Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hamleys nail polish

I am happy to be invited and attend the Hamleys prelaunch in ONE UTAMA.
I can't believe it myself but I fall in love with this beautiful set of nail polish. Yeah you can get creative with them. There are two ways of using this set of nail polish. You can either using the polish on the other side or the leads as pen to draw creatively on your nails. I can't believe it I was walking over and over the place.. lol yeah you know I keep coming back ...

They have three sets to choose from, each set cost RM129. I decided to choose only a set for myself. I can't afford more, even though I like them. Looks like these are Christmas gift for myself! Mommy needs to be pamper too and I bought them just for me, oh no.. for my mom and sister in law too. They can join in the fun with these nail polish.

They have bold set, glitter set, neon set.

I saw a mom asking her daughter to choose which set she likes. Well you know mom's the best to pamper her daughter! :D It would be fun to colour each other nail too, creative way to show off your nails!

I saw her shopping for hair styles set for her gal.

You can find more picture in my instagram sherrygo.

Frankly speaking, this is most expensive toy I purchase for myself. I couldn't resist, I am gal, I am a woman, I am a mom.

But hey.. inside me still a child. :D



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