Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Lotus’s Roars into the New Year with Super Brand Day on Shopee


Lotus’s Malaysia is bringing mouth-watering deals this Chinese New Year (CNY) through its Super Brand Day (SBD) on e-commerce platform Shopee. On 13 and 14 January 2022, expect irresistible offers on a wide variety of products from groceries to home and living items, on top of exclusive giveaways.

“We’d like to add to the cheer of this festive season by offering affordable CNY needs for everyone. More than just providing great value, we are always looking to enhance our customer experience. With this in mind, we believe the convenience provided through our collaboration with Shopee allows users to purchase what they need with greater ease,” said Non-Food and Multichannel Director, Janice Chan.

Janice added, “We’re excited for Malaysians to take advantage of these special promotions as they spend Lunar New Year with their loved ones. Hopefully our deals would be able to assist families in enjoying a meaningful celebration.”

With over 8,000 products available, the Lotus’s official store on Shopee is home to everything Malaysian families would need to have a prosperous start to the new year. 2022 CNY hampers suitable for varying budgets, popular canned and carton drinks, diapers, Lotus’s Own Brand, Cute&Care baby milk powder are just a few of the selected products that can be found in the store. Electronics and home appliances, among others, are also available to light up the home.

During the SBD, shoppers who spend a minimum of RM88 in a single checkout stand a chance to win exciting prizes through Spin & Sure Win. Prizes include a TV, a cordless vacuum, a microwave, a deep fry pan and even a comfort chef knife, perfect for those who like to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen at home. 


A host of available vouchers add to the excitement of the SBD, with Malaysians set to enjoy the following:

● RM6 off shipping fee vouchers with a minimum spend of RM160

● Limited time RM18 off vouchers with a minimum spend of RM160

● All day RM28 off vouchers with a minimum spend of RM250

Moreover, Malaysians can look forward to a Shopee Live session on 13 January 2022 at 5pm to check out more CNY products and discover the best prices on offer. Viewers will also be introduced to an exciting lineup of Lotus’s brand items.

The Lotus’s SBD takes place during the Shopee CNY Sale happening now till 2 February 2022, where shoppers will be treated to Free Shipping with a minimum spend of RM8, 88% Off Bonus Daily and RM8,888 Ang Pow Daily to be won.

To shop for exclusive deals by Lotus's, visit For smoother checkouts throughout the SBD, top up and pay with ShopeePay.

Terms and conditions apply.

About Lotus’s Malaysia

Lotuss Stores Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Lotus’s Malaysia), formerly known as Tesco Malaysia, is a member of the Charoen Pokphand Group Co Ltd (C.P. Group) since December 2020. The C.P. Group is a multinational conglomerate, operating across various industries ranging from agricultural, industrial to service sectors. C.P. Group currently has investments in 21 countries and economies.

Having acquired Tesco Malaysia’s business in December 2020, Lotus’s Malaysia has now assumed the operations of all existing Tesco stores, employing 9,000 employees across one head office, two distribution centres and 64 stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia. It also has Malaysia’s most extensive online grocery home shopping network with over 100 delivery trucks and operations in Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Ipoh. Lotus’s Malaysia expects to complete its rebranding exercise by March 2022.

In November 2021, Lotus’s was awarded the Best Foreign Retailer and Fair Price Shop Award 2020 by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

New Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste


White teeth and a shiny, sparkling smile have been the biggest oral care trend over the last decade, stimulated by the visual-driven social media environment. During virtual meetings do you find yourself paying more attention and drawn to the person with the shiny smile? Is your own smile ready for a Zoom close-up when you are on Teams? 


Try this: smile widely, take a selfie, then zoom in for a closer look at your teeth. If you notice stains or discolorations, the new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste can help you achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile at home in just 14 days, and further helps to prevent stain build-up.

Fresh & White is from LION Japan, the No.1 oral care company in Japan, that is backed by 130 years of experience in oral care development & innovation. The smiling polar bear icon of Fresh & White is a mainstay of many Malaysian bathrooms, loved for its refreshing minty taste, and long-lasting breath-freshening power.

The new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste was developed with our digital lifestyles in mind that have made us hyper-aware of our appearance and our smile. 

I have joined the 14 days challenge, read on to find out #FreshNWhite2WeeksChallenge.


Do you know that our daily food and drinks are one of the cuplrits of stained teeth? More importantly as a nation of foodies would you want to give these foods and drinks up?

The coffee, teh tarik, boba tea, fruit juices and carbonated drinks that fuel our lives and socialisation are among the main sources of stains on teeth. Other pigmented, highly-flavoured food such as curries, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, vinegar, lemon, beetroot, and colourful candies contribute to stains on teeth. You can try to cut them out of your diet, or simply switch to Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth whiter with confidence smile shiny and sparkling.

The revolutionary Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste is formulated with Japanese volcanic mineral and advanced whitening agent to effectively whiten teeth while being gentle to teeth enamel that helps you present a shiny, sparkling smile at all times. 

here is my result of before and after 14 days of using the product.

Simple to use, cost effective and without harmful side effects, make the Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste part of your daily personal self-care routine. Take on the #FreshNWhite2WeeksChallenge. Brush for two minutes, twice a day with Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste as part of a good oral care routine for best results. You will see a brighter, more confident smile in just two weeks. 

Figure 1: Comparison of Stain Removal Rate between Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste vs Leading Brand of Ordinary Toothpaste

The efficacy of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste is proven with a stain removal rate more than double of ordinary toothpaste through lab-testing in Japan. 

