin, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil, SLS and SLES.” 

 At the event, there's Lab Report paper that media and bloggers are able to try on spot of the pH paper test strips to see the results of it. Some of the activities are using the pH strips were each tested on the derma365 Gentle Cleanser, Bar Soap (unknown brand), Liquid Soap (unknown brand). I have tried the products of derma365 at home and I find them suitable for me as sometimes I am having dry and sensitive skin on face or body.

Product Information
derma365 Gentle Cleanser
This gentle, pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formula, clinically tested and dermatologically proven, is specially dedicated for everyday cleansing and moisturisation. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin, on both the face and body. It mildly cleanses and soothes dry skin and helps to promote the skin’s protection barrier from external environment. The formulation is free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT and parabens, also non-comedogenic that will not clog pores.

Priced at RM48.90 for 500ml the derma365 Gentle Cleanser is available exclusively at Guardian. 

derma365 Gentle Lotion
This pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formula, clinically tested and dermatologically proven, is specially dedicated for everyday moisturisation. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin, on both the face and body. It moisturises the skin and helps prevent dehydration for a soft and smooth skin. It soothes dry skin and helps to promote the skin’s protection barrier from external environment. The lotion is easy to spread, absorbed quickly and has a non-greasy feel. The formulation is free from soap, colourant, fragrance, MIT and parabens, also non-comedogenic that will not clog pores. 

Priced at RM34.90 for 200ml the derma365 Gentle Lotion is available exclusively at Guardian.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Being mom of two boys, I am active in and out with parenting life. I didn't stop take care of myself as I know we need to love ourselves before loving others. Sharing is caring, this is the Althea's Bare Essentials - your skin's simply savior. Althea strips down to the bare essentials with this new skincare line. Riding on today's current minimalist, Althea Bare Essentials focuses on skincare fundamentals and drops all the non- essentials. These thoughtfully crafted products give the benefits of the infamous 10 -step Korean skincare routine, rolled into 3 quick and easy steps. 
The Bare Essentials range consists of three hypoallergenic products suitable for any skin types.

 Look what's in the Althea box. The Althea's Bare Essentials products.
The products are shipped from Korea. The pink Althea's Box inside contains of the the Bare Essentials products, they are the following:
The Contour Cleanser (150g) RM23
The Primer Water (200ml) RM43
The Fixer Cream (50g) RM50
with all 3 products available for RM116 yeah all 3 products, made with only the best ingredients. Althea giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror. You also see some samples size sachets in above picture which are good for travel use.

The Contour Cleanser (150g) RM23.00
Love the smell of this cleanser, it is packed with soothing Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtyle extracts, this cleanser is densely filled with micro capsules that burst upon contact with water to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and detoxify skin. The Contour Cleansers help to promote blood circulation, and reduces bloating and swelling for a defined, enviably skin face shape.

The Primer Water (200ml) RM43.00
I like this Primer Water because it has the cover after opening the cap. I like to close it back after using it. Both a hydrating toner and a primer in one, the Primer Water contains patented dewdrop technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion technology) that gently fills the gap between pores and allows hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. Simple and easy to just pour on palm and massage thoroughly to skin. Made with Snow Lotus extracts, this skincare heavy hitter has an incredibly smooth and silky texture that enhances the skin's natural glow, leaving you with perfact canvas.

The Fixer Cream (50g) RM50.00
 This is one of my favorite cream because it is non oily, quick absorbing formula harness the power of Trehalose, an ingredient found in the cactus plan that prevent its moisture loss, to provide the skin with 24 hour hydration. This ultra nourishing wonder cream is rich in antioxidants derived from Camelia Sinensis (green tea) seed oil, and helps to promote collagen regeneration using Baobab Tree extracts. My skin is looking great and feeling bouncy to the touch after the application.

my skin looking great and feeling bouncy after using the Althea's Bare Essentials
Say no more if you are looking for gift for yourself or loved ones. You can check out this Althea's Bare Essentials. With all 3 products are available for purchase at RM116, and made with only the best ingredients, its no surprise that the Bare Essentials line caused quite the craze in the beauty world. Listen up as Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now, please visit www.althea.kr if you have interest to shop. 

#AltheaKorea #AltheaBE #AltheaBareEssentials #BareEssentials
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Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

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Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
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