Monday, June 25, 2012

Wrist warmer

My hands will feel cramp in the morning I don't know why, so I decided to purchase this wrist warmer from Daiso. I like shopping at Daiso everything RM5, so I choose wisely. :D

 l love leopard print so I choose this cute wrist warmer.

I try to wear few hours in the middle of night then remove it. I don't want to have sweaty palm or having hand cramp.

Talking of hand, I finished half tube of hand theraphy cream.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mickey Mouse tee for man and woman

I am happy I found this beautiful Mickey Mouse tee from F.O.S at Midvalley, you can see that there are many choices of Mickey Mouse tee but it is not same like above picture. I saw the F.O.S outlet at IOI Mall got Mickey Mouse tee. You can try your luck there to find suitable t-shirt.

If not mistaken 3pcs Mickey Mouse t-shirt RM5X. There are choices for man and woman, I check the size from S to XL.

I have got mine which is blue, yes the picture above is the one. :D

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple black dress and red shoes

Believe it or not it is my first time to wear black dress. I like this simple black dress just nice for me. I matched it with red shoes. I wore this to the Guerlain Bloggers-Get-Together with Maxime Poulin .

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Free skin care samples

I am sure you have read of my review on the GoalLife sample products, now of you like to have free skin care sample just go to register as member to get free samples.

Thanks to Rose for inform me there is sample to try.
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FGF-7 PDGF reparing mask review

I love this mask so much, you don't want forget check out the samples I have got.

This mask contains a variety of natural plant ingredients, which will make the skin smoother, brighter, radiant with rosy colour. I like this product very much just look at my skin after usage of this mask. :D
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

GoalLife skin care samples

I am so happy to receive the parcel last week and I got more than just one FGF7-PDGF repairing mask. Look at the samples I have got the SF04 Remover Cleasing Gel, Walnut Peeling Gel, Normalizing lotion, Perfect Glow Sunscreen, Purifying serum, and SF07 moisture gel.

I have combination skin, I just finished using the SF04 Remover Cleansing Gel and I like it so much. It is refreshing and I love the smell of this cleansing gel, it is one of the best selling product. This contain natural pectin ingredients which can thoroughly cleanse the skin to absorb products more effectively. Glycerin and other ingredients procide a mild and non-irritations on eye area. A perfect cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and excess serum, leaving skin healthy and clean all the time. This product also can use a normal usage, just add some water and lather up. Apply the cleanser onto face and massage gently then rinse off with water.

The normalizing lotion is use just like toner, this product added with natural aloe extract which soothes, calms the sensitive skin and balance skin pH. Additionally added with other active ingredients to reduce formation of melano and give the skin fine and moisture.

The Purifying Serum give deep penetation to another level of controlling acne and blackheads, it helps to unclog the pores, refine large pores, removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum while maintaining the hydration level of the skin. Craves and leaving skin soothed, balaced and firmed.

SF07 Moisture Gel contains coral gel which has soothing, moisturizing and whitening effects. Intense moisturisation of the skin, prevents dehydraton that causes wrinkles and fine lines formulation. Ingredients are algae extract, sodium hyaluronate, propolis extract.

Walnut Peeling Gel, first time I come across product which contain walnut grains. This able to scavenge dead skin cells, accelerate the desquamation of skin, deep cleanse and unclog pores, lighten up skin tone, and rejunevate skin through tender massage. It also increases skin smoothness and brigtness while exfoliating the dead cells wthout harming the surface of the skin. This is one of the best selling product, I like this product very much.

Perfect Glow Sunscreen it is good foundation like coverage, it covers fine lines and light scars. Colour of the sunscreen goes according to the skin tone giving skin a healthy, flawless look. Sweat and waterproof, suitable for all kinds of events and outing. It has strong moisturzing effect keeping skin supple all day long. I like this sunscreen no need a lot just little bit is enough for skin. Above is the picture of me after applied the perfect glow sunscreen.

If you have interest to find more detail of the product just visit
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Friday, June 15, 2012

50,000 Total Pageviews Gveaway@Sherry Rambling

I am sure you love giveaway head to 50,000 Total Pagviews Giveaway at Sherry Rambling for detail. Who will be the lucky winner for this giveaway? You need to follow the blog for detail.

