Friday, October 12, 2018

Dove dermaseries : Dry Skin Relief

 Due to humid weather, my skin is feeling dry and itchy especially at night.Glad to have find this body was of Dove DermaSeries, Dry Skin Relief gentle cleansing body wash. I am using this body wash and glad it's suitable for me.

A unique blend of skin-natural lipids, sunflower oils, mild cleansing actives make this our daily cleansing care for extremely dry skin. Gentle removes impurities and providing lasting nourishing.

How to use?
Gently apply with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly.

It is 10x times more nourishing and it's suitable for dry skin, itchy skin. 
It is non-irritating, and soap free.  
Product is made in USA. 

Where to shop this product? You can shop this at Guardian outlets in Guardian Malaysia.

*depends on individual as everyone has different skin condition. 


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