Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Product review: Bye Bye "Tired Eyes" cucumber moisturising eye mask

 Two more days and we'll welcome 2016 year, are you ready for it? If you are excited like me, I am glad as I cannot wait for this to come as CNY is coming soon too. Well, let's celebrate the New Year first yeah! Have you get start with shopping for New Year clothing? I saw many sales available now, I am still looking out for affordable sandals for new year to wear.

Talking of another, don't forget that we need to take care of our skin, important to have enough rest and sleep everyday. Shopping for the eye masks for self and loved ones.
Loving this Bye Bye "Tired Eyes" cucumber moisturising eye mask as it has aloe extract and not irritating to my skin.

If you are shopping for Garfield On-the-Go merchandise, you can start shopping at Guardian. Just yesterday attended one of the year end event by Guardian Malaysia, click on the link to read more about it. 
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shopping for Endless Jewelry

I can stay that jewelry is woman's best friend. We can never leave without them. It's part of fashion accessories that we can style it our way. Now do you know that Endless Jewelry has opened its boutique in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. There's a special discount code, awaiting you do check out the blog post by click on the link.

Everyone has their own way of sense of style, you get to choose if you like to have a leather wrap bracelet that is single bracelet, double bracelet or triple bracelet. There's Jennifer Lopez Collection by endless awaiting you to own them. They have few sizes of bracelet for you to choose.

The 3 string bracelet/triple bracelet - this leather bracelet is light and elegant version of iconic leather bracelet. Designed to go with all existing and new charms, you can also just wear the bracelet its own. Be colorful, be elegant, have fun and be you with these bracelet.

Say no more, why not you check out the blog post on my other blog. 
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guardian Tea Tree Oil Pore Strips

Being mommy of two boys, aged 9 years old and 4 years old. I need time out for myself, so best time is doing pampering at night. 
I use this for nose care.

Just like any other nose strip, make sure your face is cleanse and then pulled out the pore strip. 
Then wet your nose then only apply this pore strip on the nose, 
do take note that you can only apply once if you find that you didn't put it properly you want to remove it. It will not show the effective result as you want. 
So just apply one time, then leave it on for 15 minutes then remove the pore strip,
you'll see if there's any whiteheads or blackheads sticks on it.

guardian Tea Tree Oil Pore Strips unclog and deeply cleanse pores effectively. It helps to remove stubborn blackheads and impurities on skin instantly with an anti-bacterial property. The pore strips also contain Witch Hazel to tighten pores.

You can find this at Guardian outlets, guardian Tea Tree Oil Pore Strips retail at RM 10.33 per box with ten strips.
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Monday, November 9, 2015


《屍憶》The Bride




 Genre 類型



 Country 國家



 Date 上映日期:
 12 November 2015

 Duration 片長
 90 Minutes

 Rating 級數 : 18 above

 Page 官方網站

Producer 監製

 一瀨隆重 《七夜怪談》《咒怨》

 Director 導演

 謝庭菡 《屍憶》《噬心魔》

 Starring 演員

  : 吳慷仁、謝欣穎、田中千繪、嚴正嵐、









自 90 年代以來,來自日本、韓國、泰國、好萊塢等地的靈異驚悚電影前仆後繼來到台灣;20 世紀末,來自日本的《七夜怪談》系列席捲台灣,光在台北市就創下高達 5 千萬票房,貞子身穿白衣、長髮蓋臉,僅露出一顆血色大眼的形象,不光深植人心,連帶影響了之後推出的鬼片,甚至連好萊塢也買下版權翻拍,21 世紀後,來自泰國的《鬼影》和日本的《咒怨》系列將此類型的電影推向另一高峰,冤仇似海的厲鬼來到主角身邊,陰魂不散地緊追主角的生活不放,好萊塢拍攝改編自真人真事的《厲陰宅》系列,更將這種觀眾的恐懼帶到最高點。

