Sunday, March 8, 2015

Looking for property in Subang Jaya

I have friends with interest to purchase property in Subang Jaya, some friends told me that they have children studying in nearby college in Subang Jaya or Sunway. Subang Jaya is a large town ship, it is considered a middle class - high end location to live in with mixture of different ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay & Indian). With Internet access today, we can check online for property buyer. Check out the website named PropSocial , I would like to suggest to my friends to check out this website as they have properties of Subang Jaya and nearby property for their information. They have properties for sale and for rent of strategic location Subang Jaya because of Klang Valley MRT project.

I visited the website and I find out user friendly and easy to browse. The property for sale, I find total of 129 listed properties for sale namely condominium, terrace, bangalow, office. However when I want to find just terrace house in Subang Jaya, I key in the words for search it doesn't show any result of terrace house in Subang Jaya. In the website there is a Neighbourhood review about Subang Jaya, maybe because they are still new and needs time to increase number of property for sale available.

Apart from finding of properties in Subang Jaya, they have interest to find for property for rent because they want to their children are going to sign up for college nearby Subang Jaya. There is a discussion for you to inquiry if you have anything to ask about. I saw some questions there and the property agents are happy to answer the queries.

PropSocial is the first property website in Malaysia to feature honest reviews directly from the community, with an easy-to-use interface that will help users find their ideal property within minutes. If you are seeking to purchase property in Malaysia, take a look at this website as their property services to users for all walks of lives, before, during and after the process of buying and selling a property.


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