Friday, March 12, 2021

Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen


hot weather, so I have also put in in freezer and it turned out nice too like ice cream

Fairy Kiss里的魔法配方了,在这小小一Sachet粒面拥有4大顶级自然原料🫐搭配六种神秘配方🧚‍♀️,让你可以更快速更有效的改善你的肌肤!💆🏻‍♀️

Cantaloupe🍈 & Blueberry🫐 #SOD - 抗氧化中的王者,永远站在抗氧化的最前线,也是提升其他原材料效果的催化者
#Amicogen Collagen Tripeptide - 相比起其他的胶原蛋白拥有36倍更细小的分子至少提升10倍快速吸收🐟
#Oxxynea - 蔬果多酚提取物, 富含丰富天然”植物营养素,含多于5份餐点的蔬果营养总和🫒🥦🍅🥕
#Elderberry - 清新酸甜的味道,抗氧化同时也抗病毒,接骨木莓在欧洲也是天然抗流感病毒的莓果
想要感受Fairy Kiss在7天里能够为你的肌肤带来什么样的改变吗?马上点击 during checkout key in code sherrygo 

The Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen is suitable for age 25 above which starting to lose huge amount of collagen from body daily. 

Having skin problems such pimples, acne scar, dark circle, freckles & wrinkle. 
Smoking or drinking a lot of alcohols.
Face computer or mobile phones daily for long hours.
Stress from working and stay up late at night.
Having headache or migraine constantly and can't sleep well.

Fairy Kiss SOD Collagen,SOD as the key towards new era, King of Antioxidants, Nobel Prize awards winner since 1998. First in Malaysia to have this unique formulation SOD Collagen.
Super fast result, as fast as 7 days. 
Highly effective & absorptions into body. 
Convenient packaging, tear and drink immediately. 
Natural Elderberry flavour. 

Directions of use: 
Consume 1 sachet directly or mix together with your favourite blend. 

I tried it and I like the flavour and it's also nice to drink directly or drink it chilled. You can place it in the fridge too. 
Once a day morning before breakfast and night before sleep. 

Don't just read here, if you are thinking to purchase visit and during check out key in code: sherrygo
*product is suitable for me and may not be suitable for you. You  may consult your doctor before taking this.  


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