然而,台灣本土拍攝的靈異電影,除了蔚為話題的跨國合作電影《詭絲》外,在近10 年來,此類作品幾乎在院線缺席。在「讓台灣也來拍攝一部屬於自己的正統鬼片吧!」的想法下,《屍憶》的電影拍攝計畫便在此誕生了。本片由《七夜怪談》及《咒怨》系列的日本監製一瀨隆重擔任監製,並邀請台灣實力派演員吳慷仁、謝欣穎、田中千繪、江青霞等人,以及新生代演員嚴正嵐、陳楚翔及池端玲名共同參演,導演則由先前執導多部類型電影在影展屢獲佳績的新銳女導演謝庭菡擔任,這也是他的首部劇情長片。



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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello Kitty makeup again

Love Hello Kitty in Oz so much that I decided to try on doing a Hello Kitty face on my eyelid. You can see above picture. Do click on the link if you have missed out this post.

I used eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipliner to create this look on my eyes! I have applied mascara on my eyelashes too.

School holiday is coming soon, all my friends are excited and awaiting to plan their vacation, so I decided to tell them to check out the Hello Kitty in Oz, SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN that they can visit during the school holiday. It's a fun filled place for grown up and kids.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Warm Eye Mask (Fragrance Free) product review

It's Sunday evening and it's raining here. Tomorrow is Monday and it's important day today because mommy need to make sure that children's school uniform and shoes are ready for them tomorrow.

Being mommy of two boys, I need to have good eyes to check on son's stationery as well. No kidding, we need to check whether we need to replacement eraser or ruler in the pencil box. We cannot take our eyes off our children too. 

 With guardian Warm Spa Eye Mask, you no longer have to wait till you are at home to give your eyes some well-deserved pampering moments. Available in Lavender and Fragrance Free, the mask is self-heated and refreshes and soothes tired eyes in 10 minutes. Above that I am using is the Fragrance Free, this has special ear loop design for convenient use.

It is soft and light sheet for perfect fit, I know many of you might think this look like a sanitary pad. But it's not, this unique design of thermal-releasing spot around eye area only, with ultra care and protection on eye ball.

 Its compact and user-friendly design means it could easily be toted in one’s purse or carry-on luggage, perfect for the busy career woman on the move. Whether you are travelling or in the office, the guardian Warm Spa Eye Mask has just amped up your 10-minute power rests to the next level.
With its unique heat zone design, it heats the area around the eyes, taking care to soothe the contours while protecting your actual eyes.

Warm Spa Eye Mask retails at RM19.90 per box with five sheets. You can find this product in Guardian.

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Product review: Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, we need to arrange and do things that we love and like.
I just back from the Hello Kitty in Oz media blogger trip. You can click on the link to read about it.

Always be positive in life as there is up and down we need to go through.
So don't forget that we need to work hard party hard play hard.
Also time to take care of yourself too.
Do you have panda eyes?
The dark eyes circles that you wake up and see yourself in the mirror.
This mask Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask is so cute, you can see the sentence of
Bye Bye 'Panda Eyes'.

I have a short nap using this mask, putting on the mask for 10 min to 15 minutes.
This new cocoa brightening eye mask with cocoa and carmellia leaf extract recharges the eye contour area. I like using this mask as it gives me the refreshing feeling.

Having my pampering time, time out for my eyes 10 to 15min. 
This mask helps to recharge my eyes contour area with refreshing radiance.
It helps improve the appearance of dark circles.
Added with moisturizing essences derived from Sodirum Hyaluronate and Olive Oil, you can click the photo in pink for the ingredients.

The eye mask sheets are made with ultra thin mask sheet that fits perfectly on Asian's eye contour.
Ideal to use before party or work or before sleep.

There is no need to rinse, after 10 to 15 min, massage slightly with fingertips to aid absorption of the excess essence on skin.

This product is made in China.

guardian Cute Eye Mask retails at RM 1.98 per sheet. Meanwhile, guardian Warm Spa Eye Mask retails at RM19.90 per box with five sheets.

You can purchase this eye mask at Guardian outlets.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Give yourself a fresh start with Grand's Remedy

 It's Monday here, raining as well hope you are not feeling blue. Today I am going to blog about the Grand's Remedy Original Foot Powder.

Everyday without fail, we need to wear shoes to work or going outdoors. Do you know that it's important to give yourself a fresh start in the morning? Everyday footwear we are wearing, have you ever wonder does your footwear smell?

