Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Product Review:Lennox Female Essence

I am happy with this drink it is Lennox Female Essence, I cannot believe I only left a bottle only. I have drank three bottles and tomorrow will be my last botthle. I got them from the Guardian Charity Walkathon 2012. The taste of this drink is Dong Guai, I like the taste of it!

Female Essence cultivates and fosters a woman's beauty from within. It is a nourishing herbal drink that fortified with iron, magnesium, collagen and a nutritious line of herbs that delicately balances female hormounes.

Female Essence is using combination of Dong Guai, Chuan Xiang, White Peony Root, Chinese Foxglove which formula are orginally come from the famous traditional remedy "FOUR HERBS EXTRACT" which has been use for many years to reduce irregular menstruatioin. Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Anemia.

It is strengthened by iron and magnesium to replenish the loss of red blood cells hence enhances the radiant looking skin. Furthermore, it also regulates menstruation cycles and relieves menstrual discomforts, as well as played an important role as anti-aging factor. Collagen also used as part of the formula leading your skin to great elasticity and firmness.

Female Essence nourishes and refines your health from the inside out. These beneficial effects result in fundamental improvement of health condition of the body.

Who is Female Essence for?
For someone who desires to get noticeable improvement on menstrual problems and replenish red blood cell after menstrual period.

Usage Suggestion is Day 4 of Menstruation: Take 1 bottle in the morning for 10 consecutive days after menstruation, but for me I took only four days because I only have four bottles.

Each bottle is 40ml.

It is available at most leading pharmacy namely Guardian.


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