Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why invest in Singapore property?

Singapore presents an enormously growing real estate market, and it offers plenty of scopes for the international property buyers to make the investments. If seen from the perspective of futuristic property buyers, Singapore offers remarkable opportunities in real estate investments. The interest rates and SIBOR (Singapore Interbank Offered Rate) for the properties are quite low and this is one of the reasons why international property buyers are exploring Singapore market.

Whether it is about building the plush condominiums or flats, home planners are taking interest in the property market of Singapore. They have their good reasons too! One of the objective reasons is probably to make the investments for future. There is no point in doubt that Singapore property market will grow at an alarming rate. The estimated ROIs from property investments are likely to witness exponential growth in times to come.

Property investments in Singapore should be seen as the long-term investments. International investors should keep in their mind that the world economic scenario is changing, and this change will bring several benefits in Singapore property market. You might want to consider following Singapore property news to not missing out any of the vast opportunities arise.

There are 4 significant reasons behind the rise of property investments in Singapore.
These include:

Efficient governance - The government of Singapore is offering commercially viable surroundings for the international property buyers. The ease of investment together with possibilities of lending at lowest interest rates obviously gives buyers sound reasons to look forward to investing in the Singapore market.

Future growth investment- Singapore real estate market offers the tremendous amount of scope for the future growth and development. If you intend to buy the investment property which is situated in the area where the government has scheduled a plan for development, the property is likely to see the surge in value. Your investments will grow.

Options available - A prospective international buyer can think of investing in the shop houses, or resales, or new launches, Singapore market offers it to you. These options have given hope to the property buyers to grow their prospects.

Crowdfunding opportunities - Singapore offers several Crowdfunding opportunities to the international property buyers. Investment options galore in the Singapore. If you are thinking of venturing into property investment, Singapore is indeed the best place to start with.

You need to think and work out the ways, which will help you to make the investments grow in value in Singapore in the times to come. Property market follows a cyclic trend, and you will get maximum benefits and returns.

The land is expensive all over the world and no matter what someone does in her or his life her or his major objective is to purchase a property in the future, and this could be for whatever thing- individual, commerce, association, etc. In countries like Singapore, the property is really valuable, but many places are there where one can find contemptible lands in civilized localities. If someone is looking ahead to purchase a land in Singapore, then he or she must focus on different features.
Real estate business in Singapore is thriving, and everyday people are buying huge acres of land by making the Singapore property compared to golden land. Yes, this is true that many of the people who want to do business are looking for places far from the city.

This practice successfully can enhance better business options in the field of real estate business. No wonder why land business in Singapore is reaching height every day with an average of 67% of land dealings and property dealings.

Singapore is the top location across the globe exactly for expat. Accommodation is comparatively reasonable in pricing and has a high standard, commuting is fast and safe, education and health systems are second to none in the place, and the physical environment and lifestyle would be the jealousy of most of the world.

So in case you are considering of migrating to Singapore at some time, later on, it creates lots of sense to get a property at today's cost rather than paying out more once you do move. Even if the property you purchase now is not designed as your final residence, it is going to ensure a solid monetary base for your family and enable you to develop a more secure life with your new country. It is also a good idea to obtain financing for all your acquisitions before giving up your job and starts from the start when you get there in Singapore. And there are some tax advantages you can take advantage of once you become a resident.

You can see corporate parks being built and many shopping malls have emerged recently. The main reason is that the property rates in Singapore are a bit low due to the recession and this economic crisis has made things easier for property dealers in Singapore as the business is going great. However, things will change soon as the period of recession is going down and therefore, people are willing to buy property in Singapore very fast.

Investment in property markets helps in earning the great income from investment. In city-states like Singapore that is highly developing, the property prices are always on the rise. It can be understood from the Singapore property price index that investing in Singapore would fetch great returns. Lately because of the global melt down of the economy, the property price variations have reduced. Since the property prices are comparatively less, it is the best time to invest as it shall surely rise in the future due to the demand for property news Singapore. The support of a property agent can be taken to choose the best property for investment.

Singapore is also a place for the rich, where many big shots prefer to spend their money for luxury. Investments in Singapore private property at the right location can help you earn great returns. There is the huge demand for private properties in Singapore. If the private properties are located in prime locations, the returns on these investments will increase at a faster rate.

The best way to know about the private properties for sale in Singapore is by visiting the property websites such as PropertyGuru. These websites would regularly update the latest launches among the property news Singapore. It also consists of a brief description of the property and its location. For further opinion about these properties, one can participate in the discussion forums which exist in these forums. These forums consist of like-minded people who wish to invest in private properties, and by exchange of ideas better investments can be done.

For the best deals and offers, one can visit the Singapore property sale that attracts many buyers and sellers of properties. The different types of properties in the Singapore property sale include the condos, resort buildings, private properties, individual residential properties and others. With the rise in tourism of Singapore, resort properties are also on the rise in the recent times. One should look at the future of the city and then the investment should be made.

When making a real estate investment; firstly, the purpose of the investment and the expectations of the same should be clearly known. This is followed by the budget you have assigned for the property. Depending on these factors, the right location can be selected for the property. Thus, with the right research, great profits can be made by investing in the property in Singapore. Thus, the present
situation of the real estate market in Singapore is positive for investments.

