Saturday, December 30, 2017

HairMax+ your hair growth solution

It's last day of 2017, I want to share with you the HairMax+ it's a hair care products. HairMax+ Malaysia was founded by Dato' Foo Mei Yen and Sean Phan in December 2016. They were inspired to start a company that would provides its customers a simple-to-use and effective hair care solution at an affordable price. HairMax+ Malaysia has grown leaps and bounds ever since.

For tonic, it's easy to use just apply by spraying on your scalp as often as you can. The tonic is recommended to keep in fridge to keep it fresh as no preservatives were added in it.
The serum apply once a day but in small amount because it's quite oily, one or two drop may enough.
HairMax+ Tonic

HairMax+ serum

Thinking what to shop for loved ones or yourself, you can plan to shop for this them.I am using both of this product. I prefer to use the hair tonic in the afternoon as it's hot day and the bottle is keep in fridge, massage scalp after applying. The products are user friendly and easy to use, you can pm to their Facebook account if you have any inquiry. For your info this combo set of tonic and serum RM200.

My hair is quite rough as I have dyed my hair several times. I know it's important to take care of our hair. I have some hair loss and fuzzy hair too as I braided my hair often. I like the serum as it keeps my hair from dried. I applied on the end of my hair whenever I need.

You may get more info on HairMax+ Seremban on Facebook page, click on the link now. You can also visit, good news to my readers and visitors on this blog that HairMax+ is giving 10% off with any purchase. Just use the discount code of 'whateverygalwant10'. Only available if you make purchase from HairMax+ Seremban Facebook page or whatapp to 012-3649931.

*final results of products depends on individual. 
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Althea Box 35: Rapunzel's Secret Box

Good day to my readers and visitors, sharing with you today the Althea Box 35: Rapunzel's Secret Box. Althea is the leading Korean beauty site with over 150 Korean beauty brands. With Internet access today it's easy for us to shop online and it's great gift ideas for loved ones. Being mom of two boys, I spend time for pampering self too, hair products are one of the must have in list.

Althea launch the hair box last year and it's back in demand this year. This hair box has got 9 items and 1 sample, it has so many things to be tried and tested. Just look at this Althea Box 35: Rapunzel's Secret Box. Now on website Althea is the price of RM99, the normal price for this box is RM345.00.
The items are as following: 
  1.  CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)
  2.  Colorize Hair Bleach (10g +30ml)
  3.  Perfect Repair Mask Pack (15ml)
  4.  The Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule (Black Bean)
  5.  Suaviss exclusive travel kit 40ml x 3
  6.  CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tinture (100ml)
  7.  Turn-Up Color Treatment (60ml)
  8.  Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab (6ml)
  9.  B5 Shampoo Anti-Hair loss (50ml)
  10.  Suaviss Argan Trial Sample Kit

CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)
This is concentrated protein care for each and every strand.
Solons effects at home.
Prevent damage from heat.
Prevents dryness of hair.
Instants gives the hair a healthy sheen.

I used this for outing too because I have diy color my hair and often I feel my hair dry.
Its easy to use, applied on hair whenever need. The tube size is easy for travel use.

Colorize Hair Bleach (10g +30ml)
Hair bleach to brighten hair.
This packet has two sachets inside just like above. 
I pour the sachet together in a bowl and then mixed it together, it's for the end of hair to use to avoid the scalp. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing off, then shampoo as normal.
I like to diy bleach on my hair end as I have never done it before.

 You can see the above picture of before and after, it's first time I bleach my hair. I like it as I can braided my hair and it can show off different style and color of my hair.

Perfect Repair Mask Pack (15ml)
This is easy to use, steam hair mask pack.
Intensive nourishing repair for extremely damaged hair.

Hair Shop Treatment Effect
Hair cap + hot oil + three kinds of hair treatment ingredients for that salon treatment.

Hot Oil Hair Cap Heat Effect
Self-heating element that reacts with water.

Intensive Nutrition with 7x Oil Cocktail for Damage Hair
Intensive damage care after firm & dyeing with Argan, Camellia, Coconut, Apricot, Marula, Jojoba, Olive Oil.

