Sunday, December 11, 2016

Enchanteur: Simple Steps to a Magical Day

Women today strive to be accomplished, be it at relationships or career wise. She might face hurdles at balancing work, personal life and hobbies; however she is not a lackluster. She knows what she should do to face her activity-filled day confidently. Shall we find out how? It's gonna be a great gift for this Christmas season.

Scent, often known as the fifth sense, is closely linked with memory. A familiar scent evokes certain memories of experiences or events. A signature scent creates a synesthesia of sensorial experience and triggers a myriad of emotions including romantic attraction. Scents undeniably are distinct and have the ability to strengthen impressions, especially on the first meet and also provide cues for desired moods.

ENCHANTEUR prides herself as a connoisseur of fragranced personal care products which are infused with French-inspired fine fragrances to sustain and reignite romance in the relationship. Each selection of fragrances are specially curated with French perfumers to not only provide the best indulgent skin care and wondrous journey of love. Its lingering delightful scent is bound to amplify your presence, boost confidence and create magical moments every day.


gift ideas for this Christmas

Start your day with ENCHNATEUR Perfumed Shower Crème. The permeating refreshing scent perks you up as you lather yourself. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower Crème acts as a foundation for your daily scent routine. The concoction of fine floral fragrance makes every shower moment an indulgent experience to keep you feeling gorgeous throughout the day. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower range is also formulated with moisturizing ingredients that softens your skin while it cleanses. To unwind after a long day, the shower crème is apt for a relaxing, pampering experience.

beautiful set of Enchanteur's products

Enchanteur’s French-inspired fine fragrance makes you feel more exhilarating and attractive. You never know who you will bump into, or any romance opportunities that may come your way – but boy, are you prepared to stop anyone in their tracks! Make ENCHANTEUR fragrances, your daily mantra for that mesmerizing love at every sniff effect.

Slather on some ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Lotion after showering on damp skin to provide extra moisture boost and to optimize absorption for softer, supple skin. ENCHANTEUR perfumed body lotions which are infused with ENCHNATUER fragrances keeps your skin plump and moisturized all day long. Truly an opportunity to leave a lovely impression as you shake hands firmly with your silky soft skin.

Thereafter, for a confidence booster, the application of deodorant or body mist is highly recommended. As we perspire throughout the day even when we are in air conditioned environments, having the ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Roll-on Deodorant or Body Mist applied on your underarms will help you continuously stay fresh and every ready to take on your activities.

Look at this beautiful set it contains of body lotion Romanctic, Shower creme Whitening Intriguing, Celebrate Love frangraces, charming roll-on deodorant. 

beautiful set for loved ones for this holiday seasons.

Product Info
The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Shower range retails at RM9.20 to RM13.65. The ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Body Lotion range retails at RM7.50 - RM21.00; while the ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Deodorants are retailed from RM4.90 to RM11.90. The ENCHANTEUR Eau de Toilette range retails from RM18.75 to RM33.50.

ENCHANTEUR products are available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. For more information, about ENCHANTEUR please log on to or check out Enchanteur’s Facebook at

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Monday, December 5, 2016

"Christmas Beauty Box Giveaway Worth RM600 by Anil Wanina"

*Sila klik banner diatas untuk join*

Hadiah :
1 x cash voucher dari Premier Clinic
1 x beauty box dari The Face Shop
1 x beauty box dari Missha
1 x beauty box dari Premier Clinic
2 x beauty box dari Skinfood

Tarikh Giveaway : 5 Disember - 15 Disember 2016

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Demeter Cushion Perfume review

 It's easy to carry and small, you can refer to the photo above. This is Demeter Cushion Perfume, simple, subtle, singular scents. Just nice the size can put in the bag, love the scent of this perfume. Even my 5 years old son says nice smell.

I won this from instagram contest, if you didn't follow me on instagram can get start now @sherrygo

 I received an email on 16 November that I won this prize. Today is 28 November 2016, courier came and the guy nonstop asking if this is my prize or not.

