Thursday, December 13, 2012

Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show

I was invited to attend the Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show, before entered the G6 I took a picture outside with Audrey back drop. Entering the G6, a huge comfortable couch and candles with flower decorations stand. Yeah I am sure this is for the Audrey 2012/2013 Runway show.

I am sure you are happy to know whose the winners of Audrey Queen Of the Day, now how about Audrey Dark Romance? Audrey 2012/13 Runway Show is held in G6, The Gardens on 5 December 2012. Business partners, celebrities, medias and bloggers were invited to have a sneak peak of the line for the coming season. Audrey surprised the guest with a performance by Shila Amzah.

Do you like to know about AUDREY?

Audrey Tagline : Discover Audrey. You’ll Discover Yourself.
Audrey was incorporated in 1987 into the Malaysian market to fulfill the growing demands for ladies lingerie wear. It was a robust period where Audrey picked up momentum through innovative designs and outstanding sales, a brief 10 year’s into the business it was listed in the Kuala Lumpur Stock exchange on July 1997. Since then, it has grown strength to strength into an internationally acclaimed and renowned brand spanning across continents.

Audrey empowers every wearer, and as the brand suggests:- Alluring, Understated, Determined, Reassured, Elegant , Youthful. With these founding values in mind, Audrey has over the years generated impeccable designs while staying true to age old techniques to constantly deliver quality products.

The theme of Audrey 2012/13 show is Dark Romance. It is a secret that you want to keep to yourself. Experience the romantic evening with a splatters of colours which can complete your wardrobe.

SUNSHINE HOLIDAY (Currently on shelf)

Fancy the sunshine? Yes they are currently on shelf! Enjoy them not only during summer but anytime during your holidays or every other day when you are in our Sunshine Holiday range. This range comes with sweet pink and baby blue exuding the candy and bubbly feeling. It also comes with a detachable piece that allows you to either wear it as a bra or as a cami-bra. The set comes with matching panty and nighties. A range not to be missed.

In between the runway show, there is a break for the models. We can to enjoy the performance of Sheila, love her songs. :D 

 NEON SUMMER (Not on Shelf yet)

Always trying to play safe when it comes to colours in the closet? Perhaps it is time to take a change and splash some neon into it. In fact, Neon is BACK, FUN and SPECTACULAR! This range is complete with pieces that you can also hit the gym with. It comes with fuschia, indigo, red and black with a smooth surface to combat those challenging fabric.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

This is a range that simple and yet expansive. There are times that we need lesser sophistication but more simplicity. A smooth surface piece which you can pair with any of your outfit. Expansive Simplicity comes in nude and dark colours. A must-have in the closet to match with any outfit, anytime.

SECRET GARDEN (New Arrival on shelf)

What will be in you Secret Garden? Audrey’s Secret Garden comes in deep purple and dark blue with rose embroidery enhancing your sensuality. Pair it with the matching panty to keep them all wondering what is going on.

You can find out more info or website on Audrey check out
Some pictures here on how I met Amber Chia and picture of Sheila singing. :D

Above a picture of all models, I know they are so pretty!

Now you can also visit another blogger she is Esther for beautiful pictures of Audrey 2012/2013. I miss out taking some pictures as I received few calls during the runway show.

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