As I do diy dye my hair color and I know is good to give my hair this steam mask pack. Easy to use, just lightly dry wet hair after shampooing, apply an even amount on to the hair. Wear the hot oil coated steam hair mask cap and massage in til evenly distributed. Becareful with the paper sticker as it may break if you are not careful or it. Use build in-sticker to adjust the head size. After that gently massage into the hair and leave in for 5 to 15 minutes before removing and rinsing thoroughly.
 Real Skin
The Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule (Black Bean)
Protein component of black beans leave the hair healthy and shiny.
This is suitable for all types of hair and oily hair too.

It's easy to use after shampooing, apply on appropriate amount evenly onto the hair.
Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes, then rinse clean with warm water.
It's depend on your hair length to use this, it long hair would need 1 syringe, if short hair just use half syringe of it.

Suaviss exclusive travel kit 40ml x 3
It comes with a zip pouch.
Convenient travel kit for traveler.
Convenient packed with a shampoo, a conditioner, a foam cleanser.

The Suaviss Angelica Hair Shampoo contains of organic argan oil, nourishes hair and scalp, made with natural herbal extracts contains of moisturizing formula.

The Suaviss Perfect One Foaming Pore Cleanser use for deep cleansing face, it has gentle formula that gives skin nourishing. I like it as it has rich lather.

The Suaviss Argan Brilliant Hair Conditioner contains of organic argan oil, repairs damaged hair, made with natural herbal extracts.

CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tinture (100ml)
Keep clam and spray on!
Perfect for hot afternoons. This is cooling mist calms hot and irritated scalps.
It contains sea salt that provides minerals and nutrition.

Simple to use, just stray three or five times over the entire scalp and massage with the fingertips.
Use more frequently on dry and itchy areas or areas that have odour.

I like the cooling effect of this product.
Easy to use as I am always on the go and weather is hot.

April Skin
Turn-Up Color Treatment (60ml)
No hair damage, no commitment; hair color for two weeks.
This is peach pink in color.
Gloves and gown are included in the package. 

As you can see I have just bleach my hair once, so I used this for my hair.
The color fades away gradually and naturally after each wash. 
Easy to use at home, additional conditioner or treatment use after color is not recommended.

Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab (6ml)
One Step No Rinse Program
Fresh Scalp Cleaning Swab
Watch my video on how to use it, it's a short video on how I used it, on the back of head we can use our hands to feel it as we cannot see the back of our scalp.
  • Removes Unpleasant Odor
  • Remove oil and waste
  • Relieves scalp itching

Yeah so easy to use and just swap it on the scalp.
It has wide scalp care with big size swabs. 
There's no sticky feeling and it has 5 Aroma Oil Complex:

  1. Rosemary Oil
  2. Peppermint Oil
  3. Lavendar Oil
  4. Eucalyptus Oil
  5. Orange Oil

Easy for carry to bring anywhere too, as it's pocket size.

Dr. Dr.
B5 Shampoo Anti-Hair loss (50ml)
This is superior cleansing shampoo that richly lathers for deep clean.
I like this as it contains menthol ingredients that leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on scalp.

Check the list below if you have at least one symptom, use B5 anti-hair loss shampoo
  • Weak, thinning hair
  • Top of the head smells oily
  • Hair breaks easily
  • Head itches regularly
  • Often uses wigs and hair powder
  • Genetics hair lost from parents or grandparents
  • Losses about 80 strands of hairs a day
  • Damaged hair from frequent color and perm
  • Doesn't perm or curl easily
  • Hair loss from diet
  • Hair loss after giving birth
  • Hair loss cause by menopause

Just damp hair then apply adequate amount, lather up and massage into the scalp and hair and leave it for 3 minutes then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Althea Box 35: Rapunzel's Secret Box

With total of 9 items mentioned above, there's 1 sample of Suaviss Argan Trial Sample Kit in the Althea Box 35: Rapunzel's Secret Box.

As you know that I am always braided my hair and also diy dye my hair, it's good to have this hair box. You can also shop this box online at Althea, it's a nice gift ideas for loved ones. It's a good deal as you are just paying RM99 instead of RM345 and shipping direct from Korea.