Looking for their updates can find on  @08l_Malaysia (for Instagram) or 
@08litermalaysia (for Facebook)
#08L #08LMalaysia  #demeter #demetercushionparfume #kbeauty
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Friday, November 4, 2016

Macaron Lip Balm

I am so happy I just receive this all the way from Korea. It's a contest I took part in instagram, do follow my instagram @sherrygo.

Yesterday was my birthday and I have also received some nice prize that I won. You can also check them out at my instagram, also thank you friends for sending me nice gifts.

Look the parcel above, love this Macaron lip balm has the scent of chocolate. The character is on Sesame Street, do you know who is it?
Follow also @08l_Malaysia (for Instagram) or @08litermalaysia (for Facebook)

#08L #08LMalaysia #itsskin #macaron #lipbalm #kbeauty
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Enchanteur Paris for loved ones

 Busy parenting, didn't stop me from loving myself. Loving to use the Enchanteur Paris, I have shared the Enchanteur Paris body care lotion that I have earlier. You can click on the post to read it, I also have kept a bottle in car to use.

 The Enchanteur Paris set consists of the following:
1. Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie parfum anti-persirant deodorant
2. Enchanteur Paris Adore parfum deo mist
3. Enchabteur Paris Belle Amour triple whitening parfum lotion

 Enchabteur Paris Belle Amour triple whitening parfum lotion, it's suitable for me as I am always out in the day time for fetch my children home. I find this lotion just nice not too thick, I am keeping this tube with me for my daily use.

 Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie parfum anti-persirant deodorant, ready on the go, just rolled on. This is inspired by sheer happiness, I like the yellow color of this bottle makes me feel like a sunshine everyday. Love this as this has offers the charming scent.

Enchanteur Paris Adore parfum deo mist, easy to use and just spray once is enough for me. Enchanteur Paris Adore has a combination of floral scents and fruity scents evokes a sence of nostalgic magic of lasting impression relieved everyday.

In attaining the confidence, having healthy skin which is our first line of defense against germs, UV rays and pollutants is of utmost importance.

Discover the secret to beautiful skin and captivating persona with Enchanteur Paris. You can shop this as ideal gifts for loved ones. The prices are affordable and ideal gift for special ones.

Enchanteur Paris Parfum Lotion and Serum range 85ml and 100ml tube. 
Retail at RM7.50 to RM7.90 (85ml/100ml).
Enchanteur Paris Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant RM8.70 per 50ml bottle.
Enchanteur Paris Parfum Deo Mist RM10.10 (100ml spray can)

If you like to more about the products, you can visit
If you have Facebook can follow the updates on

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Monday, October 17, 2016


Who doesn't has a phone today? I am sure most people having one phone, so what is your phone model? Christmas is coming soon, you can make them for your loved ones. I know some friends like to change hp casing often.
beautiful customize phone casing for loved ones, spot which is mine?

 Here comes the phone cover I have personalized it for my son, it has my parenting blog about my kids on it.

 Loving to shop online and personalized products, above are products for loved ones. If you haven't read about it can click on the link.

If you want to know about latest trend in instant photo printing, do click on the link to read it.
 Even my son is happy to have personalized mug, they are so many choices that you can choose online. You can click on the link to visit my son's blog for details.

Lets check out the available phone model for the customise phone casing. Just to let you know as I check to know what are the model of phone casing available.

No          Model

1              Samsung  Note 2

2              Samsung  Note 3

3              Samsung  Note 4

4              Samsung  Note 5

5              Samsung S3

6              Samsung S3 Mini

7              Samsung S4

8              Samsung S4 Mini

9              Samsung S5

10           Samsung S6

11           Iphone 4

12           Iphone 5/5s

13           Iphone 5c

14           Iphone 6+

15           Iphone 6s

16           Iphone 6

Don't just read here, go send photo you want print to 019-9858151 via Whatsapp.
 Term and condition:
· Offer valid while stocks last.
· Offer until 30 Nov 2016.
· Offer are subject to change without prior notice.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Carefully curated selections create delicious combinations for a sumptuous experience

When life gives you a reason to celebrate, look no further than The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) for a selection of 15 different party packs to suit every occasion. Eliminate the fuss and elevate the experience with selections from Party Classics, Party Signature or Party Premium!

