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Teatree Care Cleansing Foam EX and AQUA SOOTHING Mask review


Good day to dear friends and followers, sharing with you skincare products I used recently. Teatree Care Cleansing Foam EX and AQUA SOOTHING Mask from @medihealmalaysia ! Mediheal TeaTree Care Cleansing Foam, its freshening and mild cleansing. The Tea tree extract in it can help to soothe the skin leaving it feeling refreshed.
• Main ingredients Tea Tree Extract (10,000 ppm)
• Gel cleanser
• Natural ingredients are designed to leave skin feeling refreshed
• Recommended for Sensitive skin
Suitable for sensitive skin 
Tea tree extracts helps to sooth skin leaving feeling refreshed.
Easy to use:
1. Squeeze a moderate amount into the palm of the hand and lather well.
2. Gently apply to entire face by massaging in circular motions.
3. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Aqua Soothing Mask, a bottle of ampule in just one sheet mask daily personalized sheet mask. That not just sound amazing you got to try it yourself.
Aqua Ultra Moisturizing Sheet Mask contains of 4 types of hyaluronic acid providing intense moisturization
*Ultra macromolecule: Intense moisturization
*Macromolecule: Creates moisture skin barrier
*Mesomolecule: Intensify moisture skin barrier
*Micromolecule: Intensify internal moisturization
=> Hyaluronic acid has a high capacity of keep moisture, which helps skin feel moisturized.
Mositure Aqua Essence
=> Make my skin feel moisturized and hydrated
The face sheet is made of Lyocell fabric which provide Tencell's adhesion and hydration + Viscose's smoothness
- Cellulose sheet mask mildly adheres the face
- Air permeability & high conservatism helps absorb essence into skin
- Ultra adhesive providing essence to be absorbed into skin effectively
- Smooth fabric
Easy to use:
1. After basic skin care, apply sheet mask on face
2. Remove after 10 to 20 minutes.
3. Gently tap the remaining essence to enhance absorption.
First time using an ampoule mask, the mask helps to keep my skin feel moisturized and hydrated. It didn't irritate my skin.



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