Special thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for the opportunity to review the beautiful Rapunzel's Secret Box. The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a blogging community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers who has passion to share their interest in blogging and lifestyle. It's a place where you get to connect and meet with bloggers/content creator or influencer. The founder of the Butterfly Project Malaysia is Tammy, I didn't forget that I am one of the winners in her 2013 contest to attend her TGV Beanie Birthday celebration, yeah dressed up as Superman themed. :D Check out the Butterfly Project Malaysia by click on the link above.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Review: Aperio Cherry Blossom Hair Care products

Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo and Cherry Hair Defense Leave in Conditioner
 Good day to my dear friends and readers, thanks for coming by my blog, I like to share with you on this wonderful products I find online. With Internet access today we can easily access online shopping from home and office. You are looking at Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo and Cherry Hair Defense Leave in Conditioner. Both products smell great and its nice gift ideas for loved ones. It's Christmas soon and my friends still thinking what gifts for loved ones, it's good to shop online now while there's still time. Look at this set of hair care products.

Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo (RRP: RM126 – 500mL) 
The Cherry Blossom Radiance Shampoo gently cleanse and volumize your hair. Formulated with Aesculus Hippocastanum extract and yeast extract to cleanse and revitalize hair from top to bottom.

· Gently cleans and volumize your hair.
· Promotes healthier and stronger hair.

Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract, Yeast Extract, Algae Extract, Botanical Extracts, Vitamin B5

Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract
- The extract used to protect hair from this daily damage without causing buildup and is said to impart a glossy look to hair.

Calendula Officinalis Extract
- Used to hydrate dry scalps, remove dandruff, and improve the condition of the scalp. With its regenerative properties it helps the hair follicles grow abundantly allowing for a thicker mane, and the antioxidants help protect the hair and scalp against cell-damaging free radicals.

Vitamin B5
- Helps strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair thinning.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair, massage gently into a thick lather. Rinse with warm water.
before and after using the products
Above is picture of before and after using the products, the products making @ginailei looking great and easy to manage. After shampoo using and rinse off, easy to use the leave on conditioner as no need to rinse it off.

Cherry Blossom Hair Defense Leave In Conditioner (RRP: RM110 – 200mL)
Shines and volumizes the hair and detangles the hair. Leaving your hair soft and smooth. Moisturizes dry and damaged hair while detangling and frizzing. Our conditioner helps recapture the shine, leaving the hair looking vibrant and healthy. Use during wet or dry hair without any rinse needed.

· Helps recapture the shine, leaving the hair looking vibrant and healthy
· Volumizes and detangles the hair leaving your hair soft and smooth
· Effectively helps to straighten hair from frizzing and static
· Use during wet or dry hair without any rinse needed

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Olive Oil, Vitamin B5

Hydrolyzed Silk and Wheat Protein
- Excellent moisture binding properties and provides a protective barrier to your hair

Olive Oil
- provides intense moisture and shine. Ideal for coarse and damaged hair due to chemical process. Helps recapture the shine, leaving the hair looking vibrant and healthy

Vitamin B5
- Effectively helps to straighten hair from frizzing and static while leave the hair leaving soft and smooth

depend on your hair length as it's use on hair ends, I put more as I have longer and thick hair.

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount by gently on hair, especially the ends and combing through. Don’t not rinse, brow-dry. (Working it through dry or damp hair)

It's Christmas this month, just few weeks away you still have time to shop for love ones. It's nice gift ideas for loved ones who love to take care of their hair.
*Result may vary for individual.

For more information, you can visit to Aperio Malaysia Official 

Or visit to Aperio Malaysia Store:

#AperioMalaysia #Aperio #NoRinseNeeded #CherryBlossom #HairConditioner #AperioXmas

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shapee Shapewear: Seamless Tankee & High Waist Body Shaper

Busy lifestyle didn't stop me from make time to browse online and I found these Shapee Shapewear at the website. The website of Shapee is user friendly and easy to browse. You are looking at the Shapee Seamless Tankee, suitable for long hour wearing which is recommended to wear 5 to 8 hours a day. It's made by high quality material that is breathable stretchable material. The Seamless design which give smooth body shape with comfortable wearing it feels like your second skin. I am wearing it and I didn't feel uncomfortable wearing it. It has Japan 3D mirco-massage technology which can increase blood circulation and metabolism for fat burning on every body movement. 
This is XL size
What's the product benefit of wearing this Shapee Seamless Tankee?
  • maintain body natural balance
  • posture correction
  • improve blood circulation
  • body shaping & slimming
  • stimulate immune system
  • increase metabolism
  • anti-water retention
  • anti-cellulite
  • anti-spider veins

How to wear? You can refer to the chart above.
Step 1
Step into the Samless Tank Top by rolling up slowly. 