Figure 2: Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste is proven to remove stains better than ordinary toothpaste, results on artificial tooth enamel

Lab-testing involved twice daily brushing of two minutes per session on artificial tooth enamel1 discs made of material that is similar to human teeth using Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening on one set, and ordinary toothpaste on the other set. The results prove that Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste is effective in removing stubborn stain build-up on artificial tooth enamel.

Besides, the benefits of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening go beyond stain removal as its Anti-Sugar Shield technology is fortified with double fluoride to help prevent cavities by making tooth enamel more resistant to the action of sugar acids produced by bacteria and increasing remineralisation to strengthen enamel. With Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste, your shiny, sparkling smile is backed by stronger cavity-free teeth!

Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste completes your shiny, sparkling smile with a burst of freshness with fresh mint taste. This sweet, well-rounded minty freshness leaves the mouth and breath feeling fresh and clean, giving you confidence in every breath, even with your mask on!

Enjoy this affordable at-home teeth whitening solution for the entire family that whitens teeth, helps prevents further stain build-up, while strengthening teeth and helping to prevent cavities as well as freshening breath for shiny, sparkling smiles.

Mandy Tan, Marketing Manager for Oral Care Department at Southern Lion Sdn Bhd says, “Bright smiles are the best asset for any social media feed but keeping our teeth free of stains is challenging especially when so many of us love coffee, tea and the variety of delicious Malaysian food. Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening is the perfect addition to you and your family’s oral care routine. It whitens, brightens, strengthens, protects your teeth, and freshens your breath, effectively and affordably. Try it for 14 days and you will see the difference. Be the confident star of your next virtual meeting for all the right, bright reasons with a shiny, sparkling smile with Fresh & White.”

Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening is produced under the highest safety and quality standards. All Fresh & White products are Halal certified, safe for use by Muslims. The 140g tube retails for RM6.10 while the twin pack (2 X 140g) is available at RM10.50. 

To find out more visit .

Product Disclaimer

Actual results may vary, depending on changes in the operating environment. Some stains may be removed but regular visits to the dentist are still essential.

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS RM1, RM3, RM5 & RM8 CRAZY FIRE SALE! ~Tropicana Gardens Convention Centre from 9 th to 19th December 2021~

~Tropicana Gardens Convention Centre from 9th to 19th December 2021~

Wait!!! Good news the sales has been extended to 26 December 2021, there is still time to shop before Christmas. 


As you may have already heard, the World’s Biggest Book Sale will be bringing a range of hidden gems to Tropicana Gardens Mall in conjunction with Big Bad Wolf Books' CRAZIEST warehouse clearance Book Sale. Starting today, the 9th, up until the 19th of December, 2021, get set to fill up your trolley with unbelievable and insanely priced books for the whole family ranging from RM1 to RM8!

Up for grabs at the CRAZY FIRE SALE books ranging from RM1 to RM8

Get set to splurge and be spoilt for choices when shopping for books at Big Bad Wolf Books’ CRAZY FIRE SALE because there is bound to be some lucky finds across the various genres on offer. The perfect shopping haul for those looking for gift-giving ideas, be it a book on cooking or gardening for your loved ones; perhaps some sticker or colouring books for the kids; or even some motivational or business books to get ready for the new year!

Watched the video above as I have bought them last month, it's convenient for me to shop online.

Up for grabs at the CRAZY FIRE SALE books ranging from RM1 to RM8

Mark your calendars now and visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Mall, Level 3A
Convention Centre, Kota Damansara, anytime from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

But if you can’t visit the Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Mall or prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, you may join in the Book Sale by shopping online at our Shopee store.

For our customers and staff safety and hygiene, preventive safety SOPs measures and precautions
enforced by the Government of Malaysia will be adhered to at all times. Customers’ entering the Book
Sale will be constantly monitored to ensure that they wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from
one another while shopping.

But if you can’t visit the Book Sale at Tropicana Gardens Mall or prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, you may join in the Book Sale by shopping online at our Shopee store for other amazing deals. Click on the link to shop.

Shopee Store:
Hashtag: #BigBadWolfBooks #BBWShopee


The BIG BAD WOLF Books was launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009, as the brainchild of
BookXcess' founders, Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng. In the words of the Founders, the primary
mission is to cultivate reading habits, increase English literacy worldwide, and build a new
generation of readers by making books more affordable and accessible to EVERYONE.

Known as the World's Biggest Book Sale, the Sale is a global reading advocacy initiative that aims to
encourage people of all ages to discover the joys of reading and inspire them to pursue their
dreams and, importantly, empower them with the knowledge to realize them. We believe that the
more knowledge that one gains, the better-equipped a person is to meet the exacting demands of
today's competitive world.

Since its inception, the BIG BAD WOLF Book Sale has evolved tremendously, going global and
touring 34 cities in 13 countries, such as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan,
Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, including

Edited 16 Dec 2021.

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Friday, November 12, 2021


New OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel is Gentle on the Skin Yet Effective in

Combatting Blackheads

Blackheads and oily skin are amongst the top skin concerns faced by teenagers. When teens hit puberty, their oil glands become overactive thereby resulting in the production of excessive sebum. The excess sebum and built-up of dead skin cells in the hair follicles then forms blackheads.

The need to use a facemask during this time of the pandemic can worsen one’s skin condition as it traps dirt and bacteria underneath it. Without proper care and treatment, blackheads will potentially lead to enlarged pores.

