Tuesday, March 16, 2021

BiO-LiFE MaxX fish oil 1000mg Double Strength EPA & DHA

With new norm lifestyle today, we need to follow the SOP as well as taking care of ourselves too. From childhood, my mom always ask me to eat fish. When I was young I did not like to eat fish that time. Being an adult and a parent myself. I know the importance of taking care of our health. I am taking the BiO-LiFE MaxX fish oil Double Strength EPA & DHA, it's a health supplement and having it after meal. 

Why it is called ‘Double Strength’? 

Normal 1000mg Fish oil providing 180 mg of EPA & 120mg of DHA (EPA & DHA is type of Omega 3). MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength 1000mg contains 360mg of EPA & 240mg of DHA in 1 capsule. 2x concentrated omega 3 content vs normal fish oil. 

Why should you choose BiO-LiFE MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength?
1. 2x more concentrated Omega-3
Each capsule contains 360mg of EPA & 240mg DHA (2x vs. regular strength fish oil)
2. Easy absorbed form of omega 3.
Omega-3 in natural triglyceride form is easily absorbed and utilized by the body.
3. Sourced from deep-sea small fish.
Small fishes are at the bottom of the food chain, it has lower risk of bioaccumulation of contaminants.
4. Free from contaminants
Undergo molecular distillation process to remove impurities and adulteration. Safe to consume!
Functional benefits: 
Provide 2x concentrated omega 3 EPA & DHA, convenient and easiest way to increase intake of omega 3, omega 3 is good for heart, brain and eyes. 
Emotional benefits: stay healthy, reduce the risk of heart disease 

I am taking the BiO-LiFE MaxX fish oil Double Strength EPA & DHA, it's a health supplement and having it after meal.


Now you know about the benefits and it's also a good idea to purchase it for loved ones. MaxX Fish Oil Double Strength that provide 2x concentrated omega 3 is what your body need. (For optimal intake of omega 3). The price is affordable and it's available from Pharmacy nationwide at RM190 for 3 bottles.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule, 2 times daily with meals. 

For more info about the product you can find on 
Instagram : https://instagram.com/biolifemy
FB : https://facebook.com/biolifemarketing

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