Check this Grand's Remedy Original Foot Powder, it's for smelly feet and footwear.
This product is made in New Zealand.
It is net contents 50gms Approx

 Nobody likes smelly feet or footwear, my son helped me with putting this Grand's Remedy powder in all the shoes that we wear daily. Son's knows that if the shoes is not dry enough under the sun can also caused smelly.
 First you'll need to shake the bottle well before use. Then place a spoonful of powder in each shoe daily for 7 to 10 days.

Do take note that only put powder into shoes worn daily! 

You can also put this powder on your feet, if you find that you feet sweats often.
Caution do not put on open wound!
 Thanks to son for daily putting the Grand's Remedy foot powder in our shoes.

Only put powder in 'problem' footwear, such as sneakers.

Now we can have wear the daily footwear with relieve, as it leaves our feet, shoes and socks odour.

Thinking what to purchase for loved ones? Sometimes they don't like to say it out that they have smelly feet or footwear. This can be a gift for them, it's suitable for people with 'problem' footwear.
Ingredients of Grand's Remedy:
Alum, Talc, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecytenate, Silicon Dioxide, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa, Patented NZ No:225231
my 4 years old son's shoes also need this Grand's Remedy

You can find this bottle of Grand's Remedy at 

Now there's special for my readers only, special code to use WEGW, you will be entitle for a 10% OFF on total bill.
You can find there also have cooling foot powder and scented foot powder available at the website.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Snail Mucus Yucca Vera Mask

It's Saturday evening and it's raining now.
Up next on product review on this blog is the Snail Mucus Yucca Vera Mask.
It is one of the Snail Mucus Face Mask range

Face looks tired and dull after five days of work. And you have a full schedule of events and parties to attend over the weekend?

guardian, the mask expert has the solution for with its exotic Snail Mucus and Golden Cocoon Face Masks. Formulated with Snail Mucus extract and Golden Cocoon extract, the masks have been dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for sensitive skin. The pampering treatment effectively provides hydrating and brightening benefits upon application.

The masks are manufactured with pure and natural cellulose TENCEL® sheet, a leading edge cellulosic fiber. TENCEL® sheets provide greater moisture retention power to hold in essence so your skin extracts the maximum benefit from the solution. The smooth surface of TENCEL® also creates a silky, textile-like feel for unrivalled comfort.

Aiding in skin rejuvenation, the Snail Mucus mask contains Snail Mucus extract that enhances skin elasticity and reduces the depth and appearance of wrinkles, improving skin smoothness. It comes in two different choices –Yucca Vera Extract with intense moisturising property, and White Peony Extract with intense brightening property.
Guardian Snail Mucus Moisturising Face Mask is formulated with snail mucus extract to enhance skin elasticity and helps skin rejunevation. It helps to reduce depth and appearance of wrinkles. 
This has infused with Yucca Vera extract, it grants skin with intense moisture and improves skin moisture barrier, leaving skin with a tenderly soft touch.

All I need just 10minutes to 15 minute. Then remove mask and massage slightly with fingertips to aid absorption of the excess essence on skin. No need to rinse,

Discard the mask after use.

guardian Snail Mucus Face Masks retail at RM 8.50 per sheet each.

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This Simply Men Volcanic Ash Pore Strips, it's for my man to use.

Looking for suitable nose strip for your man? Check this out. 

It remove stubborn blackheads and impurities on the nose.
With Simply Men Volcanic Ash Pore Strips that contain volcanic minerals which perform a powerful absorption of impurities to effectively unclog and deeply cleanse pores.

Let it try for about 10 to 15 min, until the strip feels stiff, slowly and carefully peel off the strip.
Starting at the edge pulling towards the centre.

If there's any residue, wash off with water.