This month I won some giveaway so decided to hold giveaway at my blog. What I have won this month?
  1. Cliptec in ear earphone
  2. keychain
  3. 4 bar of clay soaps
I love to held giveaway for this blog too. I will update about it soon. :D
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Monday, June 11, 2012

Guerlain Bloggers Get-Together With Maxime Poulin

I am very happy I received an email invitation by Guerlain Malaysia for Bloggers Get-Together with Maxime Poulin. The event is held at Alexis Bistro,The Gardens Mid Valley at 11 a.m. The event starts 11.45 a.m Karen Tan the Product Manager of Guerlain gave a welcome speech, she introduces Maxime Poulin to us.
Maxime Poulin is an International Makeup Artist. Maxime introduces the products of Guerlain and the importance of skin care also techniques on applying the skin care and cosmetics of Guerlain Terra Azzurra.

In the event I am happily sitting next to Fiona of Street Love. In the event we get to hold Khol Kajal , we were told that Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder & Blush is one the famous product that sold off fast.
They you go the dressing table filled with skin care and cosmetics of Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci Limited Edition. The Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci is suitable for summer.

You are looking at the Guerlain Terra Azzura stand. Do you know Guerlain products are made in France?

The below picture is the gift from Guerlain Bloggers Get-Together With Maxime Poulin, the RM50 voucher will expired tomorrow.

The price of items as following:
The Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder & Blush RM294
Meteorites Perles D'Azur RM189
Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow RM193
Khoh Kajal RM121
Mascara Le 2 Guerlain RM124
Terracotta Nail not available in Malaysia

Guerlain is available at:
Parkson KLCC
Parkson Pavilion
Isetan Gardens Mid Valley
Isetan KLCC
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The Summer Smile with Terracotta gloss

Maxime Poulin explaining each of the Terracotta gloss. Three sunny harmonies for these radiant glosses with a fresh gourmand syrup texture to light up the lips with sensual high shine.

Three shades and three names taken from three iconic Pucci silk scraves.
  • 10 Porto Fino: an incredibily shine coral pink to set off a sun-kissed glow to perfection.
  • 11 Porto Ercle: a sensual brown to pair with a spice-toned complexion.
  • 12 Porto Azzurro: an unruly indigo blue; as transparent on the lips as it is vibrant in the bottle.
Terracotta Gloss RM124
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Khol Kajal and Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick

I have got the Khol Kajal in hand as you can see in the picture.
Look this is the Khol Kajal black colour it is creamy texture, the packing is beautiful.
Khoh Kajal RM121

This is Guerlain Shine Automtique lipstick, the one I am holding is 240 and I have got a 260. I like this slide up and down it is so easy to apply on lips. This gold tube is so pretty and elegant.
The Guerlain Shine Automatique lipstick RM114.

Guerlain is available at
Parkson KLCC
Parkson Pavillion
Isetan Gardens Mid Valley
Isetan KLCC
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Guerlain Riveria Terracotta Vernis Review

It is my first time to swatch this product and I love it, just look at my nail so pretty. :D It is a rich, blue-based and I love the shimmer of this nail polish. So sad this nail polish not available in Malaysia. I saw at the Guerlain Bloggers Get-Together with Maxime Poulin, I couldn't resist the colour I must try it. :D

Opps the first picture looks like upside down. Anyway I only get to try one of the bottles. :D
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder

You are looking at the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder it is the Star of the collection. I am happy to be hands on holding this Terra Azzura Bronzing Powder during the Guerlain Bloggers-Get Together with Maxime Poulin.
I am happy to grab hold of this bronzing powder you can see how big it is in my hand, this exquisitely beautiful object combines two success stories: Guerlain's legendary Terracotta powder and Emilio Pucci's iconic prints. The wold of beauty and fashion unite in a single case to beautifully enhance a sedctive woman.
Maxime Poulin holding the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder, Maxime Poulin is Guerlain's International Makeup Artist. He explains the how to put a bronzed complextion by blend the three blusher shades and sweep along the top of the cheekbones to sculpt the face. He explains for a natural effect by apply just the bronzing shade all over the face.

The Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush RM294.

Guerlain is available at
Parkson KLCC
Parkson Pavilion
Isetan Gardens Mid Valley
Isetan KLCC

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Leopard print ruffled workdress

I like this leopard print just recently I crazy of leopard print.        
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Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

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Sakura White
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