Monday, November 18, 2013

My pregnancy scars

I have got pregnancy scars, first would be ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant at 8 weeks but the medical center in USJ, Subang Jaya unable to detect it. I have got four blood tests for it. Then I was told to have another blood test, I didn't want to so we head to SJMC.

Gynae had the scan and immediately he knew it's ectopic pregnancy. He told that I need to be operate on the night or next morning. The ectopic pregnancy on the right fallopian tube looked almost want to explode. He fears for my life and says we can't do anything about the pregnancy but to terminate it. My ectopic pregnancy left me scars.

After ectopic pregnancy, I pregnant in year 2006. My waist was 34 inches and it goes up to 44 inches, since then scars of pregnancy on my belly until now. I have my baby normal labour at 34 weeks.

Then I was thinking that's the scars I am getting, well it's not over. I have 2011 C-section for my second child because Gynae said that his head too big, might be difficult to get out from me.

It is not to scare you about pregnancy, just to share with you my pregnancy life.


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