For a smoother and clearer looking complexion, clear blackheads and tighten pores on the nose, but resist the temptation to pick at the blackheads or whiteheads with your nails as it can cause scarring.

guardian Simply Men Volcanic Ash Pore Strips contain volcanic minerals originated from Jeju Island, which perform a powerful absorption of impurities to unclog and deeply cleanse pores effectively. It also helps to remove stubborn blackheads and impurities on skin.

guardian Simply Men Volcanic Ash Pore Strips retail at RM 10.33 per box with ten strips.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

First time Hello Kitty makeup

Yesterday I attended the event at Quill City Mall, it is related to Hello Kitty, if you love to read more. Do click on the link to find out.

It's my first time to try out makeup the Hello Kitty, love it so much. Do you see bottom of my eyebrows the Hello Kitty bow? I used the eye liner that I get from the beauty box.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3-Step nose Pore Pack

You are looking at the 3-Step Nose Pore Pack, this pack is made in Korea. 
It has Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. 

Step 1 Softens Blackheads

This you just need 15 to 20 minutes. 

Empowered with 5 Botanical-Complex from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon to soften impurities and prepare skin for easy removal of white and blackheads in STEP 2.
Step 2 Removes Blackheads
This you'll need 10 min to 15 minutes
The peel off patch contains Kaolin to exfoliate and remove impurities as well as Aloe Vera to moisture and refresh skin.

Step 3 Refines Pores
This you'll need 5 to 10 minutes
Effectively refines and soothes pores with Pore-Refiner Complex to achieve a smoother, healthier and refreshed skin. 
photo of my nose patch on from right is Step 1 , second photo is Step 2, third photo is Step 3
Step 2 results, do you see the blackheads or whiteheads? 

Having a clean and beautiful nose is as easy as 1 -2-3! 

Having a clean nose is easy as 1-2-3. guardian 3-Step Nose Pore Pack features three steps to soften and remove white heads, blackheads, excessive sebum and impurities on nose area effectively.

Follow the exact sequences from STEP 1-2-3 in a continuous regime within the recommended duration to deliver the best results!

3-Step Nose Pore Pack retails at RM 9.32, you can find this only at Guardian.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Snail Mucus Face Mask review

Being mommy of two boys and blog editor of few blogs. I need time off for myself. So night time I would use mask to pamper self. 
The Snail Mucus mask contains Snail Mucus extract that enhances skin elasticity and reduces the depth and appearance of wrinkles, improving skin smoothness. It comes in two different choices –Yucca Vera Extract with intense moisturising property, and White Peony Extract with intense brightening property.

All I need is just 10 to 15 min of masking before I go to sleep. Then I remove the mask, no need rinse face. Discard the mask as it cannot be use anymore after that.

I like this mask as it provides skin rejuvenation. Above masked I have tried is the Snail Mucus Mask.

The masks are manufactured with pure and natural cellulose TENCEL® sheet, a leading edge cellulosic fiber. TENCEL® sheets provide greater moisture retention power to hold in essence so your skin extracts the maximum benefit from the solution. The smooth surface of TENCEL® also creates a silky, textile-like feel for unrivalled comfort.

Affordable and dermatologically tested and proven, Mrs Segolene Defline, Corporate Brand Director of Health & Beauty at The Dairy Farm Company Limited, said that guardian Snail Mucus and Golden Cocoon Face masks make “beauty and luxury within reach.”

Both guardian Snail Mucus and Golden Cocoon Face Masks retail at RM 8.50 per sheet each.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Run, Walk or Dance for health

Recently I have been active to take part in sports, well I would it is a run, walk, dance or just have fun in the games held at the event.

It's good to see everyone is willing to wake up early to go the venue or run to parking or car pool there.

My recent WIPRO Run, I almost went the wrong place as the waze shown is Bukit Jalil but check again because there the world Shah Alam behind it. We need to double check again, thanks to my dear for sending me there early in the morning.

It's my first time to join the Night Run too, I mean the Electric Run. It's fun and not hot in the night. The venue was bit far from my place, good to know my friend has book hotel nearby to stay with her family.

Yesterday was my first day of MP, lucky that I have rejected all the events. As I don't think I can attend any during this time. Last Sunday night, I had coffee drink 3-in-1 and it gives me a hard time to sleep.

