Monday, December 31, 2012

Need to spend money to use the contest I won?

I never forget that I have blog about the contest here which I took part. Even though the consolation prize worth RM500 looks attractive but there is terms and conditions of it.

I have blogged here which you can refer on it on what I have won. You just need to click on the link to read.

Now tell me after you read the post if the Prize worth to redeem or not?
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Freebie: Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

Hello ladies, I am sure you have a wonderful evening. Now is your chance to take part in Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. No kidding I have one more pass to giveaway, this pass give you two admission to watch the movie.

Now to take part this giveaway just click on the link here. I hope to send out the tickets by tomorrow so you can received them next week. :D

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show

I was invited to attend the Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show, before entered the G6 I took a picture outside with Audrey back drop. Entering the G6, a huge comfortable couch and candles with flower decorations stand. Yeah I am sure this is for the Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show.

I am sure you are happy to know whose the winners of Audrey Queen Of the Day, now how about Audrey Dark Romance? Audrey 2012/13 Runway Show is held in G6, The Gardens on 5 December 2012. Business partners, celebrities, medias and bloggers were invited to have a sneak peak of the line for the coming season. Audrey surprised the guest with a performance by Shila Amzah.

Do you like to know about AUDREY?

Audrey Tagline : Discover Audrey. You’ll Discover Yourself.
Audrey was incorporated in 1987 into the Malaysian market to fulfill the growing demands for ladies lingerie wear. It was a robust period where Audrey picked up momentum through innovative designs and outstanding sales, a brief 10 year’s into the business it was listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock exchange on July 1997. Since then, it has grown strength to strength into an internationally acclaimed and renowned brand spanning across continents.

Audrey empowers every wearer, and as the brand suggests:- Alluring, Understated, Determined, Reassured, Elegant , Youthful. With these founding values in mind, Audrey has over the years generated impeccable designs while staying true to age old techniques to constantly deliver quality products.

The theme of Audrey 2012/13 show is Dark Romance. It is a secret that you want to keep to yourself. Experience the romantic evening with a splatters of colours which can complete your wardrobe.

SUNSHINE HOLIDAY (Currently on shelf)

Fancy the sunshine? Yes they are currently on shelf! Enjoy them not only during summer but anytime during your holidays or every other day when you are in our Sunshine Holiday range. This range comes with sweet pink and baby blue exuding the candy and bubbly feeling. It also comes with a detachable piece that allows you to either wear it as a bra or as a cami-bra. The set comes with matching panty and nighties. A range not to be missed.

In between the runway show, there is a break for the models. We can to enjoy the performance of Sheila, love her songs. :D 

 NEON SUMMER (Not on Shelf yet)

Always trying to play safe when it comes to colours in the closet? Perhaps it is time to take a change and splash some neon into it. In fact, Neon is BACK, FUN and SPECTACULAR! This range is complete with pieces that you can also hit the gym with. It comes with fuschia, indigo, red and black with a smooth surface to combat those challenging fabric.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

This is a range that simple and yet expansive. There are times that we need lesser sophistication but more simplicity. A smooth surface piece which you can pair with any of your outfit. Expansive Simplicity comes in nude and dark colours. A must-have in the closet to match with any outfit, anytime.

SECRET GARDEN (New Arrival on shelf)

What will be in you Secret Garden? Audrey’s Secret Garden comes in deep purple and dark blue with rose embroidery enhancing your sensuality. Pair it with the matching panty to keep them all wondering what is going on.

You can find out more info or website on Audrey check out
Some pictures here on how I met Amber Chia and picture of Sheila singing. :D

Above a picture of all models, I know they are so pretty!

Now you can also visit another blogger she is Esther for beautiful pictures of Audrey 2012/2013. I miss out taking some pictures as I received few calls during the runway show.

Ho Ho Ho.. Christmas giveaway if you like to take part click on the link!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Audrey Queen of the Day!

I was invited to attend the Audrey Queen of the Day, I was one of the judge. I am happy to tell you that I saw many wonderful works of participants. It is very competitive and I can only choose one winner! Everyone is given a ball to vote for their favourite works of participants.

For your information Audrey is a famous brand of lingerie, on the day of Audrey Queen of the Day it is held at Audrey outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

 Above they are five chosen participants for the finals, yes you can see they are so creative thinking and lovely. Each of them is unique and participant on the day is given the chance to explain the work they created.
Below you can see the speaker with mic, she's introducing the give participants of the Audrey Queen of the Day contest. Five women in row waiting anxiously to give their creative work explanation.