Step 2
Pull up your waistline slowly and wear from the strap.

Step 3
Adjust the strap to fit your body in good shape comfortably.

Step 4
Adjust your breast to optimize your breast in goo position and shape.

Step 5
Adjust your waistline to smooth and achieve the optional S body shape. 

With the advanced 3D compression design, it enhances your body shape daily!
  • The product is has lightweight bust area to allow for natural shaping.  
  • Engineered control that offers ultra firm control and shaping in all the right places.
  • Comfortable build up straps.
  • Seamless shaping for an invisible look under clothes.
 Material of product:
  • Nylon & Spandex
  • Germanium. Titanium & Silver
 Washing Care
  • Wash at 40 c. 
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Iron at low temperature with protective pressing cloth.
  • Dry clean using petroleum based solvents.
  • Hang dry inside.

 It has 4 sizes to choose from S, M, L and XL size. As you can see the product above is black color.
Shapee Shapewear: Seamless Tankee & High Waist Body Shaper

*Result maybe different from individual.

Shapee High Wasit Body Shaper, suitable for long hour wearing. Recommended to wear 5 to 8 hours a day. Christmas is coming soon, have you thought about what gifts for loved ones? It is made by high quality material and has breathable stretchable material. The Seamless design which give smooth body shape with comfortable wearing it feels like your second skin. It's lightweight for all day comfort. It provides from the bra line to the knee.

How to wear? Refer to the chart above.
Step 1
Step into High Waist Body Shaper by rolling up and pulling to your thighs slowly.
Step 2
Slip on High Waist Body Shaper to thighs and pulling firmly over hips. Slowly pull up to fit your tummy.
Step 3
Adjust the High Waist Body Shaper to reach the comfortable level and smoothen out any wrinkles in the fabric on the target zone (hips, thighs and waist).

Material of product:
  • Nylon/Spandex

Washing Care.
  • Do not sue chlorine bleach.
  • Iron at low temperature with protective pressing cloth.
  • Dry clean using petroleum-based solvents.
  • Hang dry inside.
This is S Size
It has 4 sizes to choose from S, M, L and XL.  As you can see the product above it is black color.

*Result maybe different from individual.

Want to have an active healthy lifestyle, need to wear it more often to see the results. Also eat healthy and also exercise regularly. Don't just read here, if you have interest to shop for loved ones or for yourself check out

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Monday, November 6, 2017


Scent-sational Moments On-The-Go

Busy with daily works and others responsibility, we need to have time out too. Just sharing with you that this are wonderful gift ideas for loved ones, yeah Christmas just few weeks away. We didn't want to burn a hole in the pocket these are ideal gifts for loved ones. The Enchanteur was my first perfume that I used and was dating with my dear. 

 I like this as it's easy to roll on and easy to put in the bag, that's not all with four different scents to choose from we can used it daily. Being a woman, I know having one perfume is not enough. There was time that my dear would ask me what and which perfume I am using because it smells so good.

ENCHANTEUR prides herself as a connoisseur in developing fine French fragrance personal care products which understands women’s grooming needs and continuously innovates to deliver relevant products. ENCHANTEUR realizes that some women do bring along a bottle of body mist or even an EDT bottle to touch up their scents.

ENCHANTEUR introduces this new purse-friendly ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM roll on perfume – which is available in discreet 9ml slim packs. This range embodies the whimsical characters of Parisian girls who are feminine and yet bursting with energy and radiance. Collaborating with French perfumers, ENCHANTEUR translates the personification to capture the essence of these girls that adorn the outstanding packaging. Launched in four designer scents, fellow ladies will have the choice of two bestseller scents from the ENCHANTEUR PARIS range, which are Belle Amour and Adore; and the new, stellar fragrances of Cheri and Jolie that are inspired from current floral global trends.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM is specially formulated to be alcohol-free, making it a viable choice for Muslims as it is appropriate to perform prayers without having to wash off the perfume. Furthermore, it is oil-based, enabling the scents to last longer.