A gracious host is always anxious to create a suitable, stress-free environment so guests can enjoy themselves; with the new CB&TL Party Packs, planning a party becomes a breeze – simply view, select and pre-order online!

“The new and reimagined Party Packs from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® are carefully curated and designed to help anyone organise a classy party experience, without the stress of choosing from a long list of menu items – with this peace of mind, hosts can concentrate on their guests and have a good time themselves. This is an extension of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s continuous efforts to provide an environment where great conversations are shared and good memories are created,” said Ms. Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia.

Curating an exciting selection of party food is harder than it might appear – each Party Pack is the result of 1½ years of development and testing to ensure that the flavours complement that of other items on the menu. Customers can choose from sweet selections such as Chocolate Delight, Citrus Carnival and Tart Attack; or savoury selections such as Quiche Delish, Puffs n’ Pies and Cali Sliders.

To enhance the enjoyment of the Party Packs, CB&TL recently revealed two new whole leaf oolong teas, sourced from the Nantou County Mountains of Taiwan – Osmanthus Oolong is a medium-body blend with a delicate floral aroma and flavour, while the Limited Edition Tung Ting Oolong refreshes the senses with its peach and floral aroma and mildly sweet flavour. The making of the Osmanthus Oolong is a time-sensitive, multi-step process that goes back many generations; from the delicate timing to hand-pluck the Osmanthus flower at its freshest when it is ready for scenting once a year to the four-time rolling process to increase flavour. The special Tung Ting Oolong goes through an exclusive 14-step process, beginning with hand-plucking the freshest top two leaves and a bud.

Peruse these teas and all 15 Party Pack options online and find out more about CB&TL’s latest offerings, news and promotions at or follow the CB&TL Facebook page, or the CB&TL Instagram account @coffeebeanMY.

About The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is the oldest and largest privately-held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States. Embodying a passion for connecting loyal customers to one another with carefully handcrafted products, the company is known for sourcing and providing the finest ingredients and flavours from around the world. For over 50 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has demonstrated a passion for product innovation epitomized by The Original Ice Blended® beverage. The company has grown to be an international icon and currently has over 1000 stores in 30 countries. For more information, please visit or “like” them on Facebook.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

International Ariste Jessie Chung launches her first English EP "There You Are"

Dr Jessie Chung, a Sarawak-born international singer,
actress, and entrepreneur, launched her first English EP
‘There You Are’ recently. She has already taken on the
Chinese market with great success. Spreading her wings
further, this EP will be Dr Jessie’s launch pad for entry into
the English market. Dr Jessie Chung’s EP will feature three
songs “There You Are”, “Drive My Heart” and “Someplace
The launched was held at Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang Jaya.

“I would like to dedicate this EP to both my father and my husband,” said Dr Jessie Chung. “I want to tell everyone that it is important to cherish your loved ones while they are still alive and I hope that, through my music, I am able to touch the hearts of many and get this message across.”

Dr Jessie adds, “I am very fortunate to be always surrounded by good people that have my best interest – be it my loved ones, friends and colleagues. And it is because of them that I have the courage to spread my wings and fly. I am not afraid of change, and to try new things. So far, I am very grateful that the Chinese market has accepted my work. I think it is timely to move into the English market and to make my music truly international.”

Dr Jessie has released seven other albums, notably Home, Loving You, Message of Love from the Moon, Love in You, I Just Fall in Love Again, and Tearless Sky. Her single "Love in You" was selected as the theme song for the Korean TV series My Secret Garden in Taiwan. Jessie Chung’s last album rose to fourth place on the I Radio Top Hits Chart and 6th place on the Pop Radio Top Ten Music Chart in Taiwan, just within two weeks of her initial release.

‘There You Are’ is produced by Andy James Court, a renowned Australian veteran musician who is known for his rock ‘n’ roll style during the early years of his career. He has won over thirty international music awards and was the recipient of the 2015 Song of the Year Award. The music video was filmed and produced by Elijah Cavanagh, a film director from Brisbane, Australia.