 After the explaination of each participants, everyone given a ball to vote for their favourite. You can see so many of them aiming front to vote for their favourite. The winners will be based on most votes of course.

Now I know you are axious to know the winners!

Grand Prize Goh Lin Lin
2nd Prize Suraiya Binti Othman
3rd Prize: Wan Hairulshifah
4th Prize: Hor Li Lian
5th Prize: Lew Yee Nee
If you like to view more pictures of Queen of the Day, head to this blog as I have update the pictures there.

Thank you Audrey for inviting me to the Audrey Queen of the Day, I see many wonderful works of the participants and get to know other bloggers too.

You can find more detail of Audrey at Facebook:

Now don't forget to check out the Audrey 2012/2013 runway show, click on the link to read. :D

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweetheart:Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain

I love this Sweetheart it is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, I purchased from Watson. If you purchased from Watson you get additional 200 points! I love this very much and I wore it first time to Audrey at Sunway Pyramid a blogger kept telling me which brand and type of lip balm I am using. :D

It lasts pretty long hours for me if I am not taking any food in three to four hours. I applied many times to have the colours on my lips. I can say I have applied about five layers.

This product does not give moisture to my lips, so if I want it to be moisture I need to apply a lip balm after applying this Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

Tell me which colour have you purchased? I know in Malaysia only have eight colours! I am dying to grab another colour but it is sold out, boo.. hoo... I was told I need to wait this weekend for them to restock.

This product can be purchased at many leading pharmacy, selling at RM33 but I bought mine less than RM29.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aimer is a high-end lingerie brand

 It is time for Christmas and do you have anything in mind you want to shop? Girls I am sure you like to shop a piece or two lingeries' for yourself. It is always good to pamper yourself and nothing is wrong being looking good and confident on the inside and outside!

Aimer is a high-end lingerie brand from Beijing with the finest and most high quality technology being placed into. It is also a brand associated to Gong Li, as she is the ambassador. Take a look at their web if you need more information.

You don't want to miss out the Aimer Seasonal Sales, check out Sales Details as follow:

Parkson Sunway Pyramid , LG 1

Date: 29/11/2012 - 9 / 12 /2012

Parkson Gurney ,1st Floor

Date: 5 /12/ 2012 - 16/12/2012

Parkson 1 utama ,GF

Date: 17 /12 /2012 - 30/12/2012.

Massive discounts up to 50%

Special Price For Aimer Bra @ RM 100 on wards ( Normal selling price from RM 199.90 - RM 359.90 )

Special Price For Aimer Panty @ RM 40 on wards ( Nomral selling price from RM 69.90 - RM 129.90 )

Special Price For Aimer Nightwear @ RM 150 ( Normal selling price from RM259.90 - RM 299.90)

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pink of the day@Avene workshop

It is my first time to attend Avene workshop, I miss out their first time workshop at K.L so I wouldn't want to be left out this time. I signed up this workshop two weeks ago, yeah I am so happy it is held at Business Centre 4 at Sunway Resort. It is walking distance from the Sunway Pyramid mall. I used their link from Pyramid Hotel but first I go through the car park same floor as McDonalds.

I didn't know that there's a restroom in the Business Centre, this is convenient for everyone to use them. I will post up more pics on the Avene workshop soon. I am happy to see my friend Grace, so sad she forget to insert the SD memory card in camera and our precious pics lost.

I had one cappucino and two cup of tea during the refresement. :D I wore pink on the day so I get the mystery gift! So happy and I know most participants wearing pink in the morning.

By the way do you see huge advertisement in this blog, is it pop up? I am figuring how to remove it.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

I received this L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum from OnlyBeauty, for your information OnlyBeauty is Malaysia's Best Sampling Website that gives beauty product samples for free! No payment needed.

The L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum, it is a concerntrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of Keratin, and Madecassodide for an intensive boost. This product helps my lashes nourished and stronger. I used to have lashes that fall off, now I find that after using this product even I am rubbing my eyes there's no lashes fall off..

 Above picture for you to see how the L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum looks like. It is easy to use and suitable for use day and night on clean lashes. Below is a picture of me two weeks ago.
 Above is picture of my lashes it is stronger, they are thicker and longer lashes now. Above is the result of the product after using it for a week.

They are two ways to use this serum or you can do both steps.

  1. Apply the frindge with the tip of the spoon curves brush.
  2. Apply the length with the tip hallo side to catch all lashes.
I am using step no. 2 as I find it easier for me. :D

If you are looking for free beauty product samples, you can log into to register an account.