Designed with a roll-on applicator, this range offers discreet reapplication at any time of the day. This fuss-free application manner evokes one’s senses subtly, providing that dab of magical assurance.

With the new ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM, you will be always ready to create your own scent-sational moment, on-the-go. The convenient and compact packaging is small enough to fit in your purse – seamlessly designed to mimic a lipstick size, making this your daily must-have before leaving the house and especially for travels. It is definitely airplane-friendly and fits ergonomically in your cosmetic pouch or in the hand carry luggage for a scent top-up. Now, ladies can carry multiple fragrances in their handbags without worrying it will add too much weight or take up too much space!

This series permits ladies to explore their inner creativity streak too! They may mix and match any of the fragrances to concoct their own distinctive fragrances, signature to the individual. It's so cute we can simply pocketed it in our pockets too.

The endearing blend of Pear, Rose and Honey matches the down-to-earth girl who enjoys casual outings with friends or that special someone. A soft, floral scent that is perfect for that serene day out to enjoy each other’s company, the denim blue packaging ensures you will be the apple of his eye and stay lovable.

For the young at heart we present a delectable, sweet scent that is sure to keep you smiling throughout the day. For the girl who is always bringing joy to those around her, a delectable scent of Apple, Cherry Blossom and Vanilla ensures that you will steal hearts and always be the centre of attention.

A captivating scent that makes your heart flutter and your senses tickle. The pink packaging is reminiscent of a sweet girl on her first special date while the loving blend of Apple Melon, Blackcurrant and Parisian Pink Rose suits a romantic and demure personality. Belle Amour allows you to capture each moment with your special someone and remain his amour forever.

This signature fragrance sparks excitement, confidence and endless charm. The purple packaging containing the sensual scent of Wild Jasmine, Pink Mimosa and Golden Pear characterises the elegant, graceful and adorable girl on a romantic night out with her date. Leave a lasting impression on your date and fill his heart with adoration for you.

Now you know of this, you will never be caught unprepared anymore. Just use ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM roll on perfume and roll it onto pulse points whenever you want and you will be ready to spark romantic moments with him.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS PETITE PARFUM is priced at RM9.90 in West Malaysia and RM10.40 in East Malaysia and is available at Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness, Mydin, The Store and other supermarkets and minimarkets nationwide.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads with wings

Recently my friend share with me a product she is using as she's on post-natal now. She's using this Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads with wings. The pads are extra-long and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth. With its multiple layers of comfort and protection. An absorption layer locks moisture in while maintaining the surface dry, it didn't give me any discomfort of wearing it. I know there's other sanitary pads in the market but not all that suitable for use. Some sanitary pads I tried and it is not only gives me discomfort but also itchiness. Never try, never know, just sharing my experienced with you. As everyone has got difference experienced.
 The Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads with wings, has got the manufacturing date and expiry date printed on it. As this pack you are seeing here is mfg: 07.07.2017 and its expired date is on 06.07.2021 batch no. RB87602.

Being a woman, we need to find the suitable sanitary pads to use. Though I am not on post natal, but I also used this because I find it suitable for me to use. This has an Anti-bacterial surface which effectively provides extra protection against bacteria causing skin diseases and vaginal itching. On top is the Ultra-soft cotton layer, which gives freshness and softness like no other. This come with wide side wings for secure fit.

With Internet access today, we can shop online and no need to go out find parking and queue for payment.

Just sharing of the advantage of using the Lunavie Premium Maternity/Overnight Pads, suitable for for maternity or heavy flow use. PH compatible and hypoallergenic, with ultra thin and soft for full comfort. It is extra large size 36cm, provides maternity women maximum care and protection.

The product is revolutionary sanitary napkin made of 100% pure cotton with breakthrough anti-bacterial treatment. Cotton being an organic ingredient is safe to use and reduce chances of developing bacterial causes diseases. It also has the right pH compatibility that provide dryness and freshness. Suitable for maternity or heavy flow use.

