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NutriBrownRice® drinks High in Vitamin E and rich in natural ingredients

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, have you tried any brown rice beverage? Sharing is caring, I like to share with you the NutriBrownRice drinks that are easy to drink and help busy people and also helping their family's health and stay strong. 


With busy mom lifestyle, I am glad I have found this instant Nutri Brown Rice drinks are High in Vitamin E and it's rich in natural ingredients. It's easy to make and tasty, packed with nutrients convenient to enjoy in the morning and even during tea break time. 

It's important not have breakfast in the morning, health is wealth. NutriBrownRice is good to enjoy anytime and anywhere. 

There are 5 flavours of Nutri Brown Rice :

1. Chocolate Brown Rice 
2. Oat + Soy Lecithin Brown Rice
3. No Sugar Added + Prebiotic Brown Rice
4. Purple Sweet Potato Prebiotic Brown 
5. Original With Brown Sugar + Prebiotic 

The Chocolate Brown Rice has the functions good for oral and skin health, clinical effect of impairment Stomatitis,Glossitics, Dermatitis and contained of Vitamin B6. This is also kids favourite, SAY NO to sugary chocolate drinks. This is wholegrain and stay full longer, able to concentrate in studies and work.

The Oat + Soy Lecithin Brown Rice has the functions good for blood circulation, clinical effect of impairment High cholesterol level, heart disease and stroke. Nutrients in NutriBrownRice® that helps improve impaired functions of Soy lecithin and oat. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
No Sugar Added + Prebiotic Brown Rice the box is in red, suitable for people who has gastric issues. Anyone who is looking for healthy brown rice drink can give this a try. Check out the website as consumer who tried this for two weeks has a good improvement for their gut health.
The Purple Sweet Potato + Prebiotic with insulin sensitivity, clinical effect of impairment high blood sugar level, Diabetes. It has Prebiotic insulin and Dietary Fiber. 
The Original With Brown Sugar + Prebiotic has the function for immunity, clinical effect of impairment increased risk of infections, impaired immune response. Contains of Prebiotic insulin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E. New formulation with Belgian Prebiotic for digestion. Suitable for busy working adults.  

If you are having gastric issues, why not try this? Feel the difference in 16 days. 
  • Drink 1 cup during pain
  • Drink in the morning for prevention
  • Bring along always in your bag
So many choices of NutriBrownRice® , which would you choose? You can try all of them and it's only RM4 a sachet. Just a sachet with 200ml of warm water, stir well before drink. You can try each flavour first, click on the link to purchase.
Do remember that this is food and not medicine to treat any medical condition. 
*The product is suitable for me to consume but maybe not for you. You may seek professional advice before taking it.  


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