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Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice

Thinking of self care and pamper yourself? Being a woman it's important to self care and you know I am also a mom of two children. Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice is good for health and it's in a sachet easy to carry around. Everyone has got their busy lifestyle and it's important to care for self, this is suitable for people with insomnia and sleeping disorder which helps regulating autonomic nervous system disorder. It's also gives soothing and calming effect. 


Sharing with you this tasty organic fresh goji puree juice it has no water, sugar or artificial preservatives added. I like it as it taste good, good for body absorption and has high nutritional value. 100% organic goji. 

Organic Goji Puree that is freshly squeeze goji berries, completely retain the nutritional value of goji.

It has high nutritional value in each sachet, 1 sachet equal to 550 dried goji berries'nutrients. If you are taking one to two weeks you can see the obvious effect.

It has body absorption rate is higher than 90%. It's freshly made, do not involve high-temperature processing, as such as not easily get heatiness. 

Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice is made of ZaoKang Goji Puree, the plantation base in Ningxia, ZhongNing district. They selected the high-quality goji berries, 100% pure goji extraction. They ensure that from hand-picking berries in their own plantation base to factory processing to be completed within 6 hours. The whole puree production to be carried out in sterilized environment.  

The Organic Goji Berry Puree has international certifications, such as: SGS, FDA, HACCP, ISO9001, BRS, KOSHER.

After taking the Yi Xing Kang Goji Puree Juice I feel less tired and have better sleep.

If you are having sleep problems, just consume a sachet two hours before bed time.

It's good for woman, the benefits as following:

Strong antioxidant in fighting free radicals, delaying the effect of aging. 

Regulating woman's menstrual period. 

Supplementing "Qi" and Nourhsing "Yin" in the blood circulation.

Rejunevating skin and improving hair quality.

It's for man to consume too, it helps replenishing "Qi" in kidney. Improving testosterone level and energetic level, liver health, and aiding in body detoxification process. Also help nourishing, strengthening and growing hair.

It's also good for children who spend longer time attending online class, my son also drinks the Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice.

 It's also suitable for students and workers who are busy with their daily work and assignments. 

Good for relieving dry-eyes condition

Replenishing vital energy level 

Enhancing a focused mind

Suitable for elder people 

Regulating the three high that's high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood lipid

Nourishing "Qi" and improves blood circulation

Preventing cold-and-damp syndromes

Boosting body immune system


How to consume?

Just consume one sachet of Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice a day. 

Just tear and drink, best to put in fridge to chill before drink.  

Sharing is caring now you know where to shop for the Yi Xin Kang Goji Puree Juice. to shop Organic Goji Berry Puree Juice at Shopee, you can also find on their website and Lazada too, for more infomation of the product can follow on: 








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