OXY the skincare brand for teens has introduced the new Anti-Blackhead Gel that is specially formulated to treat blackheads. It is gentle on the skin yet effective in diminishing blackheads which is usually found on the nose. 


Effective ingredients found in its formulation include:

i. Glycolic Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA)

Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid are both active ingredients that targets different layers of the skin. While Glycolic Acid exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, Salicylic Acid is able to penetrate deep into the skin and clear out impurities such as dirt and sebum from the pores to ensure skin around the nose area is clear and smooth.

Salicylic Acid used in the new OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel is derived from Wintergreen Leaf Extract, which is 100% natural Salicylic Acid that comes with skincare benefits such as purifying the skin, removing excess sebum and ultimately helping to get rid of blackheads.

ii. Witch Hazel Leaf Extract

With the possibility of inflammation caused by exfoliation, the new OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel is packed with Witch Hazel Leaf Extract to soothe the skin and bring down

inflammation. Other than its soothing properties, the Witch Hazel Leaf Extract also helps to tighten the pores to reduce the appearance of pores on the problemed area.

iii. High Purify Centella Asiatica Extract

Centella Asiatica Extract promotes collagen reproduction in the skin, which is important, as collagen helps the skin cells to renew and repair themselves. This ingredient has also been found to calm inflammation, soothe redness, and repair damaged skin to achieve an overall even complexion.

The OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel is to be applied after cleansing the skin. Pat dry, squeeze out an appropriate amount of the gel on the fingertip and apply a thin layer on the nose. Leave it to dry for about 3-5 minutes. Then, gently massage to exfoliate and remove blackheads. Lastly, wash thoroughly with water.

This product is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week. Traditional blackheads removal methods such as using tools or our fingers to squeeze them out may risk permanent scarring on the skin and cause damage to the epidermis layers of the skin; therefore, gentle chemical exfoliation is the way to go. 


The new OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel retails at RM14.90 (18g) and is available at leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide. For more information about the new OXY Anti-Blackhead Gel, kindly log on to

About The Mentholatum Company

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. Headquarters are in Orchard Park, New York, U.S.A with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, P.R China, India and Japan.

Manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing / distribution in over 150 countries. The company, privately held for 99 years, was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka, Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the eye care, topical and stomach relief categories.

Since 1889, The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. In the United States, and in many countries around the world, the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for quality and value. Every Mentholatum brand is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Brands under Mentholatum: Hada Labo, Sunplay, Rohto Eye, Mentholatum Lipcare, OXY, Selsun Blue, Deep Heat, 50 Megumi.

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Shopee now offers seamless hotel bookings in partnership with Agoda and

Users can enjoy added savings of up to 10% on hotel and flight bookings on Shopee this 11.11 Big Sale


As travel starts to rebound, Shopee is now offering hotel bookings in partnership with global digital travel platforms Agoda and Through this exclusive partnership, Shopee users will now be able to access one of the largest online inventories of hotels, resorts, homes and apartments supplied by Agoda and

This new service offering is timely in meeting the needs of consumers, as domestic travel re-opens in Malaysia, and more people are planning holidays amid the year-end seasons. Agoda’s search data1 in September revealed that searches for domestic stays have risen by over 57% compared to May this year. There has also been an increase of 37% more users in Southeast Asia searching for international destinations. Users can enjoy greater savings and exclusive travel deals by booking directly on Shopee. This partnership will also help to increase the reach and visibility of hotel partners to boost domestic and international tourism.

Apart from Malaysia, the partnership spans across other markets: Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Users across the region can seamlessly search, book and get instant confirmation for more than one million properties worldwide, all through the Shopee app.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee, said, “We are pleased to partner with leading travel platforms, Agoda and to launch this new hotel booking service, which aims to provide our users with easy access to a wider variety of travel products and experiences. We also look forward to supporting the recovery of local travel and related tourism industries by promoting fun staycation ideas together with hotel partners. We invite everyone to travel safely and earn greater savings by booking their next holiday through Shopee.”

As users browse for accommodations, they will also be able to discover top landmarks near their chosen hotels, which can help them to plan travel itineraries that explore local enclaves, neighborhoods and attractions.

Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer, at Agoda, said, “Travelers know and trust Agoda and to help make travel easier, because we are passionate about using our technology to connect people with the widest choice and greatest value deals, whether they are in Asia or across the world. This partnership with Shopee, the first with a regional e-commerce partner, will conveniently bring these great deals to Shopee customers, on a platform they are familiar with. At the same time, we can better support our hotel partners and tourism operators by connecting them to the biggest online community of shoppers in Southeast Asia. Such partnerships will help accelerate the recovery of the domestic and global travel and tourism industry in the long term.” 

In conjunction with the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, the e-commerce platform brings the biggest savings in town via the 11-day long Book Hotels & Flights on Shopee campaign in partnership with Agoda, and Airpaz. Happening from 11 to 21 November, Shopee users will be treated to exclusive deals and 10% discount vouchers (capped at RM20) for hotel and flight bookings on the e-commerce platform.

On top of that, users who have made a purchase during the campaign period are automatically entered into a daily lucky draw to win 11 prizes which include five Grand Prizes and six Secondary Prizes. The Grand Prize consist of a 3 Days 2 Nights stay for two adults at either one of these hotels - Sabah Oriental Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Hotel Grandis in Kota Kinabalu, Sunway Hotel Georgetown in Penang, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya in Penang and Hallmark Crown Hotel in Melaka together with a RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee. Another six lucky winners will score themselves Secondary prizes - RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee.