Lunavie premium Maternity/Overnight pads are extra-long and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth. It offers Multiple layers of comfort and protection. On top is the Ultra-soft Cotton Layer, which gives freshness and softness like no other. It has Anti-bacterial Surface which effectively provides extra protection against bacteria causing skin diseases and vaginal itching. An Absorption Layer locks moisture in while maintaining the surface dry. This is followed by an Anti-leak Guard which enhances protection against liquid outflow.

One packet consists of 20 pads, 36cm each pad. If you like to know where to shop online for this, can visit the Lunavie website, click on the link to online shop.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

L’Oréal -UNESCO For Women in Science 2017 :Interview L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science

Being a daughter, wife, and mom of two boys, I am glad to have spend time off reading about these and like to share with you that they are the winners  of L’Oréal -UNESCO For Women in Science 2017.  Health is important and we need to seek help or help others if there's sign of depression. My friend's mom passed away due to breast cancer, is good to know of early detection and screening as well.
Dr Jasy Liew Suet Yan
Senior Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia
For her research in pre-empting depression
by analysing emotion patterns from social
media texts to trigger early intervention.

It has been reported that four out of every 10 Malaysians will be affected by some form of mental health issues like depression. Today, depression is on the rise but it is still considered a taboo subject that is downplayed and victims rarely acknowledge they need help.This makes it difficult for detection as diagnosis is done through physical examination by a doctor.

In today’s digital world where the use of social media is prevalent, Dr. Liew believes that tell tale signs of depression can be picked up in this channel. In her research, she aims to investigate the emotion patterns associated with depression from streams of social media texts, tweets or social media posts that contains emotional cues, which can be identified to detect signs of depression. She employs the use of automatic emotion detectors that non- intrusively monitor an individual’s emotional state in order to trigger an alert and suggest relevant strategies to regulate emotions when patterns of depression are recognized. 

Preventing depression is crucial to improve the quality of life, lower suicide rates and reduce the burden of mental illnesses in a society and the country.
“When I was pursuing my PhD, I noticed many of peers showing signs of anxiety and depression. I also discovered, that a report that revealed one in two PhD students experiences psychological distress and it prompted me to think that this is a serious issue that has not been given its due spotlight. It is bizarre to think how huge the problem actually is but have yet to see effective use of technology to prevent depression. I work on enabling technologies to detect emotions expressed in text and I hope to create more emotion-sensitive applications that can help monitor and regulate a person’s emotion to prevent people from falling into depression,” says Dr. Liew.

Her love for science began at a young age that was inspired by a Japanese manga character, Doraemon, a blue robotic cat that has a pocket that can produce the most amazing gadgets. Her curiosity sparked her on a mission to find out the science behind every gadget, and was always asking questions on how things work.Later, she was introduced to computer science by her sister and since then discovered the thrill of solving complex problems in computer science and how she apply technology to make this world a more beautiful place. “I want to use my expertise to humanize technology and help build local talents in my field. I am a big believer in mentorship and hope to inspire our next generation future thinkers. Nothing would be more satisfying for me than to help produce the next Grace Hopper, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of Malaysia.”

“Grab any opportunity to learn, follow your heart and never be discouraged by naysayers who says computer science is not for women.The inventor for the first compiler of a programming language was a woman! 

Being a computer scientist allows cross disciplinary boundaries in your career. I am a living and walking example of this. I have always wanted to teach and have always been fascinated with computers, psychology and linguistics. Computer and information science have allowed me to combine my various interests in my career so join me in exploring science and creating technologies to make this world a better place to live in.”

Dr. Teh Su Yean
Associate Professor,
School of Mathematical Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia For her research in
unifying STEM towardssustainable management of coastal

Climate change has already had observable effects on the environment: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise, longer and more intense heat waves, extreme weather patterns. These are the reason why natural disasters such as flood, droughts, hurricanes and storm surges are occurring more frequently and more intensely than before.

Malaysia is not spared, as climate change is a global issue and is inevitable.
Seawater inundation and saltwater intrusion associated with climate change impacts will cause a serious problem in the form of permanent salinization of fresh groundwater. Salinization of fresh groundwater has a negative impact on growth and productivity of plants,for example paddy fields flooded by salt water will no longer be fertile. 