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Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence review

refreshing watery light texture of Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence
 We need to protect our skin from daily harmful UV rays. No matter what the weather outside, applying sunscreen is a important step in daily skincare routine. This is Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence, it's a new product with a super moisturizing sunscreen with high UV protection that is formulated with 4 highly-moisturizing ingredients namely Super Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid and Collagen) to provide the skin with instant moisture and long hours at hydration.
 I like the product as it's suitable for me and it has a refreshing watery light texture enabling the product to spread easily and absorb quickly into the skin. I used this as the last step of my daily skincare before going out to fetch my kids. It's good to have this in my bag too, it's tube type and easy to slot in the compartments of my bag.

It's quickly absorption gives the application a weightless finish which allows the skin to breathe and leaves the skin feeling comfortable. Because of its lightweight feel, this sunscreen is suitable for daily application, and even serves as a good makeup base.
Formulated to use on both the face and body, the Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence has a strong sun protection of SPF50+ PA+++ which effectively prevents damage to the skin caused by UV rays. It's gentle to skin, allergy tested and free from colorant, fragrance and mineral oil.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Super Moisture Essence (80g) RM55.90 is available exclusively at Wastons nationwide.
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Tony Moly x Pokemon Masks at

Happy Friday to my readers and visitor of my blog. 
It's going to be a long holidays. 
Some people are staying home while some people are vacations. 
How about you?

Being stay at home mom of two boys, 
I love to shop online because the convenient 
of shopping using the Internet and I don't have to go out from home.

Have you heard of 
It's an online shopping website. is now in Seoul, Korea!  
For May 1 Labour Day, you can grab these adorable 
limited edition masks and makeup from Tony Moly x Pokemon collection 
at the eMall.  

Check out some items that I like below as I have included the photo of website.

Shop latest by 1st May to enjoy the 20% + 10% HongBao (nearly 30% off) 
offer for these new items stated below. 
Shop above RM150, you will enjoy get FREE Shipping cashback points on your shipping fee into your 28Mall account. 
For orders above RM200, get a free mystery Tony Moly gift (limited units).

Tony Moly Pokemon Limited edition beauty and skincare items are on sale up to 25% Off and you can get up to 28% HB$ cashback rewards after you post a review with photos after your purchase. 

Register at the website it's free to register, don't forget that you can sign in daily and grab HongBao.
What is HongBao? - Hongbao$ (HB$1 = US$1) is points
View the products, each item has a $ and HB$ value, 
therefore at checkout, you can use HB$ to offset the item price. 
If you have HB$, you get extra VIP extra 5% discount. 

a. Tony Moly x Pokemon - 
Pikachu Honey Mask Pack Moisturising x 10s
Shop at 

b. Tony Moly x Pokemon - 
Fairi Mask Pack Brightening x 10s
Shop at 

Shop at 

d. Tony Moly Pokemon Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion 
SPF50+ PA+++ #01 Skin Beige
Shop at 

e.Tony Moly Pokemon Purin Mini Pact 
SPF42 PA++ Korea Makeup Foundation #01 Skin Beige Shop at 

 f. For those who need to shop for loved ones, 
looking for anti-aging products (great for Mother’s Day Gift) 
choose the new Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Placenta for anti-wrinkle, 
and anti-aging benefits at

Shop at which guarantees the products are 
Genuine brand, Brand New, and Competitive Price 
with HB$ cashback rewards up to 28%. 

Register as NEW member for FREE shopping HongBao 
(known as HB$) of up to US$28 in value 
when you register from the first time. Grab your first HongBao at
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beauty Review: Neutrogena deep clean cleasers

Thanks to PR for sending me the products for review. This is my honest review and is based on my own experience. It might be different for individual.

I like to take care of my skin and do you know that Nicole Kidman is the latest Global Brand Ambassador? If not you can click on the link to read about it.

Today I am going to review about Neutrogena deep clean brightening cleaning oil to foam, it is oil to foam type. This is suitable for dull skin, I am in my late 30s now.
 Easy to use just one pump on palm then massage circular move on face. Can add on some water and you will see the oil to foam. After that wash face and wipe face with clean towel.
Above photo of me before remove makeup, this is great product to use as it can also remove makeup. I have applied foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, blush on my face on the day. Using this to remove my eye makeup and mascara I use cotton pad on it for my eyes area.

This is another cleanser of Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating daily scrub. Just once squeeze enough depend on how much you want to squeeze out.

 Above is just squeeze out then I rub both hands together and added some water then massage my face by using this daily scrub. This can be use for daily scrub. This is good as it's not only for woman use but also for man use. My hub told me he saw this in the restroom's shelf and decided to try it too and he likes using it.
 As I am always in and out of the house, as mom and need to fetch my sons back from school also sending son to tuition. I also use this Neutrogena deep clean brightening foaming cleanser. Hoping this can give me more radiant skin with every wash. I am also sharing this with my hubby, he can use it also as I left it on the shelf in the restroom.

Squeeze out the amount that need to use, and also add some water and both hands rub then massage on face and wash face clean with water.

Neutrogena deep clean brightening foaming cleanser
 With all three Neutrogena deep clean cleansers that I just mentioned here. My favourite would be the Neutrogena deep clean brightening cleaning oil to foam, it is also used as makeup remover which I like. Everyday I am using sunblock I also need to use this for clean my face.

Overall I am happy with these Neutrogena deep clean cleasers that I have.

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Mercura Krabi Deevana

Baby Bump Mural Art by Annie Newan

Featured on Star 2

Featured on Star 2

Sakura White

Sakura White
click image

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party

Butterfly 1st Anniversary Party
Laser Tag eCurve

Dove pampering moment

Dove pampering moment
click image

Mamee Chef Day Out

Mamee Chef Day Out
Lai Mien Sifu and Me

MY Parenting Website


Champagne served

Champagne served
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