Meanwhile, users can get even more amazing discounts and deals on current activities and attractions across Malaysia, with tickets on offer under Shopee’s “Event Tickets” feature. This includes attractions such as the Awana Skyway in Genting Highlands, the Bayou Lagoon Water Park in Melaka, and Legoland Malaysia in Johor.

Payments for hotel and flight bookings can be made using ShopeePay, credit and debit cards, online banking and payments at 7-Eleven and KK Super Mart branches. Book your next stay at

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Friday, November 5, 2021

Ayam Brand™ Community Care Campaign 2021 Supports Lives, Promotes Health and Sparks Livelihoods of 5 NGOs in Klang Valley


Ayam Brand is contributing two months supply of its products including tuna, saba and baked beans for all residents of the three NGOs.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a trying time for all us with charity organisations particularly hard hit as contributions from corporate donors and the public have reduced.

Ayam Brand™, famed for its quality, no preservatives and no added MSG, healthy and convenient canned food, is here for Malaysians with the return of the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign 2021. Themed #AyamBersamaMu, it promotes healthier lifestyle choices through the 3S concept of the Malaysian Healthy Plate, nurtures livelihoods through the #AyamFutureCreator program while contributing two months’ supply of Ayam Brand products to participating homes. 

Pn Rushda Adiba Ismail, a dietitian from KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital educating kids and adults on healthy eating habits based on the Malaysian Healthy Plate #SukuSukuSeparuh

This year’s campaign is fully virtual and SOP-compliant for the health and safety of all participants, allowing experts dietitians from KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital and 18 year old entrepreneur and well-known content creator Arianna Natasha of Arianna Kitchen to interact with children in all states.

It will aid and educate 1,500 children from 32 charity homes nationwide while providing them with more than 230,000 healthy Ayam Brand meals. This includes 172 children from Pusat Jagaan Hajjah Fatimah Abdullah, , Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Bimbingan At Taqwa, Persatuan Rumah Sayangan, Persatuan Rumah Kanak - Kanak Di Sayangi, and Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Assoc.

According to Ayam Brand™ General Manager Ms Chin Lee Foon, the CSR campaign which is now in its fourteenth year has contributed more than 2 million healthy meals to more than 25,000 people from 539 charity homes and NGOs. 

Ms Chin Lee Foon, Ayam Brand General Manager

“More Malaysians are now focused on healthier lifestyles with many of us enjoy making our own meals. The Ayam Brand team considered this in creating the #AyamBersamaMu campaign so that it is timely, relevant and useful to all participants giving them expert advice on better diets and inspiring them to be future content creators, while providing tangible support of two months’ supply of our products for each participating home. In addition, #AyamFutureCreator participants stand to win a total of RM6,000 in Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) SSPN saving plans,” Ms Chin explains. 

Each participating home has received an #AyamBersamaMu starter kit of kitchen utensils, lighting, and filming accessories as well as Ayam Brand products for their journey towards becoming future creators. The two months’ supply of products include kids’ favourites that are high in protein and rich in Omega-3 namely Ayam Brand Tuna Mild and Spicy, Ayam Brand Saba Deli Natural and Ayam Brand Baked Bean Cheese.

Ayam Brand emphasizes the contribution of its canned fish products as many charity homes lack regular access to fish such as tuna and saba that are a good source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce. Omega-3 may help to prevent coronary heart disease, promote healthy nerve activity, improve vitamin absorption, maintain a healthy immune system and promote cell development. Omega 3 is also important in the development of vision and brain among children.

The KPJ Damansara’s Dietetic Services team are providing a virtual workshop on the Malaysian Healthy Plate popularly known as #SukuSukuSeparuh that recommends each daily meal to consist of a quarter protein, a quarter complex carbohydrates and half of fruits and vegetables, in portions based on the individual’s palm, fist and cupped palm size. This easy to visualize guide can be a guide for lifelong healthy eating.

“Prevention is better than cure, we are committed to reaching out to the community and sharing vital health knowledge. Teaching the young about living a healthy life helps to create a healthier nation for the future especially during the pandemic. #SukuSukuSeparuh is easy for children and adults to grasp to follow for a healthier lifestyle,” says Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail, Dietitian at KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital.

The Ayam Brand Show Us Your Healthy Plate competition saw teams from each home, assembling healthy meals based on #SukuSukuSeparuh guides. The top three teams for each state will receive trophies, certificates of participation and customised lunchboxes. 

e an #AyamFutreCreator with Arianna Natasha, the 18 year old social media entrepreneur as she mentors kids on how to be a content creator as a career

Arianna Natasha, the 18-year-old founder of Arianna Kitchen and self-taught content creator has almost 400,000 Instagram followers proved an excellent mentor for the children through the easily relatable #AyamFutureCreator workshop session.

“I wish there had been a program like this when I started as a content creator. Content creation is hard work that requires skill, patience, and creativity. It can be a good career and the start of an online business for these kids, providing them with livelihood through the #AyamFutureCreator program,” Arianna shares, adding that Ayam Brand sandwiches were among the earliest snacks she learned how to prepare for herself as a child. “It is amazing that I’m working with one of my favourite food brands and get to mentor others.” 

Dishes from Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Assoc (Group B) which won first place in the #SukuSukuSeparuh competition


The #AyamFutureCreator competition requires teams of children to create a 1 to 3 minute cooking video using Ayam Brand products, using #SukuSukuSeparuh Malaysian Healthy Plate principles, based on the tutorial by Arianna. The kids will need to film, edit, tag, hashtag and promote the video on social media to hone their skills as content creators. Arianna, the Ayam Brand team and the KPJ Damansara Dietetic team will decide on the winners, who stand to win a total of RM6,000 in PTPTN SSPN saving plans.

