Thursday, April 16, 2015

Experience Deep Clean Foaming Cleansers with 2X Brightening and Hydrating Benefits From Neutrogena

Experience the Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser with 2X the brightening power and the Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser with 2X the hydrating power from Neutrogena, the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand in the United States.

Both variants are from the Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser family and are ideal for common skin problems faced by Malaysians such as dull and oily skin.

They feature Neutrogena’s Unique Deep Clean® formula with a rich creamy lather that cleans deep down into pores dissolving dirt, oil and makeup, removing 99% of impurities to leave skin fresh and clean, and with excellent oil control for the T-Zone for a shine-free look.

The formula is clinically proven to effectively reduce clogged pores from the very first use for clear and healthy looking skin, lathering luxuriously for gentle yet effective cleansing.

The range is ideal for users in tropical climates like Malaysia who battle scorching sunshine and environmental pollution outdoors that can lead to dull skin. While the drying effect of air-conditioned environments in offices, lecture halls and shopping malls can lead to dry skin and fine lines which are the precursors of wrinkles.

A complete cleansing regimen starting with a deep cleaning cleanser is the foundation of a healthy and radiant complexion. This is why Neutrogena is introducing the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser with double brightening and the Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser with double hydrating power to provide a real solution to real skincare problems.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser
The Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser provides effective cleansing with 99% impurity removal and double the hydration power to leave skin looking clean and supple thanks to special water mineral complex which are known to improve skin hydration 2.

It is ideal as a morning cleanser as its fresh scent is a pick-me-up, the long-lasting shine control properties help keep skin looking cleaner for longer and the hydration boost can counter some of the drying effects of sleeping in an air-conditioned environment.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser
The Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser provides 99% impurity removal that leaves the face looking clean and bright thanks to mulberry extract and clinically proven whitening vitamin complex to boost skin fairness with every wash.

It is an ideal night cleanser as it effectively removes dirt, excess oil and skin dulling residue from environmental pollutants as well as makeup and sunscreen. The sweet fruity scent is calming and helps you unwind after a long day.

Make Neutrogena a part of your daily beauty regimen choosing from our range of make-up removers, deep clean series of cleansers and exfoliating scrubs.

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser and Hydrating Foaming Cleanser are now available at all Guardian and Watsons outlets. Click on above link for the product review I have done.

Get both variants at RM 21.70 each to complete your daily skin care regime!
2 Clinical Test Report: Post Wash Sebum Removal and Hydration Attenuation Assessment Formula 1053-175 Study # SB02-02

About Neutrogena
Neutrogena® Corporation, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, Neutrogena® offers some of the world’s most loved beauty and skincare lines, and manufactures and markets products in over 70 countries.


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