By the way, there is Play-Doh roadshow happening at One Utama Shopping Centre, if you like to read more do click on the link for more info. I was told there will be special product promo on the day.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MTV World Stage 2015

Watsons Really Syok! campaign in conjunction with 5th Anniversary Watsons VIP Card. Click on the link for more info.
 Members can look forward for really syok redemption rewards and really syok members sale from 3 – 28 September. And for the first time, Watsons is partnering with MTV World Stage to reward members where passes can be redeem at only 500 points!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to get rid of stubborn makeup?

I love makeup and I know it's hard sometimes to remove these stubborn makeup, especially the waterproof mascara.

So I did a review on a product, SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Toweettes, click on the link to read about my review.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Fantastic FOUR limited edition card

Who doesn't like movie? It is part of lifestyle entertainment that we can't live without. Though I know one of my neighbour do not own a TV at all but they have radio and piano at home. I didn't check with them if they have smart phones.

Anyway I awaiting along time to sign up for TGV movie club, finally I did and here's my TGV Movie Club Fantastic 4 limited edition card. I signed up using the TGV Cinema app that I have installed in my phone. So I payment RM30, then I received email notification. I can collection the TGV Cinema Club card at any outlets of TGV Cinema within 90 days after the payment. I choose to go Sunway Pyramid, TGV Cinemas.

Have you seen FANTASTIC FOUR movie back in 1990s. I did and I enjoy the movie from head to the end of it.

New Fantastic Four in 2015 coming in cinema in August, do you think they are good like the 1994 movie? As we know now, the members of Fantastic Four are not the same people anymore. We'll have to wait and watch the movie to find out.

Doctor Doom
The Human Torch
Mister Fantastic
Susan Storm the invisible woman.

Which of the above is your favourite characters?

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fruits Salad Recipes

The Consultant Dietitian was explaining on what ingredients she's going to use during the event.

Health is important for everyone, if there's no health you can't enjoy life. So don't forget to eat healthy balance meal everyday. Fruits also important to everyday life, do you know there's new fruit salad bar available in MBG FruitShop, click on the link if you like to know the three fruit salad recipes shared by Consultant Dietitian. 
I love being Malaysian because we get to choose variety of food and fruits to eat. Being in oversea, I find it expensive to purchase fruits that I like to eat. In Malaysia, I can eat fruits that I easy to find especially in MBG FruitShop with variety of choice of fruits. 

 Healthy Toppings available at MBG Salad Bar:-


 Full list of healthy products selling at MBG which is also suitable for salad preparation:- ( Items mark in * = not in topping choices)


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reebonz during the #CheckIn2Win campaign, with RM500,000 in prizes

Everyone Is A Winner With Sure-Win Prizes

Get on board to RM500,000 in prizes including 56 luxury product prizes when you shop online with Reebonz during the #CheckIn2Win campaign that will run from June 23rd to 30th.

The campaign, hosted on Reebonz’ homepage, gives global participants the opportunity to win from unlimited prizes by selecting a seat on its simulated flight booking page.

The campaign is a welcome surprise for luxury-focused consumers looking for the best offers of genuine handbags, shoes and small leather goods ahead of the festive season.

This June campaign is designed to resonate with the summer break and the anticipation of ‘balik kampung’. A simulated flight-seating plan is a perfect reminder of the good times ahead on holiday, catching up with family and friends and breaking away from the norm. Participants can click on any of the seats they like and they will win a prize instantly. Unlike most contests everyone stands to win something, delivering exciting opportunities this summer break.

Any seat chosen from 10am to midnight uncovers a sure-win prize that can be redeemed for bigger savings from Reebonz’ online sale events. However eight extraordinarily lucky participants each day, stand to win exciting prizes worth more than RM500,000 during the week long campaign. Different surprises are revealed every day, encouraging participants to better their luck each day of departing with a bigger shopping haul.

This is a contest with no losers, only winners. You don't want to lose this chance, if you like to win something do take part and get on board this flight to accessible luxury!