“We have not had events since the pandemic began as we follow SOPs closely. The kids have been so excited by the #AyamBersamaMu virtual event. They enjoyed the #SukuSukuSeparuh workshop, even the adults found it very useful for our own meal planning. They loved the #AyamFutureCreator workshop because all of them would like to be famous content creators. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for supporting NGOs for many years. We are glad to be selected because the two months’ supply of

products will see us through times like these when donations are scarce. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for always being with us and caring for the community,” explains Mrs Norhayati of Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Bimbingan At Taqwa.

“I need to eat more vegetables, fruits, protein and Omega-3 to be healthy and grow tall and strong. I think I can win the #AyamFutureCreator competition, and start my own business like Kak Ary. Thank you Ayam Brand for helping me become a future creator!” says one of the participants.

To find out more about the #AyamBersamaMu CSR campaign and #AyamFutureCreator program visit or join

About Ayam Brand

Ayam Brand, a household name in Malaysia and Asia for 129 years, is famed for its wide range of quality and healthy canned food that are preservative free and contain no added MSG. Ayam Brand products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest international standards with worldwide-recognized certifications (HACCP, ISO 9001) and are certified ‘Halal’. For the past four consecutive years from 2013 to 2016, Ayam Brand has been ranked in the Top 10 as Malaysia’s most chosen FMCG brands, according to Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Study.

For more information on Ayam Brand, please visit or join

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

ShopeePay brings users an exciting line-up of rewards and deals at Shopee’s biggest festival of the year, 11.11 Big Sale


According to an online survey conducted by Shopee and Kantar, it is found that consumers across the region use e-wallets about 2 to 6 times a week. In Malaysia, over 75% of users use e-wallets for all their online shopping needs1.

As consumers and businesses continue to become more digital-first and are embracing digital payments for greater convenience, security and value, ShopeePay strives to support this move through various efforts. This includes offering big savings and upsized rewards during Shopee’s largest shopping festival, the 11.11 Big Sale.

This 11.11 Big Sale, users can look forward to a rewarding and integrated payment experience through unbeatable deals, and exclusive promotions both online and offline when using ShopeePay. This includes a chance to receive up to 11,111 Shopee Coins daily when users top up their mobile wallets with a minimum of RM30.

1. Shop more, save more with ShopeePay

o Exclusive vouchers from popular merchants: Crowd-favourites Petron and BHPetrol are launching exclusive vouchers offering up to RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 for shoppers during this Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, as Malaysians begin to travel interstate once again. Meanwhile, popular brand Emart24 also joins Shopee for the first time, giving shoppers up to RM4 off their purchases.

o Travel with ShopeePay: The Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia! Experience Malaysia Like Never Before in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia is offering holidaygoers discount vouchers of RM100 off with a minimum spend of RM150 on exciting travel packages on Shopee. This is on top of the RM100 rebate vouchers for 4- and 5-star hotels, and RM50 rebate vouchers for 3-star and below hotels.

o Free RM100 for first time users with eDuit: First time Shopee users will receive RM100 when they activate their ShopeePay, and will be entitled to RM25 ShopeePay credit if they successfully activate their mobile wallet premium account. They will also receive RM60 worth of ShopeePay Vouchers, and a RM15 Welcome Voucher applicable for their first purchase on Shopee.

2. Convenience wherever shoppers go with ‘Deals Near Me’

Deals Near Me is a location-based online-to-offline feature that allows shoppers to discover mouth-watering ShopeePay Voucher deals offered by merchants in their area.

o In conjunction with the Deepavali celebration, the Deals Near Me in-app portal will be featuring ShopeePay Vouchers from brands like Secret Recipe, BananaBro, Zus Coffee, Boost Juice, Mydin, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haagen Dazs and myNEWS, offering cashback of up to RM10 and special prices from now till 5 November.

Don’t forget to also check out Shopee’s video here as we celebrate the Festival of Light with our friends:

3. Serving more payment needs with ShopeePay

As digital payments become more integrated into the daily lives of consumers, ShopeePay serves as a multi-functional tool for all their payment needs including PTPTN loan repayments and water bills, all while enjoying rewards and seamlessness.

o Water bills: Users can now pay their household utility bills with ShopeePay from now till 10 November and enjoy 20 percent off, capped at RM3. Pay your water bill on 11 November and get as much as RM6 off.

o PTPTN loan repayment: From 11 November till 31 December, service your PTPTN loans and get Coin Cashbacks up to 300 Shopee Coins.

Meanwhile, receive a discount of 30% (capped at RM3) for all top ups, bills, entertainment and travel purchases through the Tickets, Top Ups & Bills function on the Shopee app throughout the month of November.

The 11.11 Big Sale is happening till 11 November, offering Shopee users even bigger and exciting deals, promotions and vouchers from hundreds of thousands of brands and sellers. This includes discounts up to 95%, free shipping with no minimum spend as well as RM1 deals.

The shopping festival is also giving away a condominium unit worth over RM500,000 at the multi award-winning SkyMeridien Residences @ Sentul East, in collaboration with property developer SkyWorld Development Group. Shoppers just need to play Tap & Win A Condo and collect golden tickets on Shopee to stand a chance of winning.

For more information about Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, visit

Terms and conditions apply.

