Friday, December 18, 2020

Easy cooking frozen shrimp range

 Earlier I mentioned of Tesco online shopping on my this blog. If you have read it, you'll know it too click on the link to read. 

If you have interest to know about what I have bought, check out the below groceries list.

Groceries list as following:
Tesco Breaded Butterfly Shrimp Coconut
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Agedama
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Hot & Spicy
Tesco Breaded Shrimp Torpedo
Tesco Shrimp Rangoon
Tesco Springroll Shrimp Torpedo
Tesco Genmaica
Tesco Japanese Green Tea( Hojicha, Genmaicha and Sencha)
Potato Chips Tesco Ridge Cut Tom Yum flavored and potato chips Tesco Tomato Flavour.
Also Tesco coconut water.
Tesco Japanese Green Tea range and coconut water is good pairing with fried shrimps and even potato chips. The price is affordable and indeed Tesco product berbaloi dan berquality.
Yummy shrimps range that's #easytocook. My favourite breaded butterfly shrimp coconut and #japanesegreentea Genmaicha. #potatochips for #snektime


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