Friday, July 5, 2013

Invited to go SIngapore for event

Wow, my first time received an email, to go event in Singapore. No kidding, read on below. Anyway they are not sponsor the flight tickets and accommodation. Sadly.. unable to attend.

Dear Friend, 
We have received several requests to try our products, this is a chance to make it happen^^

Please let us know which are the products that you would like to try and we will bring it for you !
You are invited to our event and / or join us as our Judge Panel !

Please register yourself in order for us to prepare your Refreshments, Gifts and additional Gifts for being our Judge Panel ~.^
You are entitled to bring 1 guest with you. 
13 or 14 July 2013, Saturday or Sunday 
Anytime between 12:00~17:00 
Singapore, Dempsey Road, Block 26 #01-03A (Nail's D'vine)

If you are arriving by taxi, we allow claim of up to SGD10.00* !

We have a series of voting activities going on and we hope that you can join in the fun for these activities !
These are concurrent activities, you do not have to stay for the entire event : 
King Of BB CREAMS - Live Voting Of The Final Showdown
Estimated Time 12:00~14:00 (12pm~2pm)
Try 5 different BB Creams, compare e.g. oiliness, coverage, moisture, etc and vote for various key voting elements! 
14:00~15:00   Refreshments 
CC CREAMS - The Voted Preferred Choice
Estimated Time 15:00~17:00 (3pm~5pm) 
Do you know that there are 2 main types of CC Creams? - Color Control and Magical Color Change! 
Get a good chance to have a close up, feel the difference between 2 main types and vote for your preferred type! 


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