Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review:Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-use Wax Strips

It is my first time to use Veet EasyGrip Read-to-Use Wax Strips, the box contained of 20 wax strips plus 4 Perfect Finish Wipes.
Last night I decided to give this product a try, I usually shave my legs. My first time using the wax strips, and my son's next to me helping me. Can you guess what he does to help me? He even told me that he wants to try this product. LOL

This is shea butter and berry fragrance for normal skin, yeah it smells very good! I left only 5 wax strips, the rest I used on my both legs.
If you are lazy to shave and worry of the cuts, you can give this product a try! Yeah you need someone that has good will to pull the strips! I have my son to help me, he pulled really fast.

How to use the product?
1. Rub the wax strip betwen your hands to warm the wax.
2. Holding the EasyGrip tab, slowly peel the strips apart.
3. Apply the strip with the EasyGrip tab towards the ankle and rub the strip repeatedly in the direction of hair growth.
4. Holding the EasyGrip tab, pull the strip back on itself very quickly and in 1 swift motion, keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible. Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort.

Advantage of using this product, fast and easy but I don't like the sticky feeling of after used. Yeah even using the Perfect Finish Wipes, I still feel my legs sticky! Yeah still got a few hair strains on my legs, lol.. you need to aim correctly when stick the wax strips!

Let me know if you have tried the product.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Beaute Library $800 body treatment and hand parafiin

 My lifestyle transformation challenge Award ceremony and Celebrity beauty workshop, it is on 7 Apr, 2013 from 10am to 5pm at Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence KL, Hibiscuits 1, SGR Level 3. For detail you can check out their Facebook.

I and my friend is among the 100 that signed up for the free body treatment worth RM800. The treatment involved of two machines!

Yesterday morning my friend and I went the branch at USJ Taipan,  would like to address to you that the parking slot in red infront of their branch does not belong to them! You need to park other place not in the red spot, it is for the office upstair! At first I thought it was parking for the customer but it is not!

I like the environemnt it is very comfortable, I got the analysis of my body weight and height plus why I need detoxification! The lady that served me is Maggie, she is the one that I talked most in the center.

You don't have to bring anything go except for your IC, they will have the panty and bra strap plus kimono for you to wear.

Above first picture before I have the session start and second picture when it is about to start, yeah my friend is already in the room but I am not because they have only one machine for each different process in the centre! There use the lemon grass oil for the body then wrapped body before use the machine. No kidding you will know later how you are feel like you are astronaut! This is half an hour session and the other half hour will be the cupping of body fat. You will feel slightly pain if you have alot of toxi at the body area.
Picture below is me after the treatment, the hand paraffin is done down stair. Hand paraffin is first with the ginger scrub the hands then wipe off with cloth, then dip hand in the machine for hand paraffin wax, then wrapped it. After a while then removed the wrapped and put lotion on hands, feeling soft and smooth!
Beaute in a Cup. The signature of Healthy lifestyle. You can indulge yourseleves with the 5 different infusions to meet your functional needs, so they are Awake, Claire, Zen, Shape & Pure. I was told I need most the Shape for my body shape! 

Each has different funtion for your needs.

 Call them today to find out more~
USJ: +603 5632 1312 | Kepong: +603 6252 6312 | Puchong: +6017 984 0800 | Mid Valley: +603 2283 1312

After the treatment I can go for shower, yeah look at the rain shower it is so nice to shower in! They have got the hair dryer and combs plus cotton for you to use. Last picture would be the skin care set of Beaute Libary it is travel set RM58, consists of cleanser, serum , moisturiser and sun block.
Yeah I didn't go home empty hand, I bought a set of skin care product.
This process all would take up to 2 and half hour.
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Join MrLens affiliate and get welcome gift 2 Boxes of Freshlook Colorblends worth RM180

Here's some good information to share with you, join affiliate and get welcome gift 2 Boxes of Freshlook Colorblends worth RM180,  any color/power based on availability. They will delivery to your for free if you are in Klang Valley. If you are outstation, don't worry because outstation needs to pay for posting RM6 - RM10.

