Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Every Gal Want Giveaway

I love blogging and I love my followers. Here's a giveaway for my blog follower who has an address in Malaysia. :D

The winner will gets this brown pouch *many pockets inside*. Yellow roses, and blue panty! The items are brand new. :D

You can win this for your loved ones.

You can the following to join the giveaway.

1. Blog the giveaway title "What Every Gal Want Giveaway" with the picture and link to this post. 10 points if you blog it at your blog and comment the link below.
2. Follow this blog GFC *compulsory*
3. Follow on me twitter and tweet @sherrygo is having Whateverygalwant is having giveaway *You can tweet everyday, one each time you tweet leave a comment in this post. * 1 point for each time you tweet. :D
4. You can tag me on Facebook and and mention of this giveaway with the link of this giveaway. Don't forget to leave the link of your tagged in this post as well, so I can count your points.* 1 point for each time you shared and tagged me.
5. Giveaway ends on 30 June 2013 at 12 midnight.

Leave comment in this way:
GFC Follower: Sherrygo
Blog link :
Twitter: @sherrygo .. tweet link

Winner will be based on top points. :D You are required to keep track of your points as well.

Good luck!
Please note that items are purchased by me and they are new.

Don't forget to join giveaway at My Mom's Best, click the link to find out.
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I need a massage?

I haven't go for a massage for over a year, no kidding you can check my blogs. I think the last time I have massage was a year ago or more. Hmm.. I can't think straight, you know the haze just past and that had given me a hard time. I get itchy skin after going out during bad haze!
Just look at my pictures, I can't even think straight, this mommy has gone haywire! She wants to be pamper, being mommy of two boys. Yes both active boys of 7 year old and 2 year old. I need a pampering moment, my time!
I wanna go Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, I need Photobooth Malaysia for a better picture of me.
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party, yeah no kidding let's click on the link to find out!

I can tell you this mom can throw tantrum not just children.
So you see I need a break, I need a massage or even more.
Sorry folks if my photos scared you! Say no more..
All I want is Stay Calm & Relax with Amante this 6th July (Saturday)!
Now, if you want to join this check out The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Avene Thermal Spring Water, soothing by nature

Recently I attended the Avene workshop, I have to say I have fall in love with the Avene Thermal Spring Water. I am carrying one bottle in my bag, yeah where ever I go.

Do you know that Avene Dermatological Hydrotheraphy Centre, it is personalized treatment. They are open from April to October, the Hydrotheraphy Centre welcomes more than 2,600 patients and provides exclusive medically-controlled treatments under running water including baths, jet-spray massage, pencil-thin jet showers and wrapping, according to a programme developed by the resident doctor for each patient. Sad to say the centre is not available in Malaysia.

Avene, from nature for the perfect care of sensitive skin.

Essential skin care for sensitive skin. To produce the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray pack, the water is routed directly from the source to the production site and the sprays are filled in a sterile facility. A protective film makes each pack tamper-proof. The qualities of Aven Thermal Spring Water are found unaltered inside each spray. All the original properties of Avene Thermal Spring Water are present in each spray.

Everyday skin care for after hair removal, to set make-up, after shaving/razor burns, and diaper rash.

Dermatological care for Eczema, itching, after surgery, sunburn, after dermatological treatments, and rashes.

And also after sport and travelling.

It is easy to use spray with a fine mist. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes before gently dabbing the skin.

Say have you signed up for the Avene workshop for this coming Saturday at Cititel Hotel, Midvally? I didn't as I have other plan on this weekend. :(

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice 14 days slimming challenge

Now girls, don't forget my giveaway ends on 30 June, your chance to win multi pockets pouch.

 It is my second day of using the Bio-essence products, they are the Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice shaping body cream, which is extra strength in red tube. It is new 2X strength, for faster and better results. Well we'll see about that after I finished the 14 days challenge. Do make sure that you wash hands after applied them, yes they can get in your eyes! Becareful with that, it's burning.. fuyoh.. wash your hands with soap!

The pink tube is the Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice shaping shower scrub, yeah use it after shower then only scrub. Don't need to use a lot of it just as little as five cents is good enough for me. It contains of rice extract and ginseng extract to nourish, moistures and smoothen skin. Becareful when using it, avoid using on parts that you don't want to slim down.

They are fifty participants in this slimming challenge, yes Myoga in The Gardens can fit fifty participants to exercise together. :D I saw men taking this challenge too, no doubt man or woman we want to have beautiful body.

The instructor of Myoga is very good, he has patience to explain of fat and important of fat. We have fun learning exercise and yes he's funny too. I can't wait for the session to be with my friends and continue the challenge.

Below is the picture of the pouch which I am giving away, it is same designed but I am giving is brown colour. The picture below is black colour pouch. :D
Now if you don't want to miss out the chance to win this pouch click on the link above to take part now.
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Mercura Krabi Deevana

Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

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Featured on Star 2

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Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party
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