“The filming of the music video for There You Are has been such a journey,” said Jessie. “We spent two days and nights, travelling on the road throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast to shoot the music video. It was very cold at around 10 degrees Celsius, but I was not allowed to wear a sweater to keep myself warm. The most unforgettable moment was the one at the beach. As I was walking on the top of the cliff next to the ocean, I nearly fell down, but luckily, being trained with Wushu skills, I was able to maintain my balance.”

At the recording sessions, producer Andy praised Jessie for her beautiful voice and vocal techniques which were beyond his expectations. He was very surprised, during production, how easily she fulfilled all his requirements; her tone, pitch, and emotions were perfect. What surprised him even more was that Jessie, who isn’t a native English speaker, accentuated well when she sang, and he praised generously.

Dr Jessie’s artist manager in Australia, Jonathan Timm said, “As her artist manager, I am privileged to work with her and to introduce her into the Australian market. I’ve listened to three songs in the album, and I love them. What’s really different about these songs are that they are big songs; like “anthems” played at stadiums, moving all those that sing along with it. As for the music video, I found the aesthetics clean and polished, and, of course, Jessie looks amazing in it. I think her fans are going to love it.”

“My goal is to help her achieve the widest exposure and acceptance in the English-speaking markets, and this includes the Australian and the global markets through different forms of distribution, especially digital marketing. The change of image is part of the plan as well. In this English EP, we have created a new image for her, portraying a different side of Jessie who is energetic yet fun-loving,” Timm added. “We are all so excited to introduce this new image of her!”

Mr Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore said, “Warner Music is one of the world's leading music publishers and we represent some of the most established artistes in Malaysia. We are very proud to have also been Dr Jessie Chung’s distribution partner since her last Chinese album, “Tearless Sky”, and now once again for her EP “There You Are”

Choy continued, “I would like to highlight that the EP will be available on various digital platforms including iTunes, KK Box, Spotify, Deezer, Joox from 2 September 2016 onwards. We hope that you enjoy these songs as much as we did.”

“There You Are” can be purchased digitally on iTunes and KK Box, and the album will be available in all NHF outlets nationwide. Get a copy of the EP today or download from iTunes.

If you like to view more photo, you can find it at my Facebook Fan page, click on the link to view it. Dr Jessie Chung has fringe and black hair but now she makeover which is blond hair and no more fringe. I would say it matches her well.

You can also follow Jessie Chung's official facebook for updates.
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Creamy Cappuccino review

I love to diy dye my hair and here's the photo link to view on my Facebook Fan Page. Click on the link to view it. You can find this product exclusively at Watsons Malaysia. It's my first time using this product and often other products I tried I can smell the very strong chemical. This one gives me a fruity smell and doesn't irritate my skin.

I have got Beautylabo Whip Hair Color which is creamy cappucino. I have got friends told me that this color suits me a lot and asking me is it I have tried the product. Yes this is it!

creamy cappuccino
here is the photo of my hair color before I used the product
a description on the box to show the hair color result as depend on individual's hair color.
the packaging of the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color
there's a leaflet attached to it so you can refer
skin allergy test procedure is important.
the items that contains in the box is all you need for hair dye, pink sachet is hair conditioner.
after mixing the two bottle of product don't forget to shake it for 30 times! The longer you shake the better, yeah you can shake it hard! I tried and it has no leak at all.
30 minutes of waiting
the result of hair color and I like it!
snapchat: namesherry

The product is affordable and I dyed my hair by myself and sometimes I helped to dye my mom's hair too. We share the same interest in dye hair, she will likes her hair dye before Chinese New Year. Just 30 minutes you need and another 30 minutes if you want to shower and dress up to go function or party! Simple and easy to use, if you are worry you can bring it along to nearest salon to dye your hair.

I am also on social media instagram @sherrygo and twitter @sherrygo, as well as snapchat namesherry. You can also follow my Facebook Profile for my daily updates and others.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Official Launch

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Official Launch
 Few days ago I attended the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color Official Launch, the event was held at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid.