For more information and to participate log on to www.reebonz.com.my.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara

It's my first time to try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara, what I can say is I likes it. Though I can't my eyelash curler, I still used this to put on my eyelashes. 
It lasted me more than 8 hours the other day. 

pearls earrings, pearls necklace and pearls bracelet
Black top purchase from Klang Parade
Bag from Zalora
Beads shoes purchase from sales at Mydin Mall Subang

The day I attended the "Sihat and Anggun Sempena Aidilfitri" Guardian, click on the link to know more of the event. 

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Apple Cranberry Sauce Muffin recipe

It's important to keep the doctor away by eating an apple a day, have you heard of this?

Apple Cranberry Sauce Muffin that you like to try.

Apple Sauce:
1 tablespoon butter
5 green apples (peeled and diced into small pieces)
2 tablespoons Kordel's Sweet Sante
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup 21st Century Cranberry Juice
2 tablespoon corn starch (mix with 1/4 cup of water)

1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
150gm flour
25gm Quaker Plus Oats Bran Powder
1 egg
170gm soft brown sugar
70gm melted butter
220ml low fat milk
2 tablespoons New Zealnd Manuka Raw Honey
Baking paper cups of muffin casings

Preparation methods:
Melt butter in a pan and add Kordel's Sweet Sante and apples and ground cinnamon, keep stiring until the apples are a bit soft. Add 21st Century Cranberry Juice and let it boil. Once boiling add the corn starch mixture and stir it til it thickens. Leave it cool.

Mix baking powder with flour and Quaker PlusOats Bran Powder in a mixing bowl. In another bowl, whisk the egg and brown sugar until the sugar dissolves and add melted butter and mix well. Add flour mixture into the egg mixture bit by bit alternating it with milk. Mix slowly to make sure there are no clumps. Add in the honey and the apple sauce, mix thoroughly.

Fill muffin cups 3/4 full and bake it at 190 degree for 25 minutes. 
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Antabax, Giant and Guardian Launch Shared Health, Shared Hope Campaign in Support of WAO

Antabax, Giant and Guardian Launch ‘Shared Health, Shared Hope’ Campaign In Support of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) 5% Percent of Antabax Sales in Giant and Guardian Outlets Over Two Months Channeled to WAO’s Refuge and Child Care Centre
Thank you Ning Baizura!, (from L to R) Ning BaizuraGroup Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Angeline Sim during the handing over token of appreciation ceremony to Ning Baizura.

Antabax, a trusted and innovative antibacterial personal care range, leading retailer Giant and Malaysia’s largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail, Guardian are collaborating on the “Shared Health, Shared Hope” (“Kesihatan Dikongsi, Harapan Diberi”) fundraising campaign in support of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO).

The campaign that will run from June 1, 2015 to July 31, 2015 will see 5% of sales from the entire Antabax antibacterial personal care range from all Giant and Guardian outlets nationwide channeled to WAO in support of its Refuge and Child Care Centre.

WAO, which was founded in 1982, aims to create a society that is free of violence against women. WAO provides emotional, social and material support for survivors of domestic violence; strengthens the capacity of women that have been abused to manage themselves by providing temporary refuge services; and creates awareness on issues of violence against women.

Often forgotten are the children who may be traumatized, threatened and unable to cope with the violence within their families.

For these children, home is not a refuge. Their exposure to domestic violence can have a powerful and profound impact on their lives and hopes for the future. Studies show that children who witness domestic violence are more likely to be affected by violence as adults, either as victims or perpetrators1.
WAO’s Executive Director, Ms Sumitra Visvanathan, Ning Baizura, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Angeline Sim, Senior Category Manager, Merchandising-Health & Beauty of GCH Retail (M) Sdn Bhd, Ms Ellen Wong Ching May. 

According to Ms Angeline Sim, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, the brand is actively working with different organizations to bring about positive change and better outcomes for those in need. As a family focused brand, Antabax is invested in helping children, women and men in terms of physical, emotional and social health towards building a healthier and stronger nation.

“Charity fundraising is a an annual event for Antabax, and as we enter into Ramadan and the festive Aidilfitri season we want consumers to think about those who need their assistance to start afresh and to have access to the same benefits that many of us take for granted. For those women and children who have sought help from WAO to break out of the cycle of violence, Antabax working with Giant and Guardian, would like to be able to lend a hand in their time of need through the support of our users. Ideally we would want families who are breaking out of the cycle of violence to have a happy and safe environment to celebrate the festive season, and a base to start their new lives,” she said.