With this research,Dr. Teh intends to provide useful insights on how to protect the Malaysian coastal resources by combining Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to address the consequence of this pressing issue. The Technology and Mathematics aspect of this project is the development of a coupled hydrology-salinity-vegetation model to enable projection of the short-and long- term effects on (a) the water quality (salinity) of the soil and groundwater in areas exposed to salinity intrusion events, as well as on (b) the potential changes in vegetation in the affected areas.

The Science and Engineering aspect of this project mainly involves field work to obtain vegetation and soil data to drive the simulation model.
 “My inspiration came from the frequent research visits to The Greater Everglades of Florida and the work I have been doing with the US Geological Survey on The Everglades, as part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). I want to transfer my knowledge on the conservation of ground water which may be needed when other water resources are depleted due to Climate Change.”

Dr. Teh was not born with a golden spoon. In fact, she lived in a poor, crime-infested neighbourhood in Penang and growing up was a constant struggle as her parents had to work hard to put food on the table. However, since young, her parents instilled strong values of working hard and perseverance to achieve her ambition. Her relentless dedication and passion paid off when she received a scholarship by UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowship to pursue a research on wetlands hydrology and ecosystems at University of Miami, as part of her PhD program in USM. 

“Since secondary school, I fell in love with science and I was determined to be a scientist. Through mathematics I found the possibility of solving real-life problems. It pushes me to be creative and to challenge myself to find the solutions to any problems. Science makes me feel capable and I feel satisfied when I get to solve a problem that helps benefit our society.”

“Science is not only for smart people or geeks.Do not be intimidated by the unproven stories you heard about science. Science opens many doors to a great and fulfilling career in any discipline, fields and even industries.The possibility of science is endless and it’s all in your own imagination.”

Dr. Ho Weang Kee
Associate Professor/University of Nottingham MalaysiaCampus.
For her research in using DNA and lifestyle information to
identify those at risk of breast cancer for early detection


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. In Malaysia,Approximately 1 in 20 women in Malaysia will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer if detected early can be cured, the five year survival rate of Stage 1 breast cancer patients is up to 98 per cent. One way to enable early detection of breast cancer is through screening, but we cannot afford to screen every women in the country. Dr. Ho is drawing on her background as a statistician aiming to develop a breast can cer risk assessment tool that uses DNA and lifestyle information to identify women at high risk of getting the disease. Presently, women above the age of 50 years old are encouraged to get a mammogram, but nearly half of the breast cancer patients diagnosed were below the age of 50 year old. This tool will optimize current breast cancer screening strategies by stratifying the population according to the likelihood of getting breast cancer. 

Those at high risk, will then be screened at a younger age and more often than those below the average risk category. This process will therefore optimally utilize healthcare resources and minimize the risk of breast cancer from occurring.
“Perhaps because I am a woman and I am Malaysian. I feel a sense or responsibility to contribute back to our society by helping another woman fight breast cancer.”

Dr. Ho did not set out to be a scientist. She was lucky to have parents who told her she could be anything. Her career aspirations evolved from being a kindergarten teacher, then to become a tuition teacher and finally her passion for math led her to pursue a PhD in Math so she can teach. It was during her PhD study that her passion for science was ignited and she realized she could use Math to solve many important scientific questions.

“As a statistician and a breast cancer researcher, my aspiration is to contribute to the development of models that could make a real differences to other people lives. As a teacher, my aspiration is to inspire students to pursue STEM–we need more people to tackle the never - ending stream of problems we face in the world that we live in. However, my biggest aspiration is to be happy and enjoy life.”

“The year I started my career in breast cancer research was the same year I had my son. Being a mother is a challenge, being a mother and a scientist represents an even bigger challenge. Science is very time consuming, so is raising a child. But it is doable and possible to find the balance with the right support from the family. You may end up being exhausted at the end of every day, but it’s worth it, for the beauty of being a mother and a scientist. Remember, no one can stop you. If you are passionate about science, go for it. Science is genderless. It is a game for everyone.”

Let's shared these meaningful messages to everyone. 
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