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Miacare brings CONFiDENCE™ to contact lens wearers



Taiwan-based silicone hydrogel colour contact lens brand offers great promotional deals, on new release.

Miacare, a leading optical material manufacturer in Taiwan, has launched its all-new CONFiDENCE™ Flash and Shimmer colour contact lenses, online.

Miacare is renowned for producing the World's First silicone hydrogel colour contact lens. Silicone hydrogel lenses are superior to conventional hydrogel lenses as the former allow up to six times more oxygen to reach eyes for greater comfort and better eye health.

In conjunction with the launch of its new products, Miacare is offering Malaysians Special Deals for its new CONFiDENCE™ range.

The new range comprises the CONFiDENCE™ Shimmer Daily, a daily replacement contact lens, and CONFiDENCE™ Flash Monthly, which is a monthly replacement contact lens.

Save More with This New Flash Monthly Offer!

The Taiwan-based firm has collaborated with Focus Point, Malaysia's largest optical retail chain, to promote its new products. Consumers in Malaysia can get four boxes of CONFiDENCE™ Flash Monthly at only RM99 (RRP: RM35 per box). The offer is for a limited time only, while stocks last. This offer is only available, exclusively, at the official Focus Point website/online store ( 

Unveil Beautiful Eyes with the New Flash Monthly

The new CONFiDENCE™ Flash Monthly is available in three stunning colours Flash Pink, Flash Blue and Flash Gray. Consumers will be assured of exceptional comfort and safety as the Flash Monthly's oxygen permeability measures at Dk/t 193. This is much higher than the widely recommended Dk/t 125.

The colour design of Flash Monthly is based on a Tri-Layer Dots format. The pattern on the lens mimics water ripples, giving the eyes of the wearer, a three-dimensional gentle and soulful look.

Eyes Sparkle with Loveliness, With the New Shimmer Daily

Miacare’s new Shimmer Daily range comes in three beautiful shades- Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Hazel and Shimmer Gray. It has an oxygen permeability measurement of Dk/t 151. The measurement, which is also higher than the recommended Dk/t 125, ensures long-term eye comfort.

Besides making its wearers’ eyes look brighter, the CONFiDENCE™ Shimmer Daily lenses boast a low modulus of 0.45 MPa for a softer wear. The Shimmer Daily contact lenses also include UVA and UVB protection to block off harmful UV rays and protect eyes from retinal damage.

Grab This Exciting Shimmer Daily Deal and Save More!

As part of Miacare’s special introductory launch offer, customers can purchase one box of CONFiDENCE™ Shimmer Daily at only RM79 at Focus Point channels. There are 10 lenses in a pack for the Shimmer Daily range.

Miacare chose to team up with Focus Point because Focus Point has almost 180 outlets nationwide, ready to serve customers. By offering the new CONFiDENCE™ range at a hard-to-beat price, more consumers will be able to experience and enjoy the extraordinary quality of Miacare’s new products featuring superior silicone hydrogel material.

Superb Contact Lens Technologies for Added Comfort and Eye Health

Miacare lenses are made from materials sourced from their parent company, BenQ Materials – one of Taiwan's top brands for optical materials manufacturing. Miacare believes in investing in the health of its consumers’ eyes and hence channeled its resources generously into R&D (Research and Development) to produce the exceptional CONFiDENCE™ range.

Miacare also incorporated its revolutionary EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology when developing its silicone hydrogel lenses, for added lens safety. This resulted in the World’s First solvent-free formula for silicone hydrogel lenses, to ensure no irritation to the wearer, no allergic reactions, and with six times more oxygen for maximized breathability and comfort for the eye.

The new CONFiDENCE™ range features Double Moisturising Agents that provide optimum hydration. Its unique Hydrophilic Acid and Sodium Alginate ingredients ensure that consumers enjoy a comfortable wearing experience, all day long. These excellent features help prevent red eyes, and reduce the development and progression of myopia.

The new CONFiDENCE™ range also has a low dehydration factor, which makes wearing the contact lenses ultra-comfortable and prevents the lenses from falling out.

About Miacare

Miacare first introduced its silicone hydrogel contact lenses in June 2013 globally. The brand was already established in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan before making waves in Hong Kong. It is fully supported by the resources and know-how of BenQ Materials – a leading optical material manufacturer in Taiwan. Miacare's contact lenses are manufactured using the revolutionary technology called EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology. This ushered in the start of a new era of comfortable and healthy contact lens wear for eyes.

BenQ Materials was established in 1998. It was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2010 and the firm is known as the world's number 4 polarizer manufacturer. Its products encompass optical film, porous membranes and healthcare products, amongst others. BenQ Materials is part of the BenQ brand of companies which hires more than 100,000 employees over more than 100 countries and has a revenue of more than USD20 billion.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice

Thinking of self care and pamper yourself? Being a woman it's important to self care and you know I am also a mom of two children. Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice is good for health and it's in a sachet easy to carry around. Everyone has got their busy lifestyle and it's important to care for self, this is suitable for people with insomnia and sleeping disorder which helps regulating autonomic nervous system disorder. It's also gives soothing and calming effect. 


Sharing with you this tasty organic fresh goji puree juice it has no water, sugar or artificial preservatives added. I like it as it taste good, good for body absorption and has high nutritional value. 100% organic goji. 

Organic Goji Puree that is freshly squeeze goji berries, completely retain the nutritional value of goji.

It has high nutritional value in each sachet, 1 sachet equal to 550 dried goji berries'nutrients. If you are taking one to two weeks you can see the obvious effect.