Ms Ellen Wong Ching May, Senior Category Manager, Merchandising-Health & Beauty of GCH Retail (M) Sdn Bhd said, “Giant is proud to continue our successful collaboration with Antabax for the fifth successive year, by bringing the strength of our strategic network of stores to help raise funds for WAO. All our 129 stores across Malaysia will be participating in this program,” she said.

 WAO’s Executive Director, Ms Sumitra Visvanathan, Senior Category Manager, Merchandising-Health & Beauty of GCH Retail (M) Sdn Bhd, Ms Ellen Wong Ching May, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Angeline Sim.

WAO’s Executive Director, Ms Sumitra Visvanathan said that WAO through Refuge and Child Care Centre, offers an important service for women and children who need refuge and as they make the decision to break the cycle of violence. The Refuge and Child Care Centre is the base for a few hundred women and children every year as they rebuild their lives.

Currently, The Refuge and Child Care Centre provide shelters an average of 100 women and 120 children every year. The Refuge occupies a space of approximately 12,000 square feet, and has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a kitchen, an administration office and a storeroom.

“We require a minimum of RM1.2million annually for our programs, and much of this comes from corporate and individual donors. We have been blessed with committed donors over the years. Antabax and Giant are supporting us for the second time and we welcome them again to the list of women-friendly organisations that support us,” Ms Visvanathan said.

Also present at the launch is songstress Ning Baizura that lending her beautiful and powerful voice to the audience.

“Children who are exposed to violence at home need trusted adults to turn to for help and comfort, and services that will help them cope with their experience. WAO is capable is giving the children the safety and help they need to have a better future in life. I hope more people will support this campaign because the women and children we help are somebody’s daughters, somebody’s sisters, somebody’s mothers, and somebody’s friends. Let us make them somebody special through our gift of hope,” said Ning Baizura.

To support WAO, drop by any Giant or Guardian outlet and purchase any Antabax product. To find out more about the Antabax Shared Health, Shared Hope charity fundraising, please visit www.facebook.com/NewAntabax.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

XES Signature Launch at Quill City Mall

I attended the XES Signatured Launch at Quill City Mall, the main concourse. Look at the crowd of media and bloggers, everyone enjoy themselves at the event. This is "Tales of Olympus" launch, XES has also designed a wide collection of handbags suited for the fashion-conscious as well as those that celebrates the laid-back ease of the day, that relishes the courageous spirit and enjoys the unhurried people of embracing the little things.

For your info XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for everyday family use. XES was founded under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd, in 2002.

XES has successfully reached all corners of peninsular Malaysia, yeah there's a XES outlet near me. XES has more than 80 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes including AEON, Giants, Tesco, AEON Big and various celebrated malls. There are collections of ladies', mens' and children's shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. The concept catered includes casual, semi-casual, formal and sporty.

Now check out the collection's modern take on Greek-inspired style draws its inspiration from the ancient Greece and its influence from the future. Photos taken by me during the Fashion Show.
Pretty Mico Pun holding XES's ladies shoe. 
XES Brand Ambassador Miss Mico Pun - winner of Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 was also in attendance representing the women's spirit and silent confidence when donning the divine and modern footwear.

Red handbag the model's is holding matching the XES ladies shoe. You can never go wrong with red handbag.
The collection's modern take on Greek-inspired style draws its inspiration from the ancient Greece and its influence from the future.

Besides fashion show, they have other pampering session at the concourse. Who wants to get their hands pampered by The Sompotan Spa.
There's a makeover session at the event, look at them they are busy with the dancer's makeup.
They are from Sense&Beauty Beauty Academy
You can find them at http://facebook.com/SenseAndStyleBeautyAcademy

Are you eyeing for ladies shoes and men shoes?
My friends like the ladies bags below, nice handbag they say. 
XES products are all prices inclusive of 6% GST.

Here's a snap shot with lovely bloggers that attended the event.

If you like what you see and like to see more check out https://www.facebook.com/YESConceptStore

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