You can check out their Facebook at
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Product Review; Silk Mask for face and neck!

 I am very happy using this mask, yeah for the first time using this Silk Mask. It is special neck mask design, replenish skin young energy. Come on have you seen any mask that has design like this before? Check out below picture of me I have side view of my neck too!
 Silk Mask is professionally care face and neck, shaping curve of the neck as you can see above picture. This mask is Net.60g.

 If you know reading Chinese language you may click below picture for closer look. The ingredients of this mask contains hydrolytic silk protein, deep sea roe artisan, seabuckthm, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, squalane, jojoba oil, arbutin, centella asiatica.
I apply this mask for about 15 min to 20 min. After remove the mask just gently pant your face with your hands. You can even wash your face but I didn't wash it. After using this mask I put on the night cream before going to bed. This mask is suitable for daily use.

This mask is use for remove yellow and whitening face and neck mask!

If you like to purchase or find out more detail of this mask check out
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Product review: Sampar Hydrating Fluid

I received this full size product Sampar Hydrating Fluid for product review.
This is for long-lasting moisturizing face care suitable for all skin types.
You can refer to image below for ingredients.
I find this product easy to use and with just one full pump it is enough for my face.
Look at the picture below you can see how much it is with just one pump.
The Sampar Hydrating Fluid is easily absorb to my skin, I love the light rose scent of this product. My skin instantly feeling smooth and soft. I have been using this product for three weeks. I apply this product on cleansed skin twice a day, in the morning and evening.

You can find Sampar Ultra Hydating Fluid 50ml RM276 at Sampar counter in Parkson, Sunway Pyramid.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Mask to win

I am sure you like to get your hands on this cute Hello Kitty Mask, find out how on how to take part and win.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucky winner of What every gal want 1st giveaway

I am happy to tell you that there is one lucky winner in my 1st giveaway, who is it? They are total six entries for this giveaway. You may check here who are the participants.

I written down the numbers of participants on the paper then I cut the paper and stick on the balls. They are six balls for six participants! No kidding now I am sure you like to know my son has pick a winner with his eye blind fold. His hand has got the number 6 ball, so you know who is the lucky participant in no.6? Check out the link above now.

Winner goes to no.6, you need to email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com with your full name, address and contact number. You have 48 hours to email me or I will choose a new winner!

From this 1st giveaway my blog now with 27 GFC followers at my blog. Thank you!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Participants of 1st Giveaway by What every gal want

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1st Giveaway@What Every Gal Want

Let's take part in my 1st Giveaway, it is open to GFC follower of my blog with address in Malaysia because that's where I will post the Prize.
One winner gets
  1. Decleor Anti Aging Kit
  2. Aviderm Privilge Pack cleanser & toner
  3. Mickey Mouse badge
  4. Fish cell phone charms ( you can keep one yourself, one for your best friend).
This is wonderful giveaway for my blog from zero follower, now with 15 followers.

How to take part the giveaway?
  1. Must be GFC Follower of What Every Gal Want
  2. Click Advertlets ad, you can see the ad on the right bar. One click will do, thank you!
  3. Blog this giveaway with picture above and link to this post, state in your post why do you want to win this giveaway.
  4. Don't forget to leave commet in this post with your Follower ID and blog link.
Giveaway ends 10pm on 10 October 2012. Come back to this blog find out it you win, you have 48 hours to email me or I will choose new winner.

Don't forget to check out my 2nd Giveaway at My Mom's Best!
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Product review: Lip Smacker Strawberry Lip Balm

I received this product for review; I am loving this strawberry lip balm. If you like strawberry flavour like me you definitely love this lip balm. This lip balm is suitable to use day or night, if you are in air con room most of the time you know your lips can dry up easily. It is important to apply the lip balm to give your lip moisture.

I often apply the lip balm because I have dry lips. The Lip Smacker Strawberry lip balm smoothes and moisturizes the lips from the drying effects of the weather.

This product is recommended for ages 6 and above.

You may find this product at Guardian or Watson.
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Product Review:360 Pronto Purple Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI fast dry nail colour

I received this product for review, I love this 360 proto purple nail colour as you can see it is purple colour. This is Sally Hansen Instra-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour, I love the brush on this polish.

My baby boy is 15 month old and he's so active, but you know what? Before he can mess up the place, the nail polish dries very fast. After finished apply the first coat, I can just apply the second coat this nail colour. They are not too thick or thin and normally only take two coats to cover.