If you like DIY hair color products, you will like to check out the new Beautylabo Whip Hair Color to achieve fabulous coloring result with specially formulated and improved hair color range from Japan.

In the box of Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour, contains of a container, 2 bottles color base and developer, a pair of glove.

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color has just arrived with its new improved technology. Offering easier application and better coloring results from your home sweet home.

In conjunction with their 111th anniversary of celebrating the birth of Hoyu, now you can find latest product BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR at WATSONS.
hair model having dye Maple Brown hair colour
 If you like to view more photos, check out Facebook Fan Page, I have uploaded the photos there, click on the link to view it. There are two hair models of the day that get their hair color on the spot by Steven.

BEAUTY WHIP HAIR COLOR consists of two liquids to ease the whole preparing process. Simply mix the two liquids together and shake vigorously at least 30 times in the provider shaker container till the mixture frothed up. Scoop it up with your gloved hands, and apply the required amount.

For short hairstyle you might even be able to share with your friend
hair model having hair dye with Sakura Pink hair color

The NEW BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR contains four fruit extracts (Peach Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Apple Juice) infused with honey and rose water. These ingredients adds shines and leaves your hair well moisturised.
from left beauty Miss Malaysia @vanessatevi and @careyons, an international school teacher.
 Invited guests in the house take turns to give testimonial of the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color that they have tried.

hair model on the left after Maple Brown color used, hair model on the right after Sakura Pink color used.
The hair models are happy with the results of the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color they have tried on spot of the event. A among the 6 colors, Maple Brown 4-0 stands as their hero product.

Just 30 minutes (developing time), you can even do this before you attend the function or event. You just need an hour to do it at your comfort home.

I like to dye hair myself and also helping my mom to color her hair. Now the NEW Beautylabo Whip Hair Color has 6 colors to choose from. I am thinking which to get start!

The BEAUTYLABO WHIP HAIR COLOR is now available exclusively at Watsons stores.

The BEAUTY LABO WHIP HAIR COLOR available in 6 colors, namely Honey Custard, Sakura Pink, Misty Ash, Milktea Beige, Creamy Cappucino, and Maple Brown.

Normal retail selling price at RM31.69 per box (inclusive of 6% gst).

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Shopping@ Althea for Korean beauty products

Althea is my favorite Korean beauty shopping site for all my skincare & beauty needs. I love the great service, amazing deals and giveaways. Sharing is caring so here's my reward code ATAMY20-8487-KGOZH-BJYS for a special discount. More information You’re going to love Althea!

Here's my pink box from Althea, online shopping is easy and convenient, it is ship direct from Korea. It arrived in less than 10 days. To know what I have shopped, can check scroll down to view.You can find many brands at the website, the website is user friendly and easy to browse. I have bought a few times from Althea and I am happy they delivery to me on time and loving the pink parcel too. The pink parcel is good to use, can use to keep things I love and also use as gift box to present loved ones.

Sku Qty Subtotal
Angry Bird Edition
01-1.Angry Bird My Brow Tint Gel_Brown
EHEAB003 1 RM28.00
Selfie Perfect concealer
21 Light Beige
WCHSP005 1 RM20.00
CP-1 Oriental Herbal Cleansing Set
03. Set(Shampoo+Treatment)
PIOOH003 1 RM52.00
Raspberry Hair Vinegar PIORV001 1 RM31.00
Witch's Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick
01. Selfie Red&Gloss
WCHSD001 1 RM25.00
[Hot Deal] Nightingale Non Wash Perfume Treatment
IPNPH002 1 RM6.00
[Hot Deal] Nightingale Non Wash Perfume Treatment
IPNPH004 1 RM6.0
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Mercura Krabi Deevana

Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

Sakura White

Sakura White
click image

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party
Laser Tag eCurve

Dove pampering moment

Dove pampering moment
click image

Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
Lai Mien Sifu and Me

MY Parenting Website


Champagne served

Champagne served
Click image

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