It has body absorption rate is higher than 90%. It's freshly made, do not involve high-temperature processing, as such as not easily get heatiness. 

Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice is made of ZaoKang Goji Puree, the plantation base in Ningxia, ZhongNing district. They selected the high-quality goji berries, 100% pure goji extraction. They ensure that from hand-picking berries in their own plantation base to factory processing to be completed within 6 hours. The whole puree production to be carried out in sterilized environment.  

The Organic Goji Berry Puree has international certifications, such as: SGS, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001, BRS, KOSHER.

After taking the Yi Xing Kang Goji Puree Juice I feel less tired and have better sleep.

If you are having sleep problems, just consume a sachet two hours before bed time.

It's good for woman, the benefits as following:

Strong antioxidant in fighting free radicals, delaying the effect of aging. 

Regulating woman's menstrual period. 

Supplementing "Qi" and Nourhsing "Yin" in the blood circulation.

Rejunevating skin and improving hair quality.

It's for man to consume too, it helps replenishing "Qi" in kidney. Improving testosterone level and energetic level, liver health, and aiding in body detoxification process. Also help nourishing, strengthening and growing hair.

It's also good for children who spend longer time attending online class, my son also drinks the Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice.

 It's also suitable for students and workers who are busy with their daily work and assignments. 

Good for relieving dry-eyes condition

Replenishing vital energy level 

Enhancing a focused mind

Suitable for elder people 

Regulating the three high that's high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood lipid

Nourishing "Qi" and improves blood circulation

Preventing cold-and-damp syndromes

Boosting body immune system


How to consume?

Just consume one sachet of Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice a day. 

Just tear and drink, best to put in fridge to chill before drink.  

Sharing is caring now you know where to shop for the Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice. to shop Organic Goji Berry Puree Juice at Shopee, you can also find on their website and Lazada too, for more infomation of the product can follow on: 






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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

#ShopeeSapotLokal: 10 homegrown brands to show your sapot lokal spirit this 10.10 Brands Festival


Shopee is celebrating its 10.10 Brands Festival, which culminates on 10 October, with a wide selection of brands and products on Shopee Mall for shoppers to shop and enjoy.

The shopping festival will also see established and creative local brands being part of this celebration, treating shoppers to big savings and rewards at their stores on Shopee. Here are ten local brands with irresistible deals that we can go and sapot as well:

Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster started in 1955 in old Melaka town in a little wooden shop. Today, it has carved a name for itself not only locally but on the international stage. Did you know that Aik Cheong has sold more than 27,000 units of Cafe Art Chocolate on Shopee since it opened its store 4 years ago? Get a good cuppa from Aik Cheong store and enjoy up to 40% off or vouchers of up to RM5 off with a minimum spend.

Amazin’ Graze started when co-founders Amy Zheng, Ching Yi Lee and Sabrina How left their corporate jobs to create healthier food alternatives (girl power!). Today, the colourful granola packages can be found in Singapore and Hong Kong. Check their store on Shopee to get 8% off (capped at RM6) with a minimum spend of RM55. If you’re spoilt for choice, we heard that the Hazelnut Blackforest Granola is one of their bestsellers.

APOM, which stands for A Piece of Malaysia, brings together a collection that showcases things and experiences of everyday Malaysian life. The brand recently collaborated with 14 talented local designers, each representing their home state, on a project called #empatbelas where merchandise were curated to celebrate the country’s 14 states. These merch - t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and phone casings can be found on APOM’s store. While you’re there, get 10% off vouchers (capped at RM5) with a minimum spend of RM50.

BOH Tea: Here’s a cup of hot, steaming good news! As part of the 10.10 Brands Festival, BOH on Shopee is treating tea lovers to discounts including a 10% off all green tea products; free shipping with minimum spend RM40 and free gift with minimum spend RM29.90. Terms and conditions apply, and while stocks last.

KHIND started off as a small electrical appliances repair shop in 1961; today, it is a multinational electrical and electronic appliances company with presence in more than 58 countries (power!). Don’t forget to check out the new arrival section on Khind’s Shopee store, or the brand new pink Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800 that is going for RM174.90 (RRP:RM349) on 10 October from 12AM-2AM.

Kluang Coffee: Did you know that Kluang Coffee’s logo uses a television set because it is synonymous with bringing people together as they watch news and entertainment on TV, and in this case, over their love for Kluang Coffee? Connect with friends or family by purchasing Kluang Coffee from Shopee and have it delivered to them. You can also enjoy in-store vouchers of up to RM5 off with minimum spend.

Loka Made features a series of merchandise: postcards, stickers, magnets, keychains and greeting cards that showcases Malaysia and its culture in a fun, creative way. Their best selling items include the Purrfect Stamp Block collection, Malaysia Shaped Postcard and many more that brings to all a sense of home and nostalgia! Check them out at the Loka Made store and enjoy vouchers of up to RM5 off with a minimum spend.

MYDIN, a household name since 1957, is treating Shopee users up to 60% off on various essentials and household supplies when they visit the store. There are also combo boxes packed with necessities such as Beg Ceria, Box Sihat, Box Selamat and Box Mama Basic that would make great gifts to friends and family afar. For those visiting the outlets, shoppers can also enjoy a RM5 off minimum spend RM50 ShopeePay Voucher when they pay with the mobile wallet. Terms and conditions apply.