You can find this product at Guardian or Watson.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loccitane Fluide Radieux Protective Lotion

I collected the Loccitane card last weekend and they gave me this sample. It is small sachet as you can see only can use up to two times. It is protection lotion with SPF 15, it gives me fair skin are you can see in the picture. I use this as last step for skin care product in the morning.

Sorry for my tiring looks, Thursday is usually a full day tireness of me.
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Product review: UHT Milk and Sea Mineral shower cream from Skinzense

I purchase this bottle 250ml with the voucher and add some money when I had spa there at Skinzense@ First Subang Mall. This bottle comes with another bottle of lotion.

I find the bottle difficult to squeeze out the cream to use, yeah making my hand tired! The bottle cap cannot be open at all, it is stucked that way so even though left a bit left in bottle cannot squeeze out. :( The texture of the cream is think as you can see in the picture, it sticks to my hand. There is no need to use big amount of cream just fifty cents of size enough for whole body. I love the smell of this UHT Milk and Sea Mineral shower cream.

The UHT Milk shower is a creamy shower for the daily skin care of the whole body, I used it once or twice a week only. :D It contains silica that may cleanse skin deeply with cleanse the dead skin cell. It also helps to purifies, conditions and reveals smoother, moisture and provides vital nutrients for the skin.

Ingredients can refer to above picture.

Will I purchase this again? I will need to see if the bottle is user friendly. :D
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do you cut the tubes?

I cut the tubes because I know there's some more cream left in the tube, look I am right I have got more than cream to use it can last me for three days. I put on the Biore UV Aqua rich watery essence twice a day for morning and evening. It is SPF 50 +, PA +++.

I often use this brand because I find it suitable for my skin. I have purchase this brand for numberous of time. Sometimes you can get great deal from Watsons, I saw it the other day it is selling under RM30.

Sometimes pressing the tube too much out, so I would apply them on my hands don't waste them.

Have you try this brand do you like it?
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Milk Mask review

I used this mask for the first time, it is My Beauty Diary Strawberry Milk Mask. It is smell so good in strawberry.. yum.. you just want to bite it. I have sweet time using this mask as you can see I lying down to use this mask.

This is hello kitty mask, my first time of having one of this. :D

This mask purpose is whitening & smoothing, you can see above picture of me after using the mask. This mask is suitable for all skin types, especially receommended for dull and tired skin which is just nice for me as I am having PMS and feeling tired.

It is easy to use this mask just need to clean face first, I often wash face first before applying the mask. I leave it on face for 20 minutes, you can leave it for 30 minutes if you like.

If there is remaining serum on your face upon removal of mask, gently massage this into your skin ith your fingertips. There is no need to wash off the serum just proceed with normal daily skincare routine and you may apply your moisturiser over the skin. For best results, it is better to use mask for two to three applications per week.

Some people have sensitive skin will be better to perform patch test for sensitivity part, any advert reaction please stop using!

Remember do not use the product over a wound or swelling.

The contest of this mask is 23ml/pc

Product made in Taiwan
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Top Commentator Contest@Sherry Rambling

Hi gals, I have been busy and yeah just to let you know contest to take part just click image above yeah!

Above the minoshe care glove is one of the items I've got from the workshop I attended! I am adding it in the contest, if you want it you need to participant in the contest. Minoshe is from Singapore, they have few outlets in Malaysia.

My sister, mom, and dad was here in the afternoon to have lunch with us except my dear who's at work. I miss my mom so much, I gave a pack of coffee which is no sugar contained! I want her to try that because she often drink white coffee. She's going to see dentist again next week to extract her teeth, she's toothless tiger now. Feeling sad for her, she using fake teeth to eat and chew.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Product Review:Lennox Female Essence

I am happy with this drink it is Lennox Female Essence, I cannot believe I only left a bottle only. I have drank three bottles and tomorrow will be my last botthle. I got them from the Guardian Charity Walkathon 2012. The taste of this drink is Dong Guai, I like the taste of it!

Female Essence cultivates and fosters a woman's beauty from within. It is a nourishing herbal drink that fortified with iron, magnesium, collagen and a nutritious line of herbs that delicately balances female hormounes.

Female Essence is using combination of Dong Guai, Chuan Xiang, White Peony Root, Chinese Foxglove which formula are orginally come from the famous traditional remedy "FOUR HERBS EXTRACT" which has been use for many years to reduce irregular menstruatioin. Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Anemia.

