Saturday, May 10, 2014

Butterfly Lasertag Party@Laser Warzone eCurve

Above picture I'm wearing the vest with laser tag gun attached. Each vest is attached to charger to charge first before we can use it. Each laser tag gun has a name designated for you to use, so you know which is yours to keep track your score. 

You can check out my instagram on video and picture for this party. 
Video 1 for how to use laser tag gun. 
Video 2 on team 1 and 2 going in for battle/game.
Yesterday was a fun day for me, despite having my PMS for second day. I had a good time with beautiful The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers. Yeah with over 40 plus of us zapping each other, we battle to score so that we can go home with this award which you can see below. The prize of third place, second place, and 1st place. 

It's a team work, we are in split in four teams to battle, yeah many new friends we met through this party. 

They are total of fours games for us to play and the first game is freestyle, which there's no battle in first game but let us have fun in trying out the arena for real. Yeah after the first game, real games begun where we need to hide and seek to avoid being zap or zap others. Below is the score board for the first game we had, it was fun trying out in the first game which second game let's get serious of it.

We never give up on zapping each other, I mean the blue team as we are the green team. We don't want to zap own team, it's so much fun many of squats and hiding and aiming to laser. They are total of four teams.

 The second picture you can refer to is the second games, which get started and the score board of blue team and green team. Our team is green team VS blue team. Every time the team finished and out you'll heard about your team scores. There's big screen outside that you can check your score. Our team name is Laserfly.

It's about team work of winning the battle, you can never do it alone. We make it to the Champion, unbelievable but it's true when we heard our score. I strive til the end of the game, yes giving my best to my team. I'm glad we won, we have so much fun. 

Okay I didn't watch where I'm going, I bang twice on my arm as I was too excited in the dark playing zap.
 Woot, grab the Trophy to pose hehe... happy day for me. Fun gathering place to meet new friends too!
Thank you Tammy of Butterfly Project for organizing this fun Butterfly Laser Tag Party, yeah it's 1st Anniversary of Butterfly Project. 
Thank you again Butterfly Project. 

Thank you Laser Warzone eCurve, I have good time with lovely butterflies.

 Above is Laser Warzone price for the game.
If you plan for party, the party package 
-minimum 15 pax
-4 games
-Food and Drinks
-2 hours usage of private room

Normal price
1 battle RM20
2 battles RM32
3 battles RM42
Unlimited RM60

Student price- show your student card
1 battle RM17
2 battles RM27
3 battles RM37
Unlimited 55
You can also check out Laser Warzone, their Facebook for more details.

Don't forget to check the rules before you play! 
Credit to Laser Warzone the picture. 

Last but not least a fun pose of our green team before we start the battle/game. 


CelesteChoo on May 10, 2014 at 6:57 PM said...

Wow! Great to see the butterflies had fun! Congratulations to the Green Team!

Sherry Go Sharing on May 10, 2014 at 7:01 PM said...

yeah, meet new friends and have fun. :D

Princess Neverland on May 10, 2014 at 7:47 PM said...


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