Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Veet in shower hair removal cream

I mentioned before in my blog post about the Veet hair removal, I tried the product today. You can find the video clip of this product in instagram sherrygo.

The Veet in shower hair removal cream can be used while in shower. It is suitable for normal skin, though I have sensitive skin it has no harm on my skin. It has sponge for use of normal skin and sensitive skin, normal skin for white side, sensitive skin to use soft side.

Stated at the back of the product which you can see as above link for how the package look like.

5 Steps to beautiful touchable smooth skin

  1. Do not swallow! Ensure that the total application on the skin does not exceed 6 minutes. Applied the cream evenly onto dry skin using the soft, coloured pink side of the dry sponge * that's what I did* Ensure the hair you want to remove is complete covered with cream. DO NOT RUB IN, wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Once applied, wait at least 1 minute before stepping in into shower. *I would suggest to wait least 3-6 min for better result of hair removal.*
  3. Whilst in the shower continue with your normal shower routine. Don't worry if some cream gradually washes away when in contact with running water. To prevent cream from washing off too soon, avoid exposing those parts of the body covered with cream to the direct stream of water within first 2 minutes in the shower. *I put the cream on my legs so it's unavoidable not to have them wet*
  4. After the cream has been in contact with your skin for a total of 3 minutes, gently use the white side of the sponge to test a small area. *I find the white side is rough for me, I prefer soft side to use*. If hair comes away easily, remove the remaining traces of cream with the white side of the sponge by massaging in circular motion. *I have stubborn hair so I need to leave the cream a little longer next time before shower but not exceeding 6 minutes of total application time! 
  5. Rinse your skin thoroughly under the shower after use. Rinse the sponge, keep tube closed when not in use. Sponge can be use again for next application. 

Above picture I took photos of my legs before applying the Veet removal cream. With the sponge I choose the soft side to use instead of the rough side.
Though I find that it works removing 70% of my legs hair after tried this product twice today. One in the afternoon, another in the evening. It's not 100% hair removal for me. I haven't been using Veet cream for sometimes. 
THIS IS my first time to use Veet in shower hair removal cream. 

How about you? Are you using any hair removal cream? 


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