It is strengthened by iron and magnesium to replenish the loss of red blood cells hence enhances the radiant looking skin. Furthermore, it also regulates menstruation cycles and relieves menstrual discomforts, as well as played an important role as anti-aging factor. Collagen also used as part of the formula leading your skin to great elasticity and firmness.

Female Essence nourishes and refines your health from the inside out. These beneficial effects result in fundamental improvement of health condition of the body.

Who is Female Essence for?
For someone who desires to get noticeable improvement on menstrual problems and replenish red blood cell after menstrual period.

Usage Suggestion is Day 4 of Menstruation: Take 1 bottle in the morning for 10 consecutive days after menstruation, but for me I took only four days because I only have four bottles.

Each bottle is 40ml.

It is available at most leading pharmacy namely Guardian.
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Product review:Acene Shower Cream

Oh yeah I have managed finished this bottle of ACENE SHOWER CREAM, this is big bottle I purchased during promotion it cost RM10 a bottle. This is 2000ML, this ACENE healthy bathing is effective Acarid Removal Formula. I was told this is for acne skin yeah sometimes I have pimples at my tummy or back. This can be daily use in bathing or hand washing. I mostly use it for bathing, I also use it on my son as he got acne on his arms. My son is six year old, he has small pimples on his arms and hands.

It contains plant acarid extracts which can help to keep away from acarid and germs. I cannot use this product everyday I find it very dry for my skin. I used it like once or thrice a week. Just pour a small amount of Acene Bath on palms and work it up a lather, then rinse off. If used with a spouge, it may help to enhance blood circulation and release tension.

If you have interest where to purchase call the company below, that time I purchased during parenthood expo in MV.

Tongee (K.L) Sdn. Bhd
3&5, Jalan Segambut Pusat, Segambut Industrial Area, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6253 1111
Fax: 03-6253 0000

I just open another bottle to use, yeah I only purchased two bottles. My sister-in-law purchased two bottles too but her is for normal skin use.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fun lips art

The other night I decided to play the lip art, well I try putting on the pink lipstick, then I thought putting the leopard print on my lips. I put the leopard print polka dot on my lips you are see below picture. It is not a good work but hey its my first time to do lips art.
Just for fun, can you guess how I make the leopard print polka dots?
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Rose scraf matches anything?

Yeah this photo taken last month, I can never forget this day of workshop on 11 Aug, 2012 (Saturday) where my friend Theresa with me go to the Gardens at Midvalley. While waiting for Sanny we took picture together, yeah Theresa and me haven't seen each other for three years!

I am not sure if this month there is any workshop for me. Look the rose scraf I used for my neck instead of wearing necklace. If there's no necklace you can use scraf, it is simple and easy for the day!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gamila Secret:Original review

I received the sample of mini cleansing bar Gamila Secret the original soap. Gamila Secret restores and stimulates the natural balance and breathing of the skin. This is 100% made of natural ingredients have a healing effect within 28 days. The soap is handmade from six of the purest vegetable oils and 15 hand-picked herbs.

The Gamila Secret Original is unscented and without added essential oils. Hydrates, strengthens and protects the skin. Ideal for the most sensitive skin types and for babies from 0 to 6 months.

Above picture of me, you can see I have sensitve skin. I have got red and itchy skin near bottom of my lips. You can see the redness if you click picture above for closer look.

Just four days of using the Gamila Secret Original soap you can see the result of my sensitive getting better. Look at side of my bottom lips no more itchy and redness.
The soap is suitable for face, body and intimate parts.
You can use the soap in the shower, in the bath, and as shaving cream.
I have used it for shower and as shaving cream on my legs.

Methods of use
  • Moisten the cleansing bar with warm water between hands, to active the 100% natural living ingredient
  • Massage the cleasing bar until creamy texture appear
  • Apply the creamy texture directly on pouring face & body and massage it for approximately 15 seconds (The creamy texture can be used as shaving cream, assistance against in hairs growing and for irritation)
  • Permit the creamy texture absorb into open pores when bathing
  • Rinse off
All Gamila Secret Cleasing Bars are suitable for use on sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested. No artificial perfumes, preservatives or colourding added. The ingredients are 100% natural, more than 80% virgin oil (220 pressed Syrian Olives).

You can purchase this soap at the Gamila Secret counter at Parkson, Sunway Pyramid. The Gamila Secret Original soap retail at RM119.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Special Deals you receive a free travel pouch when you purchase any of Gamila Secret cleansing bar.

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Mercura Krabi Deevana

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