Pestle & Mortar Clothing: Established in 2010, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) has become a common name in the fashion industry. Using apparel as a canvas for their stories, the PMC team aims to show the world what Southeast Asia is about through their designs and various collaborations with brands such as Petronas, KFC, Honda, and even Shopee! Don’t forget to claim and use the 95% off (capped at RM8) with a minimum spend of RM1 voucher valid till 10 October, when visiting the Pestle & Mortar Clothing store on Shopee.

Tanamera, established in 1995 by three siblings, is an award-winning brand in the wellness and spa industry that carries a range of products where materials are sourced from tropical rainforest. Treat and pamper yourself with the Tanamera’s Mini Weekend Wellness Kit, packed with spa goodies to create a home spa experience, or the Brown Formulation Body Soap, essential oil and more from Tanamera Official Store. This 10.10, get items up to 20% off whilst enjoying vouchers up to RM50 off with a minimum spend.

Let’s lend some sapot to these brands, and many other homegrown ones that are celebrating the 10.10 Brands Festival on Shopee. At the same time, shoppers can also enjoy Free Shipping Vouchers with a minimum spend of RM10 along with 50% off Big Brand Discounts. They will also stand a chance to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios.

The excitement doesn't end here! On 9 October at 9PM, shoppers can tune in to Shopee Live and TV3 to watch the Shopee TV Deals - 10.10 Brands Festival Show. Here, they will have 3 extra chances to Tap and Win a Toyota Vios as well as claim 10.10 Only Vouchers of up to 95% off from their favourite brands. Top that off with up to 10,101 Shopee Coins to be received when ShopeePay users reload their mobile wallets from now till 9 October.

To find out more about the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, visit

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Sunday, October 3, 2021


If you are headed to MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras for some shopping or catching up with friends, don’t forget to check the Shopee app for some attractive Deals Near Me from participating merchants of the mall. From food to entertainment, find an assortment of deals that you can use at MyTOWN and enjoy savings when paying with ShopeePay. 

Rejuvenate Yourself 

If you have been working for long hours and in need of a break, consider pampering yourself with a facial and body massage. Purchase Beauté Library’s facial and massage ShopeePay Vouchers for only RM1 to enjoy treatment packages at special prices when you pay with ShopeePay at the outlet. These vouchers will be valid until 31 December 2021 from the date of purchase so you have time to plan for some me-time and make an appointment.

Get a Fresh Look 

Not gotten that long-overdue haircut yet? Check out Jadioc Barbershop or Kwik & Ez to help tame the mane and enjoy a RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 when you pay with ShopeePay.


Bag a Bargain 

Already planning for a trip with friends or family the moment interstate travel is allowed? Travel for All offers suitcases, pouches, backpacks, laptop bags from various brands like ELLE, HUMMER, Pierre Cardin, and POLO CLUB that you can check out. If you are getting a bag, remember to purchase the ShopeePay Voucher for 1 sen beforehand. This voucher lets you bag home a RM4 cashback if you spend a minimum of RM10 and pay with ShopeePay at the outlet. The voucher is valid for 7 days from the date of purchase. 

Eat to Your Heart’s Content 

Who doesn’t love some grub after all the walking and shopping? If you are spoilt for choice from the many F&B outlets at the mall, then let Deals Near Me help you with that.  

Nando’s: Get a RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM5; and if you want something sweet to complete the meal, consider Nando’s Choc-A-Lot Muffin which is only RM1.90.  

Boat Noodle: Receive a RM10 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM25 or enjoy 60% off on its Makan Sorang Combo, Makan Together Combo or Makan Semeja Combo when you purchase the deals on Shopee. 

myBurgerLab: Treat yourself to some juicy burgers and a RM3 cashback when you spend RM15 and above, or a 40% cashback (capped at RM4) with no minimum spend. 


Street Churros: End a hearty meal with some good ‘ol churros and a yummy RM3 cashback, minimum spend RM15. Additionally, if you fancy its Filling Churros or Churros Fries, remember to get the 1 sen ShopeePay Voucher to enjoy it for RM1.90 instead of RM7.90. 

Black Whale: If you prefer something cold and refreshing, Black Whale is offering a RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 on its beverages. Slurp some discounts of up to 24% on selected drinks when you purchase the ShopeePay Vouchers. 

For more deals and savings, check the Deals Near Me in-app portal on Shopee and type ‘Mytown’ in the search bar. Remember to read the terms and conditions of the vouchers and stay safe! 





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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Review: Nakiz Lively Nose Green Tea

No more squeezing pimples to remove blackheads from nose, sharing with you this product I found and I like using it. I like this product as I feel it's like got the minty feeling. 


Nakiz Lively Nose Green Tea the product is suitable for every skin type and helps dig super deep to remove those dirty tiny blackheads & clogged pores.
Nakiz Lively Nose Green Tea
Gentle on skin and doesn't tug or tear at skin when removed
Easy to use and is effective at relieving blackheads, view my video to see.
Use natural ingredients which is 100 % safe for skin
Does not cause any skin irritation ( I prefer used it on my nose only) 
FDA approved
Easy to use the product, just follow the following steps
Apply the cream at the require area which I choose my nose since this is for nose product 
Just take a piece of pore strip and place it over the applied cream
Leave it on for 20 mins, then can slowly peel it off as it's already hardened.
. click on the link now to shop this at Shopee,
its also available at Lazada, and Carousell.

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Mercura Krabi Deevana

Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

tokidoki travel series

tokidoki travel series
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Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party
Laser Tag eCurve

Dove pampering moment

Dove pampering moment
click image

Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
Lai Mien Sifu and Me

MY Parenting Website


Champagne served

Champagne served
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