Thursday, March 10, 2016

6 Trends In Jewelry To Wear This Season

You would agree that a woman looks more graceful and charming with jewelry. A woman feels special with this accessory and it definitely enhances her beauty. Necklaces, earrings, bangles and finger rings are worn by one and all.

With the introduction of fashion jewelry, wearing jewelry has become affordable. They are readily available and you can choose to have a set that goes with every apparel. Online shopping has made it easy to compare, research and buy.

We had a look online to see what are the trends this season and what are people buying often.

1. Six-piece finger ring set

As fashion evolves, boundaries are pushed, and women find new ideas to adorn themselves. We had a look at what is best selling in finger rings.

Women are loving the six-piece finger rings set. These set have rings to adorn your knuckles and mid fingers too. And the set of six combinations matches and adorn your finger completely. You can wear them on any finger, but the best noticeable place is the middle, index, and the ring finger.
You would get a variety of these ring sets at Aliexpress Malaysia. The vintage Turkish beach collection is adorable. Visit Aliexpress and buy them now.There is also a reduction in price now.

2. The six earring sets

After the six finger rings, the six earring sets at Zalora caught our attention. These earrings are mainly studs, but they have enticing colors and unusual designs. More than being a value pack, they are a beautiful combination. If you are looking in Malaysia, jewelry shop online, visit Zalora. And has all the latest verified offers at Zalora. The six earring sets from Call It Spring are quite popular among buyers. Other than Call it Spring, you can also get them from ALDO and Something Borrowed. Mix and match with your attire and look perfect.

3. Chunky Necklaces

Chunky and heavy necklaces are in fashion. They are glamorous and have a dramatic look. It can go as chokers or little hanging ones as you can easily adjust the length of these necklaces. Some have luxurious crystals and intricately cut chains. Some have the tribal looks and can go well with casuals too. Saturation, Call it Spring, Something borrowed, River Island, Mango has some of the rare and luxurious collection of all. Visit Zalora Malaysia and I bet you would love them.

4. Thin long necklaces with pendants

If you are not really fond of those heavy extravagant ones, you can wear these thin, gorgeous chains with perfect pendants. They too are in fashion and fit perfectly with the everyday look. You can wear the thin layered ones around the neck or wear the long ones with a heavy noticeable pendant, hanging right in style.

5. Charm bracelets

Again chunky bracelets are in fashion. A combination of charms, wrap leather, ropes, chains, beads completes these bracelets. They are multilayered and fill the wrist completely. The materials used are varied. From brass, steel, acrylic, wood, synthetic, these bracelets are an example of balance in diversity.

6. Wear them in sets

Fashion jewelry sets are trendy and can be worn for all occasions. Big and bold, these sets would draw the attention of many. You would just love the idea of your jewelry matching with each other. Usually, the sets have earrings and necklaces, but sometimes they have the finger ring too, to go with all. This jewelry set is perfect for a busy mom or even business woman. Go and grab one of the Aliexpress jewelry sets.

So whether you are looking for casual women’s jewelry or the real dressy ones, you can find it all. If you are looking for short to long, or statement to dainty styles, go ahead and buy them as they are in fashion. Browse online for the new season jewelry at Zalora or Aliexpress. And if you do not want to miss any of those discounts and offers currently going on in these stores, visit CouponBelanja to find the offers running in these stores.


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