No kidding, if you love Freshlook Colorblends and you are a blogger with a blog join their affiliate now.


I know when comes to shopping we do check on whether they provide free delivery or not. Now they have Free delivery within Kland Valley, go ahead and check out their terms and conditions!

LLISTEN HERE"S THE BONUS! Everyone who participates will be in the camera lucky draw to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k.

Don't just read here, get start now if you have interest to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2K.

Click the banners above to visit
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review:GINVERA GREEN TEA ultimate sun shield

Above picture is after I have applied the GINVERA GREEN TEA ultimate sun shield SPF56 PA ++. I find this product suitable for my skin and it is quickly absorb into skin. It does not give me greasy feel but I can feel my sweat coming out my face.

If I have pressed out too much to use I would applied the balance on my hands. To use this product is after face cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Do you apply sun block on your neck? I don't.

I find disadvantage of using this product is sometimes I feel like my face shine. LOL

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ambi Pur @GSC SUMMIT USJ until tomorrow!

If you love my picture you can also find it in Ambi Pur Malaysia Facebook, we are late to GSC SUMMIT USJ today. I only manage to grab the discount vouchers and car sticker plus this very cute picture. Only one picture can be taken and I choose to be with my son! The girl told me that they have finished giving out the goodie bag and free movie passes. You may try your luck tomorrow if you are free, be early if you want freebie! They will still be at GSC SUMMIT USJ until tomorrow!

The discount vouchers can be use in Giant, MYDIN, and Ecosave.

The contest where you can win the all new Suzuki Swift & Ambi Pur products by showing them what a sexy-smelling car looks like. This is good if you love cars and know how to snap a good picture of new Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip in your honey's car (interior) with it. Then you wil need to upload to Facebook of Ambi Pur Malaysia and submit your photo plus complete caption "My honey's car smells sexy because... ".

There is chance of WIN THE ALL NEW SUZUKI SWIFT and prizes worth up to RM2000!

The contest ends on 14 March, 2013. You can check out their Facebook for detail.

In the mean time don't forget to take part and win blue handbag organizer giveaway at
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: ORIKS BB Cream Wild Ginseng Stemcell

You are looking at ORIKS BB Cream Wild Ginseng Stemcell 2ml, I applied it after using cleanser and toner then put on moisturizer and sun block because this BB cream does not contain any SPF.
Picture above is after application of ORIKS BB Cream Wild Ginseng Stemcell, it is smooth on my face and I don't feel sticky.

I am sure you didn't forget this is one of the beauty products from February Vanity Trove Malaysia.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Postage of Prize to winner

Dear winner of Feb Giveaway & Mini Giveaway, your prize is post out this morning at Post Office.

Your registered post number as following.


I forgot to include any paper stating to congrats you in winning, I was in hurry to wrap the prizes and forgot of it. I only remembered after sealed the Prize for postage! Hmm... perhaps I am getting old? Being mommy of two boys, I am lack of time but still I love blogging and update my blog with my free time.

I was in AEON Carrefour and I took time for shopping, I bought sleeping pants for myself. It would for man but hey, who says ladies cannot wear? LOL

I saw many aunties there shopping for man sleeping pants.

It is only RM10 for man sleepig pants, I saw the ladies sleeping pants RM13.90. I bought a yoga pants RM15 instead of RM19.90.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winner of Feb 2013 goes to

I am excited like you I am interested to know who is the lucky winner of Feb 2013 giveaway. I want to thank the five followers who take part in this giveaway.

Now winner of Feb 2013 goes to Angel Love Soldier, the has chosen number 41. Please email me your detail to sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Don't be sad if you didn't win this giveaway, check out the Listen Giveaway by click on banner below. You can try your luck in winning handmade hair rose band, cute bow bag and more.


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Mercura Krabi Deevana

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Featured on Star 2

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