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MayterLynn beverage mix purple sweet potato with oat bran

Good evening to dear readers and friends, it's been a busy week for me. Yeah being a mom, we need to take care of ourselves. Today sharing with you a product review on LaZior MayterLynn, this beverage mix purple sweet potato with oat bran. It's new product launch in 27 September 2017. You can also find out more details of the product on https://www.facebook.com/laziorskincare/

Because tea break time means so much to Malaysian, I am sure everyone has got their tea break time so whether it's having coffee or tea, why not try MayterLynn this drink has provide energy to the body needs and reduce absorption of excess calories to achieve slimming effect. This also suitable for people who looking for healthy body slimming.Well not just for people who looking for slimming, its suitable for nursing mom, pregnant lady and menopause women. Vegetarian and people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and children above 1 years old can consume too. For young children that consume is better to have parents or guardian by their side to assist them while consume, as the drink contains of oat bran.

It's simple to make the drinks, just add two spoon of MayterLynn and added 200ml of warm or hot water. Stir well before drink. The product comes with a pouch and it has a spoon inside the purple bottle.

It has natural ingredients in the product. They are total of 20 types of ingredients:
1. Purple Sweet Potato Powder
2. Brown Rice
3. Black Sesame
4. Oat Bran
5. Oat Flakes
6. Black Glutinous Rice
7. Black Bean
8. Red Bean
9. Green Bean
10. Soy Bean
11. Black Eyed Pea
12. Pearl Barley
13. Wheat
14. Buckwheat
15. Sorghum Rice
16. Soluble fiber
17. Inulin
18. Apple Fiber
19. Flaxseed Oil Powder
20. Stevia Extract

MayterLynn - Perfect Choice for Purple Sweet Potato and Grains

This is good sharing with everyone as I will let my parents know of this. My mom has diabetes and my dad has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I drink this beverage twice a day and it helps me to avoid constipation.

Relieve Menopausal Symptoms – 更年期
1. Emotional stability
2. Reduce depression and insomnia
3. Reduce flushing and sweating
4. Improve aching muscles and maintain bone health
5. Prevention of vaginal infections

It can help to regulate hormones , effectively alleviate women premenstrual symptoms

The beverage contains of the following functions.
1. Provide necessary nutrients needed daily
2. Reduce the risk of stroke
3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
4. Reduce the risk of heart disease
5. Maintain a healthy weight
6. Reduce the risk of asthma
7. Maintain healthy arteries
8. Reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases
9. Reduce the risk of colon cancers
10. Promote healthy blood pressure levels
11. Reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss
12. Relieve constipation
13. Rich in fibers, keep sense of satiety
14. Balance blood sugar and prevent blood sugar soaring

The drink has taste of sweet potato and grans, it is rich in Omega-3
1. Protect cell membrane and retina of the eye
2. Prevent and relieve dry eyes
3. Protect the heart
4. Reduce cholesterol
5. Reduce blood vessel blockage and the risk of atherosclerosis
6. Slow Down proliferation of prostate cancer
7. Help brain for intellectual development
8. Activate brain and promote brain cells growth well
9. Inhibit inflammation
10. Slow down allergy symptoms

High Nutrition Value of Purple Sweet Potato
1. Selenium
- Repair heart muscles
- Strengthen the function of immune system

2. Amino Acids
- Enhance physical fitness
- Endocrine conditioning

3. Anthocyanin
- Anti-oxidation, free radical scavenging
- Skin anti-aging for improve skin texture

4. Cellulose
- Promote gastrointestinal motility
- Help digestion

5. Vitamins
- Weight less
- Anti-cancer

6. Iron Element
- Anti-fatigue
- Anti-aging, blood enrichment

This is a beauty detox diet helps to reduce fat accumulation, I also take this before I sleep at night.
It contains of vitamin C and 50 times more than vitamin E. 
My son busy study, need a break time too

It's suitable for children to take too, the importance of Nutritional Intake of Cereal Base on research shows, cereal food should intake for one-third of the daily diet, 50% of which come from whole grains. Fibers and nutrients in cereals can provide rich nutrients needed by the human body, also help away from obesity, diabetes, fatigue, malnutrition, nervous system disorders, cholesterol-related cardiovascular disease and intestinal disorders, etc.

MayterLynn consists of all natural ingredients, no coloring, no preservatives, sugar free, and safe for consume. 
photo credit https://www.facebook.com/laziorskincare

It's suitable as gift ideas for loved ones and even for yourself. Family can consume this together, healthy lifestyle living together. If you like to know more about this beverage can click on the link above.

For G6PD patients, kindly consult doctor on this product.


Jin ﺖ on April 13, 2018 at 8:10 PM said...

TheresT another brand call natural grain Have you tried both?? If so , what's the diffdiffer

Sherry Go Sharing on May 3, 2018 at 4:33 AM said...

hi Jin, another